Saturday, June 03, 2017

Juliana Hatfield- Demos And Unreleased

I had a request. Do I have any of the demos and unreleased songs that Juliana Hatfield posted on her website in the late 2000's? In fact I do have...46 songs (mp3), Juliana gave away on her site for free (or pay what you want donation). There were probably more before and after I downloaded these groups of songs as she would periodically post and share with her fans. As far as I know, they aren't available anymore on her site, but I have seen some on other music blogs.

During the early days of this blog ( 10 years ago!) there was still some skepticism and blurred grey areas for free "illegal" and "legal" downloading. I lived through the early pioneering days of Napster, Kazaa and Limewire and speaking as a life-time music fan, downloading changed my life. Right now, I'm reading a book by Greg Kot, Ripped. How The Wired Generation Revolutionized Music and a couple of the chapters discuss this very subject. Virtually any music that has been released is available somewhere online through torrents, peer to peer sharing or downloads on a blog or music site. So it is especially nice when artist's share (or leak?) music that hasn't been officially released along with
demos and alternative versions. I'm always curious to hear the early raw versions of songs before they finalize the song with overdubs and slick production. It's a forward thinking approach by the artist to share this process to hear songs we might not otherwise hear.

I posted a sampling of these songs in a post in 2007 (not available anymore) and I mentioned Juliana's demos on the second ever post on this blog. Taking a fresh listen to these songs now is interesting because many of these songs have appeared on later releases including the excellent, Whatever, My Love by the reunited, The Juliana Hatfield Three. Some are solo, some are full band, but all the songs stand well on their own. If you haven't heard any of these songs yet, it's well worth the listen. The files I'm posting aren't in chronological order, but in alphabetical order (that's the way they came) so I don't have much information or time period on most of the tracks. If anyone has the knowledge (and the time) to post more information or if you have any more of the demos and unreleased songs Juliana posted on her website that aren't here, please leave a comment. Thanks!

Demos and Unreleased

5th Of July
Always In The Mood
Bad Dream
Beautiful Creature
Because We Love You
Break My Heart
Bring U Down Again
Can't Kill Myself
Can't Worry
Cold In Here
Fool Money
Going Nowhere
Good Thing Going
I Don't Belong Anywhere
If I Could
I'm Here (drums)
I'm Here (no drums)
I'm Shy
I Wish
Just Like That
Live Is Heaven
Not End Of World
Not Enough
Now That I Found You
Number One
Ordinary Guy
Perfect Stranger
Saving Myself
She's Out
Stupid Thing
The First Shiver
The Only One
There's Always Another Girl
This Is What I Think Of You
Trick Baby
Where I'm Going
X's And O's
You Don't Know Who You Are

All songs in mp3 format. If anyone had uncompressed versions, please leave a comment.
If there are any objections to the sharing of these songs, please let me know and I will take down asap.

JULIANA HATFIELD- Demos and Unreleased. rar
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