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Uncle Tupelo- Denmark 1993

Video still from Uncle Tupelo's last ever concert.
 With all the hoopla on this blog about the upcoming Replacements shows in Toronto, Chicago and Denver, it had me fantasizing about what other bands I would like to see reunite for a concert or tour. I started compiling a list of bands I would love to see reform and I would try to be there to witness this event. This list is by no means official in any way and the chances of any of these bands getting back together are remote at best, it's just a personal dream list in no particular order. Please feel free to add your two cents and suggestions.
  • Uncle Tupelo
  • The Kinks
  • The Jam
  • Plumtree
  • Rockpile
  • Brinsley Schwarz
  • Modern Lovers (original line-up)
  • Husker Du
  • Mr. T Experience (classic lineup with Jon Von)
  • Whiskeytown
  • Bum
In the coming posts (or weeks), I'll explore some of these bands in more detail and hopefully I can find a show or two to post.

A reunion that would be near the top of my list is Uncle Tupelo. It's no secret Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar don't like each other and neither has any interest in playing together again, but it would be sure nice!

When they broke up (last show): Uncle Tupelo's last concert was May 1, 1994 at Mississippi Nights in St. Louis.

Why They Split: Egos, jealousy. Jay might have felt threatened by Jeff taking a more active role in the band. Also Jeff stroking Jay's girlfriend's hair caused further tension to an already disintegrating relationship.

Post Breakup: Tweedy and the rest of Tupelo formed Wilco, while Farrar started a new band, Son Volt. Wilco has gone on to be quite successful both commercially and artistically. They have taken their sound beyond the genre of No Depression alt-country to creative heights that make Wilco one of the most interesting American bands now. Jay Farrar has stayed closer to his roots with a sound steeped in Americana.

Odds of a Reunion: Doesn't look good right now, but you never know. I honestly believe this will happen eventually, maybe if Wilco takes a long break or if the right opportunity or a common cause brings them together. Many bands have buried the hatchet for a one-off or two if the money is right, but I don't believe this would be about money. I don't think Farrar wants to be upstaged by Tweedy and it would probably have to be an even split setlist (similar to their last show).

This is a great sounding recording that is sourced from a FM broadcast. This show features many tracks from the forthcoming album, Anodyne that was released later in the year. Tweedy and Farrar were still on speaking terms at this time.

Roskilde Festival
July 3, 1993

01. Grindstone
02. Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down
03. True To Life
04. Chickamauga
05. Watch Me Fall
06. Anodyne
07. The Long Cut
08. Slate
09. Atomic Power (Louvin/Louvin/Bains)
10. New Madrid
11. Sandusky
12. Acuff-Rose
13. Steal The Crumbs
14. Looking For A Way Out
15. Nothing
16. Fifteen Keys
17. We've Been Had
18. Give Back The Key To My Heart (Sahm)
19. No Depression

UNCLE TUPELO- 1993- 07-03, Roskilde Festival, Denmark, FLAC. rar

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