Thursday, August 18, 2022

Brinsley Schwarz- Live Archive Vol. 3

Speaking of Nick Lowe, I came upon a great sounding Brinsley Schwarz live recording from the (unofficial) Live Archives series from Vogon in the UK. The two previous Live Archive volumes were from Tilburg, Netherlands and Sheffield from 1974, while Volume 3 is from Groningen in 1975. I haven't heard the first two volumes, so I can't comment about the sound quality, but Volume 3 sounds amazing! If the date of this recording is correct (March 1975), the band would dis-band later in the month, so this is amongst their last shows together. The performance is top notch and features an early working of, Cruel to Be Kind which would become a monster hit for Nick in 1979 from his Labour Of Lust album. I'll keep a look out for the first two volumes! A must-hear for Brinsley Schwarz and Nick Lowe fans!

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Live Archive Vol. 3 (2020)
The Vera Club
Groningen, Holland
March, 1975

1. You've Been Cheating    2:46
2. Small Town Big City    4:31
3. Play That Fast Thing (One More Time)    4:01
4. Down In Mexico    3:41
5. You Ain't Living Until You're Loving    3:10
6. We Can Mess Around    2:43
7. Happy Doing What We're Doing    4:11
8. Surrender To The Rhythm    3:39
9. Country Girl    2:49
10. Hooked On Love    2:24
11. Trying To Live My Life Without You    3:01
12. Cruel To Be Kind    3:15
13. Private Number    3:33
14. I've Cried My Last Tear    2:19
15. Walking The Dog    2:27
16. I Can't Help Myself    2:39
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Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Costello Sings Lowe/Nick Sings Elvis- San Francisco, October 1, 2010: 16 Years Of Trouble!

I have Elvis on my mind! No, not that ancient rocker who had a recent bio-pic about his life in theaters, the Elvis who's married to Canada's, Diana Krall! I saw (via social media), a friend of mine, Hugh, saw Elvis Costello at Massey Hall in Toronto last night. On my daily dose of 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die Generator , my featured album today is Elvis Costello's 1994 album, Brutal Youth, with Nick Lowe playing bass on the record. By coincidence, Nick Lowe was the support act (opener) for Costello last night. To add to the coincidences, yesterday (before I realized Costello was performing last night) I listened to a live recording from 2010 that featured Elvis and Nick sharing a co-billing show performing each other's songs. It was a benefit in San Francisco that was recorded, but never officially released and it was available from Dime about a month ago. It's an outstanding show with both Elvis and Nick trading off songs and singing together on a handful of songs. It's a joy to hear them each perform unique versions of the songs that might be arranged different and sound almost like a different song, but they add their own style to each song. A truly unique concert and at the time it was a one-off concept for that night (for both the early & late shows). The sound quality is excellent and the setlist is amazing! Get this while you can!

So sorry for the recent lack of posts. After coming back from vacation, I feel refreshed and energized and looking forward to more postings. Hey, believe it or not, Teenage Dogs In Trouble just celebrated (Aug. 3rd) it's 16th anniversary and I hope to run this into the ground a bit longer. Seriously, I want to thank everyone that has taken the time to read the blog and feel free to continue to download as much content as possible. I realize a lot of older links haven't been working, so keep sending me your requests to re-post. Some items and files I might not have access to anymore, but I will try to dig and get as I can back up.

Please do NOT sell or profit from this recording!
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Elvis Costello & Nick Lowe
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, CA
October 1, 2010 (Early Show)

A Benefit for the Richard de Lone Special Housing Project
Costello Sings Lowe / Nick Sings Elvis 

01. intro
02. Here Comes The Weekend - Elvis Costello & Nick Lowe
03. When I Write The Book - Elvis Costello
04. Home Is Anywhere You Hang Your Head - Nick Lowe
05. Don't Lose Your Grip On Love - Elvis Costello
06. Mystery Dance - Nick Lowe
07. I Trained Her To Love Me - Elvis Costello
08. Poisoned Rose - Nick Lowe
09. I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass - Bob Andrews
10. Oliver's Army - Nick Lowe
11. I'm A Mess - Elvis Costello
12. Nick talks
13. Alison - Nick Lowe
14. Cruel To Be Kind - including Harry Hippie - Elvis Costello
15. Accidents Will Happen - saxophone instrumental by Derek Huston
16. Lover Don't Go - Austin de Lone
17. Indoor Fireworks - Nick Lowe
18. What's Shakin' On The Hill - Elvis Costello
19. Gonna Love My Baby - Nick Lowe
20. Monkey To Man - Bill Kirchen - with Elvis lead vocal on one verse
21. Heart Of The City - Elvis Costello & Nick Lowe
21. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding? - Elvis Costello & Nick Lowe
Total 88:37

Elvis Costello - vocals, guitar
Nick Lowe - vocals, guitar
Austin de Lone - keyboards, vocals
Bill Kirchen - guitar, vocals
Bob Andrews - keyboards, vocals
Derek Huston - saxophone
Ruth Davies - bass
Paul Revelli - drums

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