Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Jayhawks- New Year's Eve 1998

New Year's Eve is traditionally a busy night for social activity with many partaking in events that celebrate the end of the year and that welcome in the new year. For music lovers, a lovely way to ring in the new year is celebrating with your favourite band and partying the night away. Personally, I haven't been to many New Year's Eve concerts, but I have been tempted to travel out of town to see a band or two. One band that has played some New Year's Eve shows in their hometown of Minneapolis that I have been tempted to attend is the Jayhawks.

For the next couple days leading up to New Year's Eve (and a bit after), I'm posting a few random live recordings from December 31st (not this year). The first show is The Jayhawks opening for fellow Twin Cities band, Soul Asylum at the State Theatre in 1998/99. It's a great sounding show and again I am posting FLAC (loss-less) files for download. If you are having any troubles downloading or playing the files etc, please let me know. Sorry about the last post, this concert should be complete.

State Theatre

Minneapolis, MN
December 31, 1998

(Opening for Soul Asylum)

01. Waiting For The Sun
02. Nothing Left To Borrow
03. Man Who Loved Life
04. Think About It
05. Two Hearts
06. Someone Will (early version of I'm Gonna Make You Love Me)
07. I'd Run Away
08. Driving Wheel
09. Blue
10. Young Queer
11. Expecting To Fly
12. Trouble
13. Ruby
14. Queen Of The World

JAYHAWKS- 1998-12-31 State Theatre, Mpls FLAC. rar

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry (Belated) Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Teenage Dogs In Trouble!!

I meant to post this show before Christmas, but didn't have the time to upload the file. Anyways, I'm still in Christmas mode and hopefully you are too to enjoy a fabulous Christmas theme concert from one of my all-time favourites, The Kinks. There have been many different versions of this recording floating around, some have less songs or the setlist order has been altered. This version I downloaded on Dime a couple of years ago and supposedly this was taken from the original broadcast and appears to be complete. I remember many years ago taping a Kinks concert on the radio and playing that tape over and over, turns out (after listening to this version) that concert was an edited version of this. This show contains my fav Christmas song (Father Christmas), it's an amazing concert and the sound quality is as good as it gets without being an official release. Video snippets of the concert can be seen on YouTube and downloads of the complete concert video can also be easily found.

I've had it brought to my attention that I have posted some live recordings that were originally posted elsewhere and it has been requested I leave them in uncompressed FLAC format instead of mp3. I don't know how everyone feels about this, but I'll respect the original sources by not compressing the files of live recordings if I post them on this blog. It takes me a lot longer to upload and longer for you to download, but in the end everyone will be happier if I post a better sounding and better quality live recording. If you are not familiar with the FLAC format, read about it here and if you want to convert the files to mp3 for your own use, I use this and here's the download. I'll try this for a while and see how it goes, please leave me a comment if you have an opinion. Personally for me I like to download albums in mp3 format so I can add them to my Portable mp3 device, so for now I'll leave album and non-live concert recordings in mp3 format.

Editor's note: It's come to my attention that the file I posted has a flaw in it. Track 15 (Get Back In The Line), for whatever reason is not included in the rar file. I looked at the original file I uploaded and on the disc I burned from it and #15 is missing. I'm thinking it might have been removed by the original poster on Dime possibly because the track was officially released somewhere else (one of the policies on Dimeadozen). I apologize for this incomplete recording, but if it's any consolation, I've posted for download the mp3 version of Get Back... If you insert the track after Celluloid Heroes and remove track 16 ('s the same that is included within the mp3), Get Back In The Line will fit in nicely. I know the purists won't be happy, but I tried to look for the FLAC version for #15, but to no avail...sorry!

Rainbow Theatre, London
December 24, 1977

01. Broadcast introductions
02. Jukebox Music
03. Stage introductions
04. Sleepwalker
05. Life On The Road
06. Dialogue
07. Well Respected Man
08. Death Of A Clown
09. Sunny Afternoon
10. Waterloo Sunset
11. All Day And All Of The Night
12. Dialogue
13. Slum Kids
14. Celluloid Heroes
15. Get Back In The Line
16. Dialogue
17. The Hard Way
18. Lola
19. Alcohol
20. Skin And Bone
21. Father Christmas
22. You Really Got Me

THE KINKS- 1977-12-24 Rainbow Theatre FLAC. rar
15. Get Back In The Line (mp3). rar

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Estrus Half Rack

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, one a week is not acceptable! I personally can't stand when a blog I follow can't keep semi-updated, but of course most bloggers don't do this for a living (except for those so-called, "celebrity-bloggers" or the ones that give a day to day update on The Bieb or Lady what's her name), so it's excusable that life does get in the way. My excuse is the holiday season, when my real job gets busier and my mind is constantly trying to figuring out what to buy for gifts (for Christmas). A dear friend of mine delivered a baby two weeks ago, but her baby is very sick and they still haven't left the hospital, so that too is weighing heavily on my mind. Enough with the excuses, I promise to post plenty of entries between Christmas and New Years when I have a couple extra of days off from work. I'll also try to compile some kind of "end of year" list of my favourite albums as I've been listening to as many new releases as possible this year.

As a follow-up to the last post, Estrus Gearbox, I found a download for another box in the series. To get you in the mood for the holiday season here's a set of music about drinking, everyone's favourite holiday pastime. Estrus Half Rack: the 12 Drunkest Bands in Showbiz is a compilation of drinking songs and was originally a 7" vinyl box-set that contained 3 singles, matches and a set of beer coasters. The box set was limited to 1500 black vinyl and 500 colour. It was also issued in CD format and only 1500 CD's were made. A fine collection that featured some of the same bands as the Gearbox (Fastbacks, Mono Men, Marble Orchard,Untamed Youth) with many from the Seattle/West Coast area.

Estrus Half-Rack (1991)

  1. Derelicts: Lost Cause
  2. Fastbacks: Beaujolais The Beat
  3. Gorilla: Everybodys Glad
  4. Kings Of Rock: Little Girl Be Good
  5. Marble Orchard: Munsters Theme
  6. Mono Men: Pisswater
  7. Mudhoney: March To Fuzz
  8. Mummies: What A Way To Die (The Pleasure Seekers)
  9. The Phantom Surfers: 6 Pack
  10. Prisonshake: Beer Break
  11. Seaweed: Foggy Eyes (Beat Happening)
  12. Untamed Youth: She Cares
VARIOUS ARTISTS- Estrus Half Rack. rar

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Estrus Gearbox

Did you notice there seems to be an insane amount of box-sets issued this year. I realize that a lot of them were released a month a two before Christmas to capitalize on the season, but it seems that every classic album is getting the remastered, deluxe and super deluxe version treatment.

Case in point, the recent reissue of the Rolling Stones 1978 album, Some Girls. Let's count the "new" versions:
1.) Some Girls deluxe edition ($19.99*) - 2 discs, the original album remastered and a bonus second disc of previously unreleased tracks from the Some Girls sessions.
2.) Some Girls Gift case set ($47.53)- 2 discs, same as above + it is housed in a 24 disc CD holder which contains a 4-pack guitar pick pack, a button 4-pack and a Some Girls metal key chain. Each set is numbered and limited to 1250.
3.) Some Girls Wig Box ($149.89)- same 2 discs + hair pick, red lipstick USB (w/1g storage), compact mirror, a Rolling Stones t-shirt housed in a hairspray can packaged in a wig box (or record box?). This is even more limited and numbered to 600.
4.) Some Girls Super Deluxe Boxed Edition ($145.36)- 2 CD + 1 DVD, banned Beast Of Burden 7", 100 page hardcover book, Helmet Newton print, 5 postcard set and poster.
5.) Since the Stones were in a cash grab mode they also released a live DVD/CD: Some Girls- Live In Texas 1978 and a live "bootleg" from 1973, The Brussels Affair, all in the last couple of months.

My point in all this proves how off track these box sets and super deluxe versions are becoming. All these editions contain the same two CD's along with a bunch of phony memorabilia you don't need that tries to recreate some kind of feeling you're back in 1978...$$$!! I'm not saying I don't enjoy all the fun, sometimes cool stuff that comes with a record or CD, because I do, but I'm not crazy about spending all the extra $$$ to get it. There comes a point when it no longer becomes "bonus" material, just grabbing more cash.

Back in the early 90's, the Estrus Records label released a series of little box-sets that contained 3-5 7" singles from various artists on their label usually with a common theme to the songs. The original Estrus Gearbox contained 3 7" records with 4 songs on each, a Estrus sticker, a Estrus promo card and a glow in the dark Estrus key chain. I have the CD version which is housed in a smaller box and contains the sticker, promo card and a mini 1965 girly calender. I believe when I bought this from Estrus, the vinyl version was sold out. Both are sadly out of print. The songs in this collection celebrate cars and hot rods...12 revved-up bands on a thrill-mad rampage! A very cool find!

Estrus Gearbox
(vinyl 1992/CD 1993)

1. Cheater Slicks - Cheater Slicks
2. Hot Rods To Heaven - Fastbacks
3. Road Runnah - Gas Huffer
4. Burrito Grand Prix - Huevos Rancheros
5. ’57 Nomad - The M-80’s
6. Warm Piston - Mono Men
7. Nova ’69 - Marble Orchard
8. Nitroglycerin - Mortals
9. Brand New Chevy - The Muffs
10. Boss Hoss - Nomads
11. SS 396 - The Untamed Youth
12. Cheater, Cheater - The Vacant Lot

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Estrus Gearbox. rar

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Scruffy The Cat- Spit & Paulish #9

I noticed on Facebook there is a Scruffy The Cat fan page that allows fans to post on it's wall, comment, share photos and link to items of interest. Someone posted a link to this blog, which of course is cool (more proof someone is reading this site!) and mentions there are downloads for some Scruffy the Cat related recordings. The poster also wonders about the legality of it.

Now might be a good time to clarify my position and stand on posting recordings on this blog. I should state that this site does not host the downloads, but links to external servers. Any links posted on this blog are for educational, promotional, review and research purposes only. I try to post music that is out of print or hard to find and if I infringe on any of the copyright holders of the music or if you are the artist or artist's representative that wants me to disable the links, please let me know and I will immediately remove any files that offend. I'm not out to make any money on this site and I only have time to write this blog in my spare time. I write this blog because I'm a lover of music and a fan of every one of the bands that are featured on TDIT. I want to share this joy with anyone that will listen and read this blog...I hope this all makes sense and clears up some confusion. I will post a disclaimer on the right panel very shortly.

As a tribute and to acknowledge the Scruffy the Cat fans, here's a disc I acquired in a trade years ago, a compilation of live tracks, I believe it was my first disc of live Scruffy. When looking at the list of tracks and their sources I realize I have many of the shows these tracks are from. I couple months back I posted the Ritz show from 1989 and I also have the WERS and the T.T. the Bears shows from trades. This is a nice sounding comp, (but be forewarned the sound quality and volume varies) and gives you only a small sampling of how great Scruffy the Cat was live.

Question: Should TDIT have a Facebook page or Twitter page? Could be another source for me to post quickie posts and links...?

Spit & Paulish #9 (1984-89)

01. Rave On (The Ritz, NYC 2/4/89)
02. Buck Naked/Upside Down (The Ritz, NYC 2/4/89)
03. Upside Down (Austin, TX early '88)
04. Beg, Borrow And Steal (Studio 9/85)
05. Ticket To Ride (Studio 9/85)
06. Time Never Forgets (T.T. The Bears, Cambridge, 8/8/87)
07. You Are My Sunshine (T.T. The Bears, Cambridge, 8/8/87)
08. Little Nasty Habit (WERS 4/6/89)
09. New Song (?) (WERS 4/6/89)
10. Where'd Ya Go? (WERS 4/6/89)
11. I Don't Believe In (WERS 4/6/89)
12. Everything (Studio early '84)
13. Shakin' All Over (Johnny's D's, Allston 7/5/84)
14. Come On Down To My Boat (Johnny's D's, Allston 7/5/84)
15. Scruffy Lullaby/6 Days (JJ Flash, Boston, 2/1/85)
16. Big Fat Monkey's Hat/Momma Killed Hate (Metrowave, WERS, 7/27/86)
17. Shadow Boy (Metrowave, WERS, 7/27/86)
18. The Ghost Song (Metrowave, WERS, 7/27/86)
19. Lover's Day (Metrowave, WERS, 7/27/86)

SCRUFFY THE CAT- Spit & Paulish #9. rar
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