Monday, May 28, 2012

My Aim Is True Revisited...Again!

photo by pneyu
By request, I'm digging back 5 years to a post from this blog about a concert commemorating the 30th anniversary of Elvis Costello's debut album, My Aim Is True. You can read the story behind this concert that features Elvis performing with the band, Clover who were the backing musicians on the album (pre-Attractions), by clicking the link to the post of the 30th anniversary of My Aim Is True. I guess technically this year is now the 35th anniversary of this classic record.

In the original post, I upped only a sample of 9 of the songs from the concert in mp3 and a link to lossless Dimeadozen. Not sure if the mp3's work, but I've been informed the Dime link is no longer valid. Sorry, I didn't correct this earlier. Below is a lossless FLAC link of the complete concert for your listening enjoyment and for those that didn't get this first time.

Elvis Costello and Clover
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, California
November 8, 2007
with guests Bill Kirchen and Austin De Lone

For the 30th anniversary of My Aim is True, and for a benefit for the child of Austin De Lone, Elvis and Clover re-created the My Aim is True album they recorded together in 1977. Clover members present were John McFee on guitar and pedal steel, Sean Hopper on keyboards and John Ciambotti on bass. Clover's drummer was unavailable and was replaced by Pete Thomas. Clover's vocalists, Alex Call and Huey Lewis, didn't participate in the 1977 recording or this concert.

Following the top-to-bottom playing of the My Aim is True, with original arrangements, Elvis and the rest of the musicians in various combinations played a second set of songs all written before 1977, Elvis's declared rule for the evening.

1. Introduction
2. Welcome to the Working Week
3. Miracle Man
4. No Dancing
5. Blame it On Cain
6. Alison
7. Sneaky Feelings
8. (Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
9. Less Than Zero
10. Mystery Dance
11. Pay it Back
12. I'm Not Angry
13. Waiting for the End of the World
14. Watching the Detectives

1. Just Like a Jukebox ? (Elvis solo)
2. Wave a White Flag (Elvis solo)
3. Blue Minute (Elvis solo)
4. Jump Up (Elvis solo)
5. I Can't Turn It Off (Elvis solo)
6. Living in Paradise (Elvis and Clover)
7. Stranger in the House (Elvis and Clover)
8. I Don't Want To Go Home (Elvis and Clover)
9. Radio Sweetheart (Elvis and Clover)
10. Mr. Moon (Clover song - Elvis and Clover)
11. Love Is Gone (Elvis, Clover, Kirchen, De Lone)
12. chatter
13. Love Has No Pride (Elvis and Austin De Lone)
14. (What's So Funny Bout)  Peace, Love and Understanding? (all)

(thanks May 0:} for your help with the missing song titles!)

ELVIS COSTELLO- 2007-11-08 disc 1 FLAC. rar
ELVIS COSTELLO- 2007-11-08 disc 2 FLAC. rar

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bands vs Filmmakers 2

I know I don't do it enough, but I really should try to promote local shows or events that might appeal to this blogs readers. The problem is most of the audience of this blog is probably outside the 204 area code and the interest might be regional. So, to the few readers from my hometown, I encourage you to attend this special concert show event. It's the second annual (not sure if this will be an on-going event in the future), Bands vs Filmmakers II concert in support of Cinematheque, one of the few movie theatre's in town that screen local and international indie films. This fundraising event first took place last year in early June and featured bands and filmmakers melding their talent together for an interesting audio and visual display. The concept is very simple, "five of Winnipeg’s finest independent filmmakers present their film and video work live to accompany electrifying performances by five of Winnipeg’s hottest independent bands. Each artist will work individually with a particular band to create an incredible visual and musical experience. Filmmakers will project their work from the back of the hall which will be simultaneously screened behind each band’s performance."

This year's show features music by Cannon Bros., Nova, Magnificent 7s, This Hisses and SitDown Tracy. Each group will work with a different independent filmmaker including Danishka Esterhazy, Curtis Wiebe, Stephane Oystryk, Rhayne Vermette and Scott Fitzpatrick. Should be an interesting evening, I attended last year and was treated to some good music (Nathan, Shallow End, Jaxon 3 and John Samson) and some funky cool visuals both between and during the bands. I recorded all the music last year and hopefully if I attend again this year I'll have some more music to post.

I'm posting a couple of short sets from last year's concert that I thought might have the most national appeal. Juno award winning band, Nathan featuring Keri Latimer who recently released her first solo record and John K. Samson of Weakerthans fame who also released his first solo work earlier this year. If you're a fan of Keri's check out the brand new TDIT FACEBOOK page with a stream (or mp3 download) of her guest vocals on, To Sir With Love with Shallow End.

West End Cultural Centre
Winnipeg, MB
June 2, 2011
Audience master

1. One Great City
2. Cruise Night
3. The Last End
4. Heart Of The Continent
5. Utilities

JOHN K. SAMSON- 2011-06-02 FLAC. rar
NATHAN (don't have setlist) 2011-06-02 FLAC. rar

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weakerthans- Live in Ottawa 2001

The movie Wedding Crashers was on TV tonight and if you stick around to the end you'll be pleased to hear the Weakerthan's, Aside play over the end credits. Quite a coo for this band that still calls Winnipeg it's home (as well as Toronto, half the members live there) to get such major mainstream exposure in a popular Hollywood film. This isn't surprising considering the Weakerthans enjoy almost as much success south of the border, but they will never be mistaken for a band that gets heavy rotation on mainstream radio. College and university radio stations in the U.S. and Canada gain much cred for playing the Weakerthans and yes, CBC radio has always been a huge supporter of the band. Definitely more than a cult band!

By coincidence, I have an earlier Weakerthans show I'm eager to share. I recorded this off CBC radio 2 about 10 years ago and I believe I have only traded the show once and never posted it on Dime. If my memory serves me correctly I thought I had some issues with the sound as I had problems with static trying to get better radio reception. Listening to it recently, the static is minor and doesn't detract from the recording, in fact the sound quality is quite excellent with a set list heavy on their first two albums along with one song from the yet to be recorded, Reconstruction Site. According to the radio host the show takes place at The Babylon in Ottawa in 2001. I'm not sure about the exact date, on 11-30-01 the Weakerthans headlined a show with the Constantines, while the 8-2-01 date is what the person I traded the show with listed as the date on their trade list (anyone know?). I haven't heard or seen this show shared anywhere else, so if you're a Weakerthans fan this is a good one to get.

The Babylon
Ottawa, ON

(11-30-01 or 08-02-01?)
FM Master
Broadcast on CBC radio
FM>TEAC stand alone CD recorder>audio CDR>Free Rip>Wav>FLAC>rar

01. Aside
03. Letter Of Resignation
04. Pamphleteer
05. None Of The Above
06. This Is The Fire Door Never Leave Open
07. Watermark
08. Our Retired Explorer
09. Wellington's Wednesdays
10. Elegy For Elsabet
11. Left And Leaving
12. Exiles Among You
13. My Favourite Chords
14. Diagnosis

WEAKERTHANS- The Babylon, Ottawa 2001 FM FLAC. rar

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Juliana Hatfield- Live At Fort Apache 1995

photo by Andrew Kieschnick (Houston 6-15-95)
As I hinted at earlier, here's a Juliana Hatfield show taken from a radio broadcast in 1995. This was a very fruitful time for Juliana who reached alterna-rock stardom with her first two albums and her (then) latest album, Only Everything which would go on to be one of her all-time top selling albums (? or Hey Babe).. Personally, this was my favourite Juliana Hatfield record as she "turned up the volume and the distortion and had a lot of fun", but this album set the bar high for her next project which turned out to be the God's Foot record that never got released. Her songs appeared on soundtracks in popular movies/tv shows, she appeared on magazine covers, countless interviews and she was embraced as a role model for teen girls due to the positive way she addressed serious issues. Though she reached a high point of her popularity, she was never comfortable with the attention and the pressure for her to continue to succeed must have been overwhelming. Her tour for Only Everything was halted and cancelled two weeks in, citing nervous exhaustion and according to her memoir she was in fact suffering from depression. The tour resumed and Only Everything was a hit, but I don't think she ever reached the mainstream attention she did during this period. Which in some ways is a good thing. More recently her career has been a little more low key and off the radar with the hipsters nowadays, but she has released some of her best music since the early days and has done it on her own terms and on her own label. Her true fans have followed her career during her ups and downs and have helped support her through fan contributions with projects like Pledgemusic and have been rewarded with interesting and creative material.

I had an earlier request for the "You Don't Own Me" boot from 1993 (Backstage Tavern, Ballard, WA), but it turned up on Dime so it can be downloaded here. It is a definite upgrade from the cassette copy I had and the sound quality is pretty good considering it sounds like an audience recording. Today's post is from a 1995 show at Fort Apache and was broadcast on WFNX Boston which means the sound is excellent. Not sure if they broadcast the entire concert, but it doesn't matter, get it!

Live At Fort Apache
Cambridge, Massachusetts
WFNX, Boston
May 18, 1995

FM radio broadcast

01. -intro-
02. What A Life
03. I've Got No Idols
04. Dying Proof
05. -introductions-
06. Universal Heartbeat
07. Fluer de Lys
08. Spin The Bottle
09. My Sister
10. Supermodel
11. Ok Ok
12. Congratulations
13. Bottles And Flowers
14. -Happy Birthday-

JULIANA HATFIELD- 1995-05-18 Fort Apache, Boston FLAC. rar

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Faces- Too Drunk For The BBC

This cheesy cover is from the bootleg version.
In tribute to their recent induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, I have a great sounding show from The Faces, a band that was overdue to enter the Hall. On March 23, the band announced Rod Stewart would reunite with the rest of the band (the living remaining members have previously reunited several times with a different singer) for the first time in 19 years at the ceremony on April 14, 2012. Due to a bout of influenza on the eve of the induction, Stewart cancelled and Mick Hucknell (who replaced Stewart for the other shows and is now the official vocalist) sang with the band. It would have been a memorable event to see the original line-up (except for Ronnie Lane who passed away in 1997) and say what you will about Rod Stewart, but to me The Faces aren't The Faces without Rod Stewart, not the guy from Simply Red. I always thought of the vocalist/guitarist duo of Stewart and Wood in similar terms with Jagger/Richards, Daltry/Townsend, Plant/Page, you get the picture, basically these bands can't and shouldn't carry on without one of the pair. It was Stewart's raspy voice and Wood's fuzz guitar that drew me to the band and I own all their records (on vinyl, of course) and the first four Rod Stewart solo albums because they are Stewart with the other members of The Faces, named aptly for contractual obligations. The Faces were a great influential band (Replacements, Black Crowes), not only musically, but also their "having a good time" attitude and onstage drunken antics, which always makes it more entertaining.

Speaking of drunken, here's a show that demonstrates the band in "good time" mode that was broadcast on the radio. Actually, the show was not originally broadcast, due to The Faces sounding too drunk. It was finally aired by mistake in January 2003 on BBC6 Digital. A classic concert with the original line-up!

BBC "In Concert"
Paris Theater
London, UK,
February 8, 1973

Broadcast- January 2003 on BBC6 digital

01. Silicone Grown
02. Cindy Incidentally
03. Angel
04. Memphis, Tennessee
05. True Blue
06. I'd Rather Go Blind
07. You're My Girl (I Don't Want To Discuss It)
08. Twistin' The Night Away
09. It's All Over Now
10. Miss Judy's Farm
11. Maybe I'm Amazed
12. Three Button Hand Me Down
13. I'm Losing You

THE FACES- In Concert 02-08-73, London FLAC. rar

Friday, May 04, 2012

Pixies- Live At WERS 1987

Here's another stellar radio in-studio performance broadcast from the WERS studios at Emerson College in Boston. Not much to say about this one except it's a killer set from the Pixies recorded months before the release of their first EP, Come On Pilgrim. Though C.O.P. is only 20 minutes long, I think it's their finest 20 minutes on record, all the songs are great. The set consists of most of the songs from Pilgrim, as well as some songs that would later appear on their next release, the full-length debut, Surfer Rosa. Much like the Volcano Suns appearance at WERS, the band sounds fresher and more energized here than on record. I must listen for any Pixies fan!

WERS Studios
Emerson College, Boston, MA
January 18, 1987

Fm Radio Broadcast
live in-studio

1. The Holiday Song
2. I'm Amazed
3. Rock-A-My-Soul
4. Isla de Encanta
5. Caribou
6. Broken Face
7. I've Been Tired
8. Build High
9. Break My Body
10. Ed Is Dead
11. Nimrod's Son
12. Down To The Well
13. Subbacultcha
14. Boom Chick A Boom
15. Vamos
16. In Heaven
17. interview

PIXIES- WERS Boston, MA 1987-01-18 FLAC. rar

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Juliana Hatfield & Evan Dando Live On The World Cafe 1993

Juliana Hatfield have a lot of history between them, from their days in Boston in the mid 80's while she was a member of the Blake Babies, to more recently when they toured together as a acoustic duo. On record, she was a member of the Lemonheads for the "classic", It's A Shame About Ray and Evan has a made appearances on Blake Babies records including the 2001's reunion album, God Bless The Blake Babies. In 1999, Juliana recorded a duet with Dando for a Gram Parson's Tribute, Return Of The Grievous Angel, they sang $1000 Wedding. Personally, they are at the very least good friends and there's probably more to it than that, but I don't care too much about that stuff since this is a music blog. Regardless, they have known each other for some 20 years and it would have been sweet to see them on their tour last year. I heard the reviews were kind of mixed, but it would have been an opportunity to hear them trade off songs from their extensive catalogs of music.

Today's post is a short radio performance and interview from 1993 when they did some radio promos for the It's A Shame About Ray record and Juliana's, Hey Babe and her second album, Become What You Are. I have a two other similar recordings from before and after this date also from 1993, but I have those still only on cassette (I may transfer them eventually). A nice little set, a teaser for possibly more Juliana, as I've had some requests. I'll see what I can do. Stay tuned.

Juliana Hatfield and Evan Dando
World Cafe

July 14, 1993
FM radio broadcast

1.  Everybody Loves Me But You
2.  Interview
3.  It's  A Shame About Ray
4.  Interview
5.  Ugly
6.  Interview
7.  Confetti
8.  Interview
9.  How Much I've Lied

JULIANA & EVAN- 1993-07-14 World Cafe FLAC. rar

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