Friday, July 22, 2011

You, Me and the Devil Makes Three

I leave on vacation tomorrow, we'll actually today, so I thought I would squeeze in one more post. I've been working on some Winnipeg Folk Festival sets, splitting tracks, converting files, writing setlists, making torrents and making rar files. I will be in a place that has very limited internet, so I'm not sure I can post anything until the beginning of August. I'll prepare some future posts on my laptop and when I have full wireless, you can start downloading. A couple of those shows I want to post on Dime first and then I'll offer them up here.


Blind Pilot

Joy Kills Sorrow

As a teaser, here's a small stage workshop featuring three bands I've never seen live. One of the bands, Blind Pilot, I was slightly familiar with them because I downloaded their album before the fest. The other two, Spiro (from England) and Joy Kills Sorrow (the hosts)I had never heard of, but were a pleasant surprise. Since I only attended one full day, I had to pick and choose my time carefully...this was a good choice! I'll tell you more about these bands when I have more time, but please have a listen and imagine your sitting on the ground in 30c degree heat enjoying the sounds of summer!


"You, Me and the Devil Makes Three"

Winnipeg Folk Festival

Snowberry Stage
Birds Hill Park

July 10, 2011

Audience MASTER

01. Intro
02. SPIRO- You're Been Too Long Away, Woody Gray
03. BLIND PILOT- 3 rounds And A Sound
04. JOY KILLS SORROW- We Will Have Our Day
05. SPIRO- Softly Robin
06. BP- One Red Thread
07. JKS- You Make Me Feel Drunk
08. SPIRO- Bobby Shafta
09. BP- Things I Cannot Recall
10. JKS- ?
11. SPIRO- Mr. Key's Horn Pipe
12. BP- The Story I Heard
13. JKS- One More Night
14. SPIRO- The White Hart
15. BP- Two Towns From Me
16. JKS- Fall On My Knees

Various- You, Me and the Devil Makes Three. rar

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Pretenders- Live Almost 31 Years Ago!

Damn! I'm so sorry for the lack of posts lately, I was at the Folk Fest last week and this week has been so insanely HOT, I haven't been able to sit down and write anything. Without AC, my house is unbearable, it feels like a sauna, and even though I have been on the computer a lot, trying to sit down and write has been hard a challenge. Thanks for your patience, I find it much easier to write when it's -30 C outside rather than +40 inside. I am on vacation right now and later in the week I'm heading out of town, so posts will be at a minimum the next week or so. I did record a couple of key shows at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, so expect the Jeff Tweedy and Blue Rodeo sets soon, along with a couple of workshop small stage shows. My recording of the Jayhawks is marred with too much talking, but if there's an interest, I will post that as well. Music festivals such as the Folk Fest are always difficult to get a quality recording, battling the elements (wind, rain, excessive heat!) as well as casual conversations on tarps which are next to impossible to avoid, especially during the main stage concerts.

I'll try to post a couple samples of the Folk Fest before I leave, but to tide you over here's a unrelated Pretenders show from 1980. It's a great sounding radio broadcast with the original (and still the BEST!) lineup of the band. So sit back, grab a beer, face the fans on your face and enjoy the summertime sounds of the Pretenders!

Riviera Theatre

Chicago, IL
September 8, 1980
FM Broadcast

01. Precious
02. The Adulteress
03. Kid
04. Talk Of The Town
05. Space Invader
06. Cuban Slide
07. I Go To Sleep
08. Private Life
09. Brass In Pocket
10. The Wait
11. Stop Your Sobbing
12. Louie Louie Had His Day
13. Bird Of Paradise
14. Tattooed Love Boys
15. Up The Neck
16. Whatcha Gonna Do About It

THE PRETENDERS- 1980-09-08. rar

Friday, July 08, 2011

The Fastbacks- Last Show?

The Fastbacks are scheduled to play their reunion show today, so I thought now would be the appropriate time to post their last official concert from over 9 years ago. A great overview of their entire career and to make things even better, the sound and their performance is top notch. This is a pre-FM source that was broadcast KEXP-FM soon after the show. I'm really hoping the band stays together to play more shows in the future because I would love to see the band live. This recording is almost the next best thing!


Bottom Of The Hill,

San Francisco
Last live show
Pre-FM source.

1. No Information
2. Gone To The Moon
3. Like Today
4. As Everything
5. New Painter Man
6. On The Wall
7. We Tried
8. Just Say
9. The World Inside
10. Hung On A Bad Peg
11. Went For A Swim
12. Old Address Of The Unknown
13. Goodbye, Bird
14. Fortune's Misery
15. K Street
16. Time And Matter
17. (encore break)
18. One More Hour
19. In America
20.(encore break)
21. They Don't Care
22. Under The Old Lightbulb
23. In The Summer

THE FASTBACKS- 2002-03-02. rar

Monday, July 04, 2011

The Replacements Last Show!

When I think of the 4th of July, I think of the excellent recordings that have come from the 4th of July Taste of Chicago free concerts broadcast on XRT in Chicago. Many great bands have graced the stage to huge crowds, but none greater (in my opinion) than the final live concert by the Replacements in 1991.

This farewell show boasts broadcast quality sound and was circulated in the bootleg circles as, It Ain't Over 'Til The Fat Roadies Play. I had this recording on cassette received in a trade back in the early 90's and it included the DJ introduction and outro (missing on, It Ain't Over...), but I opted to post the boot version because the sound quality is far better than my tape transfer. An enjoyable and historic show for Mats fans lucky enough to have a documentation of the last show. The concert ends with Hootenanny (the song when they switch instruments), with the band members passing their instruments to the road crew to ring out the final feedback to end the show...a fitting end to a wonderful wacky career.

Live at Petrillo Music Shell,
Grant Park,
Chicago, IL USA

July 4th, 1991

I Will Dare 3:56
Bent Out of Shape 3:09
Achin' to Be 3:53
Merry Go Round 3:52
Happy Town 2:55
Swinging Party 4:10
One Wink at a Time 2:53
Waitress in the Sky 2:27
When it Began 3:15
Someone Take the Wheel 4:09
Talent Show 4:24
Nobody 3:53
Another Girl, Another Planet f2:41
Hey Good Lookin' 2:39
I'll be You 4:05
I don't know 1:48
Within Your Reach 4:18
Can't Hardly Wait 3:14
Hootenanny 3:44

THE REPLACEMENTS- 7-4-1991. rar

Oh Canaduh!

The tribute to (belated) Canada Day continues with a fine compilation, Oh Canaduh, which features some excellent bands from Canada, the US and beyond (Japan). Cover songs from bands from the late 70's and early 80's Vancouver punk scene, such as DOA (Disco Sucks), K-Tels (I Hate Music), Modernettes (Won't Have To Worry) and Viletones (Screaming Fist).

Many of the bands on this compilation have been featured here on Teenage Dogs, so you know I appreciate this collection. I'm not certain, but I think most of these tracks are/or were exclusive to this release, so it makes this even more special and essential. A fine soundtrack to your Canada Day (or Independence Day) and the rest of your summer!!

Oh Canaduh! (1996)

1. Teengenerate - Top Down
2. Bum - Screaming Fist
3. Lord High Fixers - Fuck You
4. Tonics - I Hate Music
5. Young Fresh Fellows - Disco Sucks
6. Smugglers - What Do You Want Me To Do
7. Al Perry - Fun While It Lasts
8. Fastbacks - Won't Have To Worry
9. Supersnazz - I Don't Like You
10. Evaporators - I Can't Puke
11. Man Or Astroman - Eisenhower & The Hippies
12. Onyas - I Don't Give A Shit
13. Cryin' Out Louds - Now I Ain't Got No Face
14. Stupes - American Bandstand

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Oh Canaduh!. rar

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Happy Canada Day...More Live Sloan!

Make that belated Canada Day! Sorry, I was too busy watching Will & Kate and that kid from Winnipeg, Maria Aragon during the Canada Day celebrations at Parliament Hill on TV...jeez, I'm starting to hate that kid!! I eventually did leave the house to take a stroll through Osborne Village, but I missed watching the fireworks, which really isn't an essential priority in my life. Instead I sat on the deck and watched episodes of Modern Family on the laptop and drinking, I love that show.

I thought that in celebration of Canada Day I would post another Sloan show, by request. It's also from 1996, like the previous show I posted, but it's longer and features more songs. It was also broadcast on CBC radio and it is another concert I had on cassette that I recorded off the radio and by coincidence I was thinking of transferring it to digital, but someone on Dime beat me to it. Bonus, because it saved me time and energy and this transfer sounds really good!

The Rage,

Vancouver, BC

Oct. 11, 1996

CBC Broadcast

01. intro
02. Nothing Left to Make Me Want to Stay
03. G Turns to D
04. Can't Face Up
05. The Lines You Amend
06. Coax Me
07. Everything You've Done Wrong
08. 400 Metres
09. People of the Sky
10. Snowsuit Sound
11. I Hate My Generation
12. The Good In Everyone
13. Penpals
14. Deeper Than Beauty
15. I Am the Cancer
16. outro

SLOAN- 10-11-96. rar
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