Friday, June 29, 2012

Uncle Tupelo- Blue Note, November 29, 1990

This is the concert from the same day as the KCOU radio broadcast earlier in the day and it's worth a listen because it's a nice sounding soundboard recording when Uncle Tupelo was still a trio. Jay Farrar, Jeff Tweedy and Mike Heidorn played a smokin' set and personally I preferred this lineup to the 5-piece band for the Anodyne period of their career. The set is loose and fun and you can tell Farrar and Tweedy still enjoyed playing together as compared to later when onstage tension and their tumultuous relationship led to the breakup of the band in 1994.

This recording is from a disc I received in a trade over 10 years ago and I have a note (on my live CD inventory list) that it's flawed. I ripped the disc to the computer and had some trouble with a couple of files, but managed to rip those songs with a different software. I converted the files to FLAC, then to test it I burned a disc for another listen. It sounds fine, no real problems, for some reason there are a couple of 2 second gaps before a couple of songs, but after that it's fine. The tracking is a little weird as some of the tracks contain two songs (as marked below), no big deal. Unfortunately, this recording is missing the last song (Cortez the Killer), but according to factorybelt.net it's missing from the original source.

Blue Note

Columbia, MO
November 29, 1990


01. Life Worth Livin'
02. Punch Drunk
03. Watch Me Fall
04. Postcard
05. Gun
06. Discarded
07. Flatness
08. Outdone
09. Sauget Wind
10. Train
11. Wasn't Born To Follow/ Atomic Power
12. Nothing
13. Before I Break
14. True To Life
15. D.Boon
16. I've Been Working On The Railroad/ Factory Belt
17. Do Re Mi
18. Freak Scene
19. Whiskey Bottle
20. No Depression
21. No Matter What
22. I Got Drunk/ Graveyard Shift

UNCLE TUPELO- 1990-11-29 Blue Note (SBD) FLAC. rar

Monday, June 25, 2012

Two Uncle Tupelo Radio Shows From 1990

Thanks to everyone that sent me suggestions for my trip to Chicago. Had a great time! I went to some museums (Art Institute, Field Museum), took a boat tour, did a lot of walking/shopping around the north side (Bucktown/Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, Old Town), admired the amazing architecture, figured out the El-trains, ate some deep dish and took advantage of some open bar events related to my wife's work conference. I definitely will be back to Chicago, it's my kind of town! Next time I take a vacation, I'll be sure to consult with you readers sooner about ideas and suggestions.

I noticed according to Clustrmaps (that little map-thingy at the bottom of the page), which tracks the number of visitors to the site, that this blog, Teenage Dogs In Trouble has reached and surpassed 100,000 visitors. This blog was started in August of 2006, so it has taken quite a while to reach this amount, but in the past year and a half 75,000 of those visits have occurred. Thanks so much for reading and visiting and I hope you continue to find something of interest to download and share.

I'm mentioning all this because recently I started a TDIT Facebook page for this blog and thought it might be a good way to attract more readers. Though I'm not too keen about Facebook, I did this for two reasons; First, I thought it would be a good safe-guard in case this site gets closed or shut down and if you are having problems accessing it, you can visit the Facebook page for updates or how to re-connect. I've seen a lot of music blogs get shutdown in the past couple of months and I am always wondering if they have set up under another name or address. If you "like" the TDIT Facebook page, you will stay in touch. The other reason for visiting the Facebook page is because I'm posting bonus material on it such as videos or links to other music-related stuff not on the blog, as well as the links to the individual posts on the blog. I may also use FB to post my wise-ass comments (and my hatred of those "idol" shows etc...) and observations of all things music. This will be my "poor man's Twitter".

Today's post is a pair of radio broadcasts with Uncle Tupelo from 1990 and both feature the band acoustic live in-studio. The WFMU show is a straightforward live "mini-concert" with a solid performance and outstanding sound. The KCOU show is a fun set with the band performing requests from phone-in listeners. The performance is a little rougher, but fun nonetheless. This radio appearance was proceeded by a concert at the Blue Note later that night, a show that was one of the first Uncle Tupelo live recordings I ever got. I'll take another listen to it and if it still sounds alright, I may post it in the near future.

E. Orange, NJ
July 29, 1990

acoustic radio broadcast

01. Screen Door
02. There Was A Time
03. True To Life
04. Watch Me Fall
05. Life Worth Living
06. Flatness
07. Whiskey Bottle
08. No Depression
09. Factory Belt
10. Sin City
11. Atomic Power

UNCLE TUPELO- 1990-07-29, WFMU-FM acoustic FLAC. rar

Columbia, MO
November 29, 1990

acoustic radio broadcast

Request's played live on air...
01. Intro
02. I've Been Working On The Railroad (instrumental)
03. Interview
04. John Hardy
05. Long Black Veil
06. Dead Flowers
07. So You Wanna Be A Rock'N'Roll Star
08. Ripple
09. Looking For Love
10. Take It Easy
11. Screen Door
12. Sugar Mountain (vocals Mike Heidorn)

UNCLE TUPELO- 1990-11-29, KCOU-FM Columbia, MO FLAC. rar

p.s. I had a request to fix the links for The Dream Syndicate Live at Raji's disc I posted a year ago, as they were down. I re-uploaded the files and they now WORK! Get this while you can, an outstanding live set from Steve Wynn and company.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Golden Smog In Chicago 2006

I'm taking a short break as I'm heading to Chicago tomorrow for 6 days. This will be my second time there in the past two years (previous to that about 25 years) and the extra time will give me an opportunity to explore the city more extensively. Last time, I took in all the highlights from my must-see checklist that included a life long dream to see a Blackhawks game and a Cubs home opener on consecutive days, Second City, the Art Institute Of Chicago and I spent time hanging out at Navy Pier and Millennium Park. What I didn't see was any concerts or music and this time (after peering over the local listings) didn't see anything that peaked my interest. I will have more solo time (wife is attending a conference for half of the days) to do some record shopping and exploring the areas and neighborhoods I missed last time and again I'm going to Second City and the Institute. If any readers live there or have visited recently...any suggestions?...stores, venues, touristy traps, good restaurants...let me know!

Before I go, I'm posting an amazing set from Golden Smog that was a FM broadcast on the radio in Chicago. Because it was a broadcast it is edited and several songs were not included in the broadcast, but regardless this is quality find and I highly recommend this recording, big Smog fan or not. More recently, Chicago resident, Jeff Tweedy has been too busy with Wilco to perform with Golden Smog, but for this hometown show he is here. Much like the New Pornographers without Neko Case, Golden Smog doesn't seem complete without Tweedy. This is a good one!

Vic Theater
Chicago, IL

Lineage: fm>SoundBlaster>wav>flac

1. Looking Forward to Seeing You 3:06
2. You Make It Easy 4:35
3. V 3:17
4. To Call My Own 3:49 #
5. Easy To Be Hard 4:03
6. Can't Keep From Talking 3:45
7. Long Time Ago 3:12
8. Glad & Sorry 4:05
9. Ill Fated 4:05
10. 5-22-02 3:35
11. Never Felt Before 3:52
12. Starman 4:49
13. Frying Pan Eyes 3:47
14. Hurricane 4:10
15. Won't Be Coming Home 3:53
16.Band Intro/Red Headed Stepchild 4:12
17. Beautiful Mind 4:42
18. If I Only Had A Car 5:10
19. Corvette 4:20
20. Radio King 3:09
21. Until You Came Along 4:45

Total Time: 84:33
Note: The setlist in the file notes the edited out songs. Included here is only the broadcast songs.

Gary Louris - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Marc Perlman - bass
Dan Murphy - guitar, vocals
Kraig Johnson - guitar, vocals
Jeff Tweedy - guitar, vocals
Sim Cain - drums
? - horns
Blake Hurlbert - tambourine
Jim Boquist - guitar?#

GOLDEN SMOG- 2006-09-19 Chicago (FM) FLAC. rar

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Replacements- Into The White 1986

I have one more Replacements show to share for now, but I'll post more soon, maybe some post-Bob shows if there's a demand. So far, I've posted shows that have been widely shared already and boast great quality sound. If you have any particular shows (or tours) you'd like to hear, make a request, I'll see what I can do. Thus far I have failed to accommodate the requests in the comment section, but I'm forever on the lookout for missing Mats shows.

Today's post is a Replacements show that I got from Dime several years ago. The guy that started circulating this boot called it Into The White because he was recording them on cheap plain white cdr's. Unfortunately, it's incomplete and I'm not sure how many more songs were in the set as there isn't too much information on the Mat's databases and According to the notes that accompanied the music file, the poster couldn't find confirmation of the exact date, but later heard from someone that was at the show and he claims it was April 5, 1986. More recently when this show was re-seeded and on it's listed as April 9. I suppose, the more recent information might be more accurate, so for now I'll list it as the 9th.

Despite being incomplete there are many reasons this is a must-hear show. The good news is that the sound quality is excellent, definitely sourced from the soundboard and this show is more obscure and underrated than many. The crowd is rowdy, the band is drunk and early 1986 had some great memorable shows. This was just a bit over 2 months before Bob's last's good one! I'm taking a short break from the Replacements for now (need to upload), but more to come!

Cincinnati, OH, USA
April 9, 1986

SBD> analog tape> CDR> EAC> WAV> FLAC> rar  

01. Hold My Life
02. Left of the Dial
03. Little Mascara
04. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
05. Bastards of Young
06. Sixteen Blue
07. Unsatisfied
08. Heartbeat it's a love beat
09. Easier said then Done
10. Black Diamond
11. Don't Ask Why
12. Seen Your Video
13. Kiss Me on the Bus

THE REPLACEMENTS- 1986 Bogarts, Cincinnati FLAC. rar

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Replacements- The Shit Hits The Fans Again...and Again!

Even though I have posted the Replacements tape, The Shit Hits The Fans twice already (second time was a re-post of a dead file), I received an email with a upgraded, cleaner sounding fresh rip (thanks Delbert!). It's still in mp3 format, but the bitrate is higher and it does sound a better (CD sourced instead of cassette?). So if you don't have this show/cassette this nicely complements the last post from the drunken cover show in NYC and if you have my previous download, this is a nice upgrade. This show in fact took place a month earlier than the December CBGB's show and if you want to hear butchered versions of Sabbath, Zeppelin and BTO songs it's here. Actually it's pretty cool they hardly repeat songs from the CBGB's gig, digging deep into their bad 70's cover catalog.

For a unflattering review of TSHTF, read this.
For the story behind The Shit Hits The Fans.

The Shit Hits The Fans (1985)
The Bowery
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
November 11, 1984
  1. Lawdy Miss Clawdy (LLoyd Price)
  2. Ye Sleeping Knights of Jesus (Robyn Hitchcock)
  3. Lovelines (Westerberg/Stinson/Stinson/Mars)
  4. I'll Be There (Berry Gordy, Jr./Bob West/Hal Davis/Willie Hutch)
  5. Sixteen Blue (Westerberg)
  6. Can't Hardly Wait (Westerberg)
  7. I Will Dare (Westerberg)
  8. Hear You Been to College (Westerberg/Stinson/Stinson/Mars)
  9. Saturday Night Special (Ed King/Ronnie Van Zant)
  10. Iron Man (Butler/Iommi/Osbourne/Ward)
  11. Misty Mountain Hop (Page/Plant/Jones)
  12. Heartbreaker (Bonham/Jones/Page/Plant)
  13. Can't Get Enough (Mick Ralphs)
  14. Jailbreak (Phil Lynott)
  15. Breakdown (Tom Petty)
  16. No More the Moon Shines on Lorena (Alvin Pleasant Carter)
  17. Merry Go Round (Nikki Sixx)
  18. Left in the Dark (Ken Draznik)
  19. Takin' Care of Business (Randy Bachman)
  20. I Will Follow (Hewson/Evans/Clayton/Mullen)
  21. Jumpin' Jack Flash (Jagger/Richards)
  22. Radio Free Europe (Berry/Buck/Mills/Stipe)
  23. The New World (Cervenka/Nommensen Duchac)
  24. Let It Be (Lennon–McCartney)
    With corrected song titles and songwriter listings.

THE REPLACEMENTS- The Shit Hits The Fans (upgrade). rar

Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Replacements- Live & Drunk (More CBGB's 1984)

If you enjoy the Replacements when they shamble through drunken classic rock covers, then you'll enjoy this show from 1984 which has been around as, "Live & Drunk". This was from a period that yielded many interesting shows that allowed the band to exhibit their inner (and outer) "I don't a shit" attitude. This was also a period when the band was attracting label interest and media attention (including a feature article in the Village Voice in early December) and judging from their frequent appearances in NYC (this was their 4th time they played CBGB's in 1984) they were being showcased in front of prominent people in the "music biz". Some nights it was if they tried their hardest to screw things up with their "circus/spectacle thing", as Chris Mars calls it or maybe they were scared of success and wanted to show they would do things on their terms. No matter the reason, they band signed a major label deal with Sire before they left New York in December 1984.

I know a lot of music purists wouldn't agree, but I never get tired of listening to this CBGB's show for many reasons. The songs almost seamlessly flow from cover to cover, clearly having fun attempting songs they have covered other times during this tour and songs I've never heard them cover before. Many of these songs are familiar from the Shit Hits The Fans tape that was recorded a month previous, but here they actually complete a majority of the songs. Their guitars are out of tune, bum notes are played and words are improvised, but the spirit of what rock is all about; entertaining, playing for the moment and having a good time is all evident. It is impressive they can play this efficiently considering, but their talent still shines through in kind of a weird way. Paul will attempt any song, Bob can solo to anything, Tommy was probably grinning throughout the whole show and Chris does an unbelievable job keeping the beat and he drives the songs forward as if he's reading Paul's mind. The best sequence of songs is from the cover versions of, I Will Follow to September Gurls (tracks 20-25) where they play the music of covers with the lyrics of another song (the songs titles in the brackets). Not only is this brilliant, but the songs actually flow together quite nicely. I think I've only heard one other time they've done that to a song, but this sequence is one of best I've ever heard, from any band. Throughout the set the fans are screaming "play the Replacements" and "no more pussy set", they are clearly not impressed with the all fucking around and at one point Paul says, "It's too late, it's like throwing a line to a drowning man that can't grab on"...nuff said!

I received this tape in a trade back in the early 90's from a guy in Minneapolis who had a good collection of Mats shows. I built much of my early Mats collection from him and I thank him profusely for aiding my Replacements addiction. I was originally turned on to collecting the Replacements from reading an article in a magazine I subscribed to around this time called Tapers Quarterly. There was a three part series on collecting the Replacements, the first part was about live concert recordings (very inspiring!), the second about live video and the third about Outtakes and Rarities. You can read parts II and III at the Skyway site. I'll check through my issues for the first part of the series and forward some of that info later.

What you're hearing is from my 20 year cassette that I transferred to CD maybe 10 years ago. I recently ripped the songs and split the tracks to post here. This is not sourced from the vinyl boot, "Live & Drunk" (picture above) and if you have a (much) better sounding version, please let me know.

The Replacements
New York City, NY
December 9, 1984
aka "Live & Drunk"

cassette (from trade)> stand alone CD recorder> audio CD> FreeRip>
WAV> Direct WAV splitter> convert FLAC> rar file

01. Lovelines?
02. Hear You Been To College
03. Easier Said Than Done
04. Color Me Impressed
05. Music Is My Life
06. Jolene
07. Rock, Rock?
08. Walk On The Wild Side
09. Hippy Hippy Shake
10. Can't Get Enough
11. My Generation/Substitute
12. Take Me Down To The Hospital
13. Do It For Money?
14. Iron Man
15. Little GTO
16. The New World
17. Radio Free Europe
18. It's Alright
19. I Got You Babe (cuts)
20. I Will Follow (Kids Don't Follow)
21. Let It Be (Fuck School)
22. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
23. Temptation Eyes (Hey Good Lookin')
24. Last Train To Clarksville(Trouble)
25. September Gurls (Customer)
26. Best Friend's Girl
27. Layla
28. One Of The Boys
29. Take A Letter, Maria
30. Slip Away
31. Green Acres
32. If I Only Had A Brain
33. Gilligan's Island
34. Be My Lover
35. Start Me Up
36. I'll Be There
37. Black Diamond (fades out)


Sunday, June 03, 2012

The Replacements- CBGB's 1984

Perhaps inspired by finally watching the documentary about the Replacements, Color Me Obsessed, I've been listening to Replacements boots (live recordings) all week. What makes the film so unique especially a documentary, is that it is made up of interviews with critics, musicians, celebrities and fans talking about their memories and reminiscence of either seeing the band and /or listening to their music. This is presented without any actual music from the Replacements or any film, TV or concert video footage or interviews with any of the band members. There are some photos and scans of ticket stubs and show posters, but the bulk of the movie is people talking about the band. If you have never heard their music or know anything about the band, this film should peak your interest and inspire to seek out their music and find out more about their near-legendary status. It's clear much of their reputation stems from their infamous live performances where anything can happen and a setlist was non-existent. I have a huge collection of Replacement's shows and every show is different and to me if I didn't hear all these shows I don't think I would begin to understand the band. As stated in the film by many critics and fans was that they could play a brilliant tight set of music one night, then flop the next. The drunken shows are often my favourites where they veer off course to attempt covers, some of which they barely knew and proceed to fuck around and probably piss many people off. A great example of this is my next two posts.

Today is made up of two shows from CBGB's in June and October of 1984 where they stay on course and competently perform a good mixture of covers and originals. Tracks 1-15, I had on a undated cassette I received in a trade in the early 90's, so this is a nice upgrade from that and it solves my mystery of the missing date. The sound quality for both shows is soundboard and it's one of the best sounding recordings from the Bob-era. An excellent listen!

The next post will be quite different, stay tuned!

The Replacements
 New York City, NY
10/12/1984, 06/03/1984
soundboard recordings

GENERATION: CD - "Everyone Loves An Ego-Maniac!" (Tendolar Label) > FLAC (Level 6) > You!

1. Gary's Got a Boner
2. Run It
3. Color Me Impressed
4. White and Lazy
5. Takin' a Ride
6. I Will Dare
7. Unsatisfied
8. Johnny's Gonna Die
9. Favorite Thing
10. 20th Century Boy
11. Go
12. I'll Be There
13. Kids Don't Follow
14. Black Diamond
15. Kansas City Star
16. Sixteen Blue
17. Hayday
18. Favorite Thing
19. I'm in Trouble
20. Will Power
21. Take Me Down to the Hospital
22. Hey, Good Lookin'
23. Fuck School
24. You Lose
25. Mr. Whirly

(note: Despite what the label says, there is no track #26 on my copy)
 Tracks 1-15 recorded at CBGB's, New York, October 12 1984
Tracks 16-25 recorded at CBGB's, New York, June 3 1984


Friday, June 01, 2012

Ron Sexsmith- Westminster Church, May 9, 2012

 It was over three weeks ago when I sat in a church pew to watch a concert. Westminster Church was the venue for Ron Sexsmith's latest stop in Winnipeg. I sometimes wonder if it was his idea to perform in a church or his agent, thought it was a clever idea. I couldn't complain about the acoustics or ambiance for show because the sound was wonderful and the setting was beautiful, but I wonder if this is Ron Sexsmith's subtle way of setting us up for a religious experience. I didn't really realize until I actually listened to the lyrics of some songs and besides the fact he exudes a dreary, depressed person, he likes to sing about god quite a bit...oh dear. Don't get me wrong, he's a talented songwriter and one the most respected musicians in our country and I like his music a lot, so I'm not suggesting anything, just thinking out loud. Church's do that to me sometimes.

The last time I saw a Ron Sexsmith concert was back in 1999 at the West End Cultural Centre when he performed solo. I was pleasantly surprised that this time he performed with the band, which definitely livened things up. His band was tight, the sound was good and overall the show was a nice experience. When tickets went on sale back before Christmas, I snapped up a pair right way since he was playing in such an intimate venue (I realized later the church actually has a fair capacity) I figured it would sell out fast. Too bad when you buy general admission (rush seating) tickets early, it doesn't guarantee you a better seat. I hate arriving over an hour before the show starts so I can stand in line outside before the doors open a half hour before the scheduled show time. I sat in the balcony on those uncomfortable pews, (it's a wonder I still fell asleep during the service when I was forced to attend church when I was a teenager), but even then the view was fine.

I recorded the concert from my seat and the sound quality is pretty good with some room ambiance, but it's bright and clear. I posted the show on Dime earlier in the week and I was hoping someone would help out with the setlist. I'm not a huge fan, so I don't have all his albums so there are holes in my list. I listed the songs I knew for sure, but if you can help out it would be greatly appreciated!

Westminister Church
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
May 9, 2012

Sony ECM-DS70P mic> Tascam DR-07> USB> 16 bit Wav>
Direct Wave MP3 splitter> FLAC> rar file

03. The Reason Why
04. Love Shines
06. Strawberry Blonde
07. Impossible World
08. Late Bloomer
09. Get In Line
13. God Loves Everyone (solo)
14. Still Time (solo)
15. Listen (w/Don Kerr)
17. Believe It When I See It
18. Brandy Alexander
19. Secret Heart

23. Whatever It Takes My Love (?)

Sorry, file removed :(

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