Saturday, May 29, 2021

Dinosaur Jr.- BBC: In Session

With the release of their latest album, Sweep It Into Space this past April, Dinosaur Jr has continued to record quality new material into their fifth decade of recording. Yes, it's kind of a shocker the band has been around this long, but there was an eight year hiatus in the middle of their career (original breakup 1997) and officially the band has been together longer the second time around since they reformed in 2005. Adding to that is that the original lineup of J, Lou and Murph were only together for the first 3 albums and since reuniting these three have now recorded 5 albums. I have seen Dinosaur Jr twice live, the first time in 1997 close to end of the first time before J retired the Dino name and later when the band reformed I saw them in 2007. For the 1997 show, J was the only original band member and what I remember about the show was that they seemed to be going through the motions. The performance lacked a spark or energy and where I was standing at the First Avenue in Minneapolis the sound sucked. In 2007, the band was touring their first album with the original lineup since Bug, Beyond (it's a great record!) and the performance was much fresher and enjoyable. J isn't known to be a flashy performer as he was flanked by his massive wall of amps, but Lou Barlow gave the band energy that is sadly missed without him and the band gave a solid performance in a smaller, more intimate venue.
The album, In Session is 10 tracks from in-studio sessions on the BCC that capture the band during the earlier part of their career. Two tracks (7 & 10), are from 1992 without Barlow and Murph, but the bulk of the tracks date to 1988-89. Great versions of these songs live, though they don't sound too much different than the studio album versions, but it is treat to hear the band live with such good studio quality live sound. Short, but sweet!

BBC: In Session (1999)

01. In A Jar
02. Leper
03. Keep The Glove
04. Budge
05. Bulbs Of Passion
06. Raisins
07. Keeblin
08. No Bones
09. Does It Float
10. Get Me

Tracks 1 & 3 recorded in 1-3-1989
Tracks 2, 5, 6 & 9 recorded in 8-11-1988
Tracks 4 & 8 recorded in 25-4-1989
Tracks 7 & 10 recorded in 24-11-1992

Dinosaur Jr.
1988-89: J Mascas- guitar/vocals, Lou Barlow- bass, Patrick Murphy (Murph)- drums
1992: J Mascis- drums/guitar/vocals, Mike Johnson- guitar/vocals

Monday, May 24, 2021

Juliana Hatfield- Live At Q Division Studios, May 2021: Blood Album Release Show

For her sixth live stream concert, Juliana Hatfield used this as an opportunity to introduce her new soon to be released album, Blood. Her past shows have focused on one record, performing them in their entirety top to bottom, but for the Blood album she previewed several tracks from the album along with "blood" or violence themed songs. She admitted about halfway through the 23 song set it was difficult to deal with such a depressing disturbing theme, but we were treated a fine set of music. She mixed a variety of covers, ranging from the Who, Police, Misfits and her former band, the Blake Babies, with her originals, with many deep cut tracks. It always puts a smile on my face every time I hear the song, Kellyanne from the Pussycat album, I love that song! (I had to spin the vinyl of that one right after listening to this set!) Oh, and of course some songs from the new album, which all sound really good, though she took a couple attempts to perform Gorgon, which she played twice completely. Juliana mentioned during the "talk" portion, she is working on the Hey Babe album for an upcoming show, but was uncertain what album will be next month. Stay tuned.

Juliana showing off her yoga moves.

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Q Division Studios
Somerville, MA
Livestream- solo electric
May 8, 2021
Blood album release show

01. Parking Lots
02. Everything Is Forgiven
03. Mouthful Of Blood
04. My Sister
05. Rats In the Attic
06. Cesspool
07. Gorgon
08. Evan
09. Swan Song
10. Broken Doll
11. Anemia
12. Splinter
13. Push Pin
14. Had A Dream
15. Murder By Numbers
16. Dog On A Chain
17. Skulls
18. Nirvana
19. Kellyanne
20. My Wife
21. Gorgon (take 2)
22. My Pet Lion
23. Torture
24. <talk>

Tracks 3, 7, 12, 14, 21, 23 (from Blood album)

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Fountains Of Wayne- Hoboken, NJ 2009/Adam Schlesinger Tribute

It's been over a year (and month) since Adam Schlesinger from Fountains Of Wayne died of complications from COVID-19. The remaining members of the band and Sharon Van Etten, filling in for Adam on bass, reunited for the Jersey 4 Jersey livestream benefit in late April 2020 as a tribute to Adam. They performed (in isolation), Hackensack.
A tribute concert, Adam Schlesinger: Music Celebration is set for tomorrow, Wednesday, May 5th at 8pm (Eastern) and will air online via Rolling Live Studios featuring an all-star lineup. Performers confirmed for the show include, Jody Porter, Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey, Courtney Love, Mickey Dolenez (from the Monkees), Ben Kweller, Ben Lee, some Tinted Windows (James Iha, Taylor Hanson) and many many more amazing guests. This will be an incredible night celebrating the music of Adam Schlesinger. Expect to hear songs from the catalog of Fountains of Wayne, Tinted Windows, soundtrack tunes from That Thing You Do and Crazy Ex-girlfriend, maybe some Ivy and more! Wow, should be great! Tickets are an affordable $25 available from Rolling Live Studios. Net proceeds go to The Bowery Electric (shuttered venue) and MusiCares (for struggling musicians).

Last spring, there was an outpouring flood of live Fountains of Wayne shows on Dime following Adam's death and I was fortunate enough to download shared shows I didn't have already. There are so many great concerts to choose from, but some of my favourites were from the band's full band acoustic tour in 2009. This stripped down live presentation sounds quite full and the songs didn't lose any power performed acoustically, in fact it showcased the quality of their songwriting and their strong musicianship. These shows are fun to listen to with the band more relaxed and casual with more interaction with their audience. A good example of one of these shows is the concert I'm posting, a great sounding show from Maxwells in Hoboken, NJ. highlights include an interesting rendition of Stacy's Mom and the classic rock medley during Radiation Vibe, which are always tons of fun!
(thanks to Scott Bernstein for recording, mastering and tracking the show, the original poster and the reseeder!)

Please do NOT sell or profit from this recording!
Do NOT convert to lossy formats, except for personal use
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Fountains Of Wayne
Hoboken, NJ
June 29, 2009

DPA 4021(cardioid, in hat)->Battery Box->Sound Devices 722 (@24/96)

FLAC File processing in SoundForge Audio Studio 9.0c (LOUD clap removal, Peak Level Normalize to 0db then resample to 44.1 with interpolation accuracy 4, anti-alias filter then 24->16 bit highpass triangular dither with high pass contour noise shaping); Tracked in CDWav.

1. intro music/tuning
2. Please Don't Rock Me Tonight
3. Little Red Light
4. Someone To Love
5. The Summer Place
6. Fire Island
7. Cold Comfort Flowers
8. Hey Julie
9. A Road Song
10.Red Dragon Tattoo
11.Barbara H (w/"Under Pressure" bass intro)
13.Fire In The Canyon +
14.Half A Woman
15.Bright Future In Sales
16.Radiation Vibe (w/Beat It, Yes song [Roundabout?], Jet Airliner)
17.encore break
18.Cemetary Guns
19.Stacy's Mom
20.Joe Rey

+ = w/Mike Viola (vocals and guitar) & Kelly Jones (vocals)
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