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The Juliana Hatfield Three- The Avalon, Boston, MA February 9, 1994

It's been twenty two years since the Juliana Hatfield Three released the album, Become What You Are and later this month, February 17th to be exact, they are releasing the long awaited follow-up, Whatever, My Love. Don't get me wrong, Juliana Hatfield has released many many fine records since 1993, but as a solo artist and with bands under her own name (just "Juliana Hatfield", to be exact). The line-up of the Juliana Hatfield Three was and still is, Dean Fisher (bass), Todd Philips (drums) and Juliana Hatfield (vocals, guitars) and it was this lineup that recorded Become What You Are and toured to support that album in 1993 and 1994. The reunited line-up will begin a tour in Portland, ME on February 26th which will take them across the States through most of March. So far, I see no Canadian dates, but they come as close as St. Paul, MN on March 8th, so who knows...a winter road trip? Hopefully someone records some of the shows, please let me know if you see any posted or if you want me to post any live recording here.

As with the last few Juliana Hatfield albums, Juliana reached out to her fans to help finance, Whatever, My Love on PledgeMusic. I've supported every one of her projects and I know it sounds corny, but I'm thrilled I can contribute and help her meet her goal. I benefited by receiving some cool and unique items in exchange for my $$ pledge and basically I'm pre-ordering the end product and get to hear album before the official release date. The album met 117% of it's goal (as of Feb. 8), so it has been recorded, produced and I've been informed the CD has been shipped and the digital download will available in the next day or so. The single and a couple of other songs have been available for listening, but I'm waiting until I can listen to all the tracks at once. I'll keep you posted.

The show I'm posting I found on Dime years ago and showcases the JH3 in their hometown exactly 21 years ago. Here are notes from the original poster (thanks for posting!!): "Very good audience recording of a hometown show in Boston capturing Juliana at the height of her popularity.  Great energy & performance from the trio with some lesser played gems in the setlist.  One of the best shows of the tour and probably her career.  The wacky tracking is the way I received it on CD, feel free to separate & rejoin as you wish.  All told, there are seventeen songs here". I agree, overall it's a very good show and I'm looking forward to hear some live recordings from the upcoming tour!

The Avalon
Boston, MA
February 9, 1994

Lineage: 2nd+ gen cass > CD > trade CD > WAV > Flac

1. Put It Away
2. Addicted
3. For the Birds / Spin the Bottle / Everybody Loves Me But You
4. Here Comes the Pain / Feelin' Massachusetts
5. President Garfield
6. My Sister
7. Supermodel
8. Supermodel (cont.)
9. This Is the Sound / The Lights
10. Nirvana
11. Dame With A Rod
12. I Got No Idols / Rider / Little Pieces

Juliana Hatfield: guitar, vocals
Dean Fisher: bass
Todd Phillips: drums

JULIANA HATFIELD THREE- 1994-02-09 Boston, MA FLAC. rar
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