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The Guess Who- Playhouse Theatre, Winnipeg, MB, April 1975

 I thought this post would be appropriate because of two things in the news recently. The old Playhouse Theatre (aka: Pantages Playhouse Theatre) where this show was recorded was recently sold to new owners that will continue to operate the theatre. The theatre was up for sale last year and closed it's doors at the end of 2018 with the hope someone might be interested in keeping it running. The new owners paid just over half a million dollars (CDN) for the heritage property. The other bit of interesting news involves former Guess Who frontman, Burton Cummings coming across a little wacky in his new hometown of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Apparently, Cummings wasn't too impressed with his neighbors, a dance fitness studio, that was playing it's music too loud. Cummings and other residents have complained and it has led to the studio facing 6 noise bylaw charges against the owner of the business. Cummings' complaint led to city council to re-evaluate business licenses for areas with homes and businesses. This seems fair and I have no doubt that residences should have protection from noise and loud music, I would hate to live close to a bar or outdoor music venue, but the owner has tried to reach out to Burt to discuss a solution, but so far he has declined. Remember it is just an indoor dance studio (that opens it's windows...maybe a suggestion is to close them?) and Burt, well he has a concert theatre venue in downtown Winnipeg named after him because he was a famous rock star in his former life, so you'd think he might be more tolerant or... not.

This live recording is a radio broadcast of the Guess Who live at the Playhouse Theatre in 1975. This was about 6 months before the band split up in October with frontman, Burton Cummings in the band. The band would later form in different incarnations without Cummings, with original  bass player, Jim Kale registering and taking control of the band name and to this day, the Guess Who continues to tour and record albums with drummer, Garry Peterson the lone original member. The 1975 band personnel and sound was a far cry from the hit-making "classic" lineup from the late 60's. Peterson and Cummings were in the band, but Randy Bachman (who had left in 1970) was long gone with a succession of guitar players replacing him and in 1974, Domenic Troiano joined the band.

I grabbed this recording from Dime, thanks to Krw co for posting and sharing. I have seen this live recording CD for sale at McNally Robinson (semi-officially released?) and for sale at my local record store as an unofficial bootleg (probably downloaded from the same source), so get it here while you can. The sound quality is excellent and the performance is fine. If you're even a moderate fan of mid-period Guess Who this is a must hear and for fans that want to hear that Bachman/Cummings sound of the 60's, this still holds it's ground, though there is a lot of filler. Regardless, this is an important document from one of the greatest bands from Winnipeg at one of finest concert venues still being used today.

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Winnipeg Playhouse Theater
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
April 15TH 1975

Soundboard/FM Broadcast From
The Joe Maloney Collection
Presented By Krw_co

Lineage Unknown Generation Soundboard/FM Broadcast
to CDR Clone to EAC Secure Mode to TLH FLAC Level 8

   Disc 1
1 Down and Out Woman
2 Dirty
3 Hand Me Down World
4 Albert Flasher
5 Diggin` Yourself
6 Star Baby
7 Those Show Biz Shoes
8 Straighten Out
9 Seems Like I Can't Live With You
10 Clap For The Wolfman

   Disc 2
1 Medley (The Way We Were/Laughing/These Eyes/Undun/Hang On To Your Life/American Woman)
2 Roseanne
3 When the Band was Singing
4 Long Gone
5 No Time
6 Dancing Fool
7 Instrumental Interlude
8 Orly / DJ Talking

Burton Cummings  vocals keyboards
Garry Peterson   Drum backing vocals
Domenic Troiano  Guitars backing vocals
Bill Wallace     Bass backing vocals

GUESS WHO- 1975-04-15 Disc 1 FLAC. rar 
GUESS WHO- 1975-04-15 Disc 2 FLAC. rar 
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