Friday, August 28, 2020

The Go Go's- Live At The Whiskey A Go-Go 1978


If you're like me you listened to a lot of music on the radio when you were younger. There was definitely music that stuck with me from high school to the present that I listen to today. Pre-high school I listened to the safe bets at the time, Elton John, Paul McCartney/the Beatles, that sort of thing. High school expanded to the popular groups at the time, Boston, Foreigner, Supertramp, Cheap Trick and Van Halen (the last 3 groups I saw in concert in the late 70's), as well as bands that were already considered "classic rock", Rolling Stones, CCR, the Kinks, Hendrix, the Who. As the 80's arrived, my musical tastes expanded further to included new wave, mod and punk bands through more progressive radio stations and the emergence of MTV (MuchMusic, for you Canadians) that also offered some alternative to mainstream commercial radio. The new music of the early 80's on mainstream radio introduced more female-based music, as music videos on MTV that marketed the look and image of the performers that led to to the popularity of Madonna, Bananarama and the Go Go's. You couldn't go anywhere without hearing the annoying ear-worms of Like A Virgin, Venus (note: the original version from Shocking Blue is a great song!) and the Go Go's, We Got the Beat and Vacation. My opinion at the time of the Go Go's was that they were too pre-packaged and slick, thanks to MTV! How judgemental can I be! I must admit, songs from the Go Go's (and the Bangles) became guilty pleasures, they are upbeat songs, great to dance to (which I avoid) and fun! When the compilation record, Return to the Valley Of The Go Go's was released I became aware this band had roots in the punk/new wave scene in the L.A. area in the late 70's with recordings that pre-dated, Beauty and the Beat that were raw and hungry. It's true when the band signed a deal with I.R.S. records, the band's sound smoothed out to a more pop-oriented sound that was ideal for radio, but the fact they are the first all-female band to write their own songs and play their own instruments to top the Billboard album charts proves they were a talented deserving band.

There has been recent attention and interest about the Go Go's because of a new documentary film, The Go Go's that was released on Showtime in August (and can be streamed here). From the film's PR: "As the first multi-platinum-selling, all-female band to play their own instruments, write their own songs and soar to No. 1 on the album charts, the Go-Go's are the most successful female rock band of all time. Underpinned by candid testimonies from The Go-Go's past and present, this documentary chronicles the meteoric rise to fame of a band born of the LA punk scene that not only captured but created a zeitgeist". It might be worth checking out, I tend to enjoy music documentaries and I'm sure I would learn a lot that I don't know.

Speaking of the Go Go's rising to fame from the LA punk scene, I have an early live recording from the band from 1978. According to the Go Go's concerts wiki, this was their 5th ever show (opening for the Dickies). Yes, this is another historic recording! I'm not sure if any of the earlier shows were recorded, regardless this is one of the earliest live recordings from the band. The band is raw and sloppy (when the sound isn't great it always sounds rough), so not for the faint of heart. Lots of rare and unreleased songs with only a couple appearing on Return To The Valley. An interesting recording that really shows how quickly the band progressed to what they soon became. I respect that they played clubs like this in the early days and their first two albums are good, so I shouldn't feel too guilty for liking the band...a bit more.

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The Go-Go's
Los Angeles. CA
October 4, 1978

Lineage: CDR Trade > EAC (verified lossless) > WAV > FlacFrontend (Level 8) > FLAC > Dime

01. We're Here Now
02. B-Movie
03. London Boys
04. Robert Hilburn
05. Remember (Walking In the Sand)
06. Don't Hang Up
07. Fashion Seekers
08. Screaming
09. Party Pose
10. Over Run
11. Just A Number
12. Luxury Living

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers (R.I.P. Walter Lure)- Vive La Revolution


This past week, rock (more specifically, punk) lost another talented musician, Walter Lure, the last surviving member of the L.A.M.F.-era Heartbreakers, died at the age of 71. Lure was preceded by bandmates, Johnny Thunders (died 1991), drummer Jerry Nolan (died 1992)  and bass player Billy Rath (died 2014). Lure provided the "straight-man" to Johnny's constant strungout junkiness and though the whole band were addicts, Lure really was the driving force behind the Heartbreakers. Though Lure left the Heartbreakers when they split after the release of L.A.M.F., he was the one constant with Johnny Thunders when the band reunited (often), he continued to play with Thunders off and on with Johnny's solo projects and gigs until Thunder's death in 91. Lure became a stock broker on Wall Street post-Heartbreakers, but continued to play music on the side as well as fronting his band, the Waldos who released an album, Wacka Lacka Boom Bop A Loom Bam Boo as recently as 2018. He wrote a memoir in 2020, To Hell and Back: My Life In Johnny Thunders' Heartbreakers, In The Words Of The Last Man Standing that I will read very soon when I buy it.

 Good quality Heartbreakers shows are sometimes hard to come by, either the sound is crappy or the performance is a wash-out, usually due to drugs and intoxication. The band was at it's best live generally earlier in their career (again to increased drug use later) and with the "classic" L.A.M.F line-up of Thunders, Lure, Rath and Nolan. Vive La Revolution was the name of a boot release in France that documents a show when the band was at it's peak. It's high energy and the band is loose, but not sloppy with Terry Chimes filling in on drums because Nolan had already left the band. This was the last stop on their European tour and the last show as a band before the band's breakup shortly after. The band reformed in 1978 for a few farewell shows, played the occasional show in New York and did a reunion tour of Europe in 1984. This recording is a good example of how incredible the Heartbreakers were live or how great they could have been. Another must-hear live recording! R.I.P. Walter Lure.

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Paris Bataclan
Paris, France
December 8, 1977

01. All By Myself
02. Let's Go
03. Can't Keep My Cock In Your Mouth
04. I Love You
05. Too Much Junkie Business
06. London Boys
07. Great Big Kiss
08. Born To Lose
09. One Track Mind
10. Do You Love Me
11. I Want To Be Love
12. Take Chance On Me
13. Baby Talk
14. Chinese Rocks

  • Johnny Thunders - guitar, vocals
  • Walter Lure - guitar, vocals
  • Billy Rath - bass
  • Terry Chimes - drums

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Happy Birthday Elvis Costello- WHO CARES Benefit 2013

Since I mentioned what would have been Joe Strummer's 68th birthday last post, a very happy birthday to Elvis Costello who turns 66 today. For a guy who has entered senior citizen territory, he still tours endlessly (even live streaming performances during COVID) and still consistently releases new music. His latest upcoming album, Hey Clockface has October 30th as the release date.

Back in 2013, Elvis Costello and the Imposters along with the Who performed an intimate concert, WHO CARES Benefit in New York City to benefit Teen Cancer America and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Elvis and the Imposters blazed through a 45 minute set consisting of a setlist of songs from 1980 and earlier (except, Everyday I Write The Book (1983)). This live recording will be a real treat for fans of Elvis's earlier material as he and the band knock off hit after hit and to top it off they do an incredible cover of the Who's classic, Substitute. It's an amazing concert, definitely among my favourite Elvis shows from the past 30 years or so. Thank you to the taper of the show, the sound quality is decent and there is some crowd noise, but it doesn't distract from the music and performance. Well worth a listen!

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The Theater at Madison Square Garden
New York, NY
February 28, 2013

AUD Recording
Lineage: CA-14> CA-9100 preamp> Sony M10 (24/44)>
Audacity (tracking only)> TLH> FLAC 6> Foobar (FLAC tags)> rar

01. Intro
02. I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down
03. High Fidelity
04. Mystery Dance
05. Radio, Radio
06. Everyday I Write The Book
07. Lipstick Vogue
08. Watching The Detectives
09. Alison
10. (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
11. Pump It Up
12. (What's So Funny Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding?
13. Substitute

Sunday, August 23, 2020

The Clash- 5 Go Mad In The Roundhouse

This past week would have been Joe Strummer's 68th birthday had he not passed away in 2002, when the world lost a great musical talent. The band Strummer co-fronted with Mick Jones, The Clash have been referred to as the definitive British punk rockers and their use of incorporating genres of rockabilly, reggae, dub and R & B has influenced a whole generation of future punk rockers. According to Strummer, manager Bernie Rhodes would say, "An issue, an issue. Don't write about love, write about what's affecting you, what's important." Politics often entered in the band's lyrics and ideals that set the band apart. I didn't know this (until i read it on wiki) but, the band's political principles extended to the resistance of the music industries profit motivation and fought to keep ticket prices and merchandise reasonably priced. The band informed CBS they wanted their double album (London Calling) and triple album (Sandinista!) sold for the price of a single album. London Calling was and as a compromise for Sandinista! the band gave up performance royalties for the first 200,000 sales. This meant the band was in debt most of the time or barely breaking even with CBS.
I don't often post known bootlegs, but the historical significance of these recordings are hard to pass up. The first half of the disc is a very early show in their career live from the Roundhouse and it is a rare recording that features the Clash with five band members. As noted in the review below, guitarist, Keith Levene was still in the band in early September 1976, but is gone from the band by the October gig in Birmingham. I hadn't listened to this disc in a while, but had a listen last week and the sound quality isn't as bad as I remembered and what sold me was the number of unreleased songs and how energetic these early shows were. You are hearing the Clash in their formative stage, working it out in clubs opening or playing alongside bands such as the Sex Pistols and Buzzcocks and developing a following (not through "social media" or hype) through hard work and solid live performances. If you're a fan of the Clash, especially their early work, these recordings are a must-hear! 

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The Clash
5 Go Mad In The Roundhouse (1996)

Tracks 1 - 15 live at The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, London, 5th September, 1976.
Tracks 16 - 28 live at Barbarella's, Birmingham, 26th October, 1976.

Track listing
01. Deny
02. 1-2 Crush On You
03. I Know What I Think About You
04. I Never Did It
05. How Can I Understand The Flies
06. Protex Blue
07. Janie Jones
08. Mark Me Absent
09. Deadly Serious
10. 48 Hours
11. I'm So Bored With You
12. Sitting At My Party
13. London's Burning
14. What's My Name
15. 1977

16. White Riot
17. Birmingham's Burning
18. I'm So Bored With The U.S.A.
19. How Can I Understand The Flies
20. Protex Blue
21. Deadly Serious
22. Deny
23. Career Opportunities
24. 48 Hours
25. What's My Name
26. Janie Jones
27. 1977
28. 1-2 Crush On You

Track 03 is labeled "Know What You Do".
Track 04 is labeled "I Don't Want Your Money".
Tracks 05 & 19 are labeled "I Can't Understand The Flies".
Tracks 09 & 21 are labeled "Going To The Disco".
Track 11 is an early version of "I'm So Bored With The USA".
Track 12 is labeled "Work".
Track 17 is an alternate version of "London's Burning".

This is a very 'historic' bootleg you could say. The Clash lineup for the Roundhouse gig is the five man outfit - Joe on vocals, Paul on bass, Keith Levene and Mick on guitars, and Terry Chimes on drums. The band is rough 'n' ready, and very energetic. The sound quality is pretty good. It's a tiny bit muffled
throughout, the first two tracks more than most, but after those it improves significantly.

There are lots of songs that you won't find anywhere else, as you can see from the songlist. These unreleased ones are pretty good, and the band is very energetic. There are a fair number of breaks in the show during which Joe addresses a less than friendly audience. My favourite moment being when Joe says "So you got five A-Levels, what do I care? That's just a dirty trick!" during a long break in the set. What's admirable is the strength of the performance when the crowd obviously didn't 'dig' The Clash that much. The applause after some of the songs comes across as a bit half-hearted, and quite a few morons in the crowd recommend the band get off the stage.

The Birmingham gig is much the same. Rough and fast performances of early songs, this time with Mick on lead guitar and Joe on rhythm since Keith had left by this stage. (Birmingham's Burning, as you probably guessed, is just London's Burning with the altered lyric.) This is an essential CD to have, being one of the earliest shows, it has the rare tracks and Keith 'The Phantom Guitar Player' Levene features on it (he's only on the Roundhouse gig). A blistering two shows. The performance this early on shows how great they were, and it's interesting to hear early versions of the songs before they got put down in the studio and probably while they were still being worked on.

Rated: 8 / 10

Friday, August 21, 2020

So It Goes- Nick Lowe- 1975 Stiff Demos

Photo by Dick Wingate
A New York Daily News article from 2007 quoted Nick Lowe as saying his greatest fear in recent years was "sticking with what you did when you were famous." "I didn't want to become one of those thinning-haired, jowly old geezers who still does the same shtick they did when they were young, slim and beautiful," he said. "That's revolting and rather tragic." 
For many musicians and bands this is the formula they stick with to keep the old fans happy and let the new fans enjoy what they are famous for. Nick Lowe has had a long and interesting career. His first stab at success was with Brinsley Schwarz (the band) from the 1969 to the mid-70's. They produced a whopping six full length albums (not counting compilations) and when the band split Bob Andrews and Brinsley Schwarz (the guitar player) joined Graham Parker and the Rumour, while Ian Gomm and Lowe began solo careers. Around this time, Lowe joined up with Dave Edmonds, who produced New Favorites Of...Brinsley Schwarz, to form Rockpile with Billy Bremner and Terry Williams. This unit produced albums under Edmonds name (Tracks On Wax 4 and Repeat When Necessary) and Nick Lowe's second solo record, Labour Of Lust, along with Seconds Of Pleasure from 1980. For me, I first became aware of Nick Lowe through his biggest hit, Cruel To Be Kind which got radio play at the time and though I didn't realize it at the time, this song would later rank high in my favourite song list. I would go as far to say it's the perfect pop song (or power-pop?) and Labour Of Lust still gets lots of love on my turntable and iPod. Lowe remained steadily active through the 80's and I own all his albums up until 1988's, Pinker and Prouder. He also served double duty at times as a highly respected producer and was involved with some ground breaking releases from Graham Parker, The Damned and Elvis Costello. I honestly haven't followed Lowe through his releases in the 90's and 2000's when he moved away from power pop to a more balladeer, singer-songwriter mode.

In this decade, Nick Lowe has experienced a bit of revival of sorts. In 2011, Yep Roc re-released, Labour Of Lust and Wilco covered the song, I Love My Label which led to a joint tour, that exposed Lowe to a younger, hip audience. More recently, the mexican wrestling mask wearing surf-guitar band, Los Straitjackets became Lowe's backing band and toured together providing a very interesting dynamic both visually and musically. I've listened to some of those shows and they are fantastic, sparking with genuine energy that comes across in the music and performances. I've always been a reader of good music biographies and one that I am considering next is Cruel To Be Kind: The Life And Times Of Nick Lowe that came out about a year ago. I am curious about some the behind the scenes stories and his interaction within the bands he was in and the musicians he produced. Sounds like an interesting read. So, why hasn't Rockpile reunited? How about Brinsley Schwarz? Don't know if he touches on those subjects or if he wants to revisit that "same shtick when he was young..."

During the period between the breakup of Brinsley Schwarz and the formation of Rockpile, Nick Lowe recorded some demos for Stiff Records in 1975. Some of these songs were recorded later and appeared on later albums (Tonight on Jesus of Cool/PPFNP, Here She Comes- sounds like an early version of Deborah from Tracks On Wax 4) and Little Darlin' was recorded by Dave Edmonds. I'm sort of surprised, the demo for So It Goes isn't here. The song was Stiff Records' first single and Lowe was their first artist and he became the label's in-house producer. Though he was already a seasoned musician, recording artist and performer, these demos are a very important document from Lowe's early solo career.

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Stiff Demos (1975)
(Some solo, some band)


01. Here She Comes Again
02. Tonight
03. Living In The 70's
04. Time And Time Again
05. She's My Baby
06. I Respect You for That
07. Little Darlin'
08. So Heavy (original version)

Bonus tracks
09. Halfway To Paradise (alternate version)
10. Is It You (live)
11. Lonely Just Like Me (live w/Imp. Birds)
12. Juju Man

 ***NEW link!!***

Monday, August 17, 2020

Kathleen Edwards Album Release Concert- Live At Quitters Coffee 2020

Welcome back Kathleen Edwards!

It's been eight long years since Edwards released her last album, Voyageur and though she took a break from music, both performing and recording, things have seem to come full circle. Quitting music to open her own coffee shop called (fittingly), Quitters, Kathleen presented her new album, Total Freedom in it's entirety (almost) at Quitters on the date of it's official release. How appropriate! The new album is excellent, I received the limited gold vinyl version earlier in the week and like I did with her last record I opted for a signed copy. 

The album release show was performed inside Quitters Coffee without an audience (a crowd watched on screens in the parking lot of the cafe), but was live streamed through a variety of platforms including Facebook, Amazon, Twitch and YouTube. It pays off sometimes being a "stay at home" artist-type so I can take in live events that are broadcast during the day, similarly to NHL playoff games. I made the mistake of trusting YouTube to watch from and was horrified to find there was no sound when the show started. I quickly switched to the World Cafe's stream on FB and missed half the first song. When the show ended I re-watched the whole thing again to record the audio. The concert is a great watch, the audio and video is perfect and seeing the band perform up close and personal makes it feel like you're there in person. YouTube finally got their shit together and the video of the show was back online. Edit: it was, now it's not. hmmm...? (I will update this if the video becomes available again!)

The album release setlist is pretty straightforward, perform side 1 in order, then an interview with the World Cafe's, Raina Douris, then side 2 (except for the last song on the album). As a bonus Kathleen and her band round out the set with Goodnight California (from Asking For Flowers), Six O'clock News (from Failer) and a Neil Young cover, Comes A Time. Kathleen performs solo for the closer, Sweet Little Duck (Failer). It's always a treat to have a Kathleen Edwards concert to help celebrate anniversary month on TDIT. Last year, if you're keeping track, I posted an Edward's small venue show from 2010 originally posted on the hater-high live music blog. Good news, Jason is back online with new posts and is in the process of getting some of his archives back up and re-posted for download. Welcome back!

Get this while you can, in case it disappears! And buy the album!
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Quitters Coffee
Stittsville, ON
August 14, 2020

Live Stream Master

Acer laptop> Tascam DR-07> 16 bit wav> tracksplitter> FLAC> rar

Hosted by World Cafe's Raina Douris

01. Intro
02. Glenfern
03. Hard On Everyone
04. Birds On A Feeder
05. Simple Math
06. Options Open
07. Interview
08. Feelings Fade
09. Fools Ride
10. Ashes to Ashes
11. Who Rescued Who
12. Goodnight California
13. Six O'Clock News
14. Comes A Time
15. Sweet Little Duck

KATHLEEN EDWARDS- 2020-08-14 Quitters Coffee, Stittsville, ON FLAC Master. rar

Thursday, August 13, 2020

WOW! It's Been 14 Years!! Day One: Nova Mob- Live At The Royal Albert Arms 1992, Winnipeg

Well well well, time does seem to fly by! This month marks the 14th year the Teenage Dogs In Trouble music blog has been online. I have to admit, it's been a struggle at times to find the energy and enthusiasm to write posts, but so far in 2020 with this post, I've already equaled the number of posts in 2018 and 2014 (yes, I've been slacking the last few years). I am excited to be still doing this and as I've said previously it's not about the money or the fame, because there are none, but as a way to contribute in some way for fans that like to listen to live concert recordings, like I do. For the past four months or so, live music performances have been almost non-existent with online concerts a poor (but adequate) substitute for the real thing. There is nothing quite as exciting as hearing and feeling the thumping bass of a live band with sweaty hyper bodies pressed up against you on an overcrowded floor at a concert venue or club. That scenario may become a rare sight, but live music is already starting to comeback. More shows will be performed and tour dates will soon be booked. When we are back to full capacity in concert halls, arenas, music festivals and clubs is anyone's guess. 

To celebrate the 14th anniversary, now is as good a time as ever to look back at concerts that have significance either historically or personal to me in some way. I was browsing through boxes of live discs looking for ideas to post and I selected a bunch of random shows that are interesting and/or cool. I'll be jumping between decades and style of music in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!
 Last September, I wrote a post about Husker Du playing a show at the Royal Albert Arms in Winnipeg back in 1984. I recalled attending another show at the same venue with Grant Hart's (then) band, Nova Mob in my pre-taping days and wished I had a live recording of the show. Well, guess what? As luck would have it someone did tape the show and the live recording was posted on Dime by Loughney, not sure who actually recorded it. This rarely happens, when a concert I actually attended is recorded (besides myself), especially in the 90's. There are definitely more people that record concerts in the city now, but this is a true find and it sounds better than I expected. I personally think Nova Mob was a high point of Grant's post-Husker Du projects and the album, The Last Days Of Pompeii was his best record. If you're a fan of Huskers or Grant Hart this is a good one!


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Royal Albert Arms,
Winnipeg MB
November 21, 1992

Sony WM-D3 Master > TDK SA 90 > Onkyo TA-RW311 > Headset Jack > Sound Blaster external Sound Card > CDWAV > Audicity for fades, normalization, noise reduction, light editing of dropouts

01. Puzzles
02. Old Empire
03. Oh! To Behold
04. Evergreen Memorial Drive
05. Ballad #19
06. Admiral Of The Sea
07. Come, Come
08. Anything
09. Where You Gonna Land?
10. Over My Head

Thursday, August 06, 2020

Scruffy The Cat- Live On WBCN, Boston, MA 1989

It's been a while, over a month since my last post. In fact, I missed all of July due to being employed full time+ working in the film industry as a set buyer. I'm all done (for now) and it's back to normal life without the 10-12 hour days with little or no weekends off. It's been only a couple of days since this job ended, but it's a relief I can sit back and enjoy the rest of my summer and just in time to take in some serious NHL playoff action. I can also get back to browsing for and listening to music and having a beer or two without worrying about getting to bed early because I have to get up at an obscene hour. The job had it's good points, I did a lot of shopping and browsing in thrift stores, rented a lot of cool and unique items and I spend a majority of time driving to source products or get them to set on time. I also did listen to a lot of music while driving and though this might sound relaxing, it wasn't. Unfortunately, I spent way too much time inside of Walmarts and dollar stores than anyone should, so wearing a face covering mask was wise choice. It was an interesting 5 weeks, even for the experience (and the money was good!) and I would probably do it again if something like this becomes available again. For now, back to what I do best in semi-retirement, making art, playing music and watching hockey!

Most importantly I can get back to posting on this blog again which remains one of my passions along with the other things I previously mentioned. I really haven't had the time or energy to write for the past month, but I have some ideas of some future posts that I will make time to pursue. One of the shows I had uploaded before the break is this short radio broadcast featuring a TDIT favourite, Scruffy The Cat live in studio in Boston from 1989. This was recorded in the last year of Scruffy's career including some songs the band never released. As noted below, an early version of Love Song #9, listed here as, Talking To Myself was the last official recording the band released (split 7" with the Young Fresh Fellows). A great sounding recording that I don't think has been shared before (?) is a must-hear for any Scruffy The Cat fans. Great memories, great band!

Please do NOT sell or profit from this recording!
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Boston Emissions From Newbury Sound
Boston, MA
April 23, 1989

pre-FM? sbd> analog (master)> computer> cdr>
FreeRip> FLAC> rar

01. Introduction by Bill Abbott
02. Moons Of Jupiter
03. Talking To Myself
04. I Love The Way You Dance
05. The Doctor Song
06. Red Light
07. Kissing Galaxy
08. Carol
09. credits

Charlie Chesterman- guitar, vocal
Stephen Fredette- guitar, vocal
MacPaul Stanfield- bass
Burns Stanfield- keyboards
Randall Lee Gibson IV- drums

Note: from Charlie- "Talking to Myself" is in fact, an early version of "Love Song #9".

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