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Tragically Hip Final Show? Kingston 2016

Photo credit (CBC)
I just got back from 2 weeks of vacation refreshed and relaxed. As usual, I missed a lot while I was out of town. So, the Olympics in Rio is done and finished (I did see part of the closing ceremonies), Wilco played in Winnipeg at the Interstellar Rodeo last weekend (it didn't get rained out) and a little band from Canada, more specifically, Kingston Ontario closed out their tour in grand style on Saturday night. The Tragically Hip played what could be possibly their last show with all the fan fair and excitement that gets CBC and their viewers and listeners in a tizzy. When all the Hips tour dates immediately sold out (legitimate or not), all of Canada was in a panic that they would miss saying goodbye in person to lead singer, frontman, Gord Downie. In steps the good ol' CBC who promises to simulcast the final concert in their hometown of Kingston by airing the show on broadcast TV, radio, digital radio and live streaming. Thousands of people across Canada swarmed to CBC approved public spaces, bars, theatres and parks to watch on mass the concert on the big screen and in total millions watched somewhere. The broadcast and live streaming reached 11.7 million people (who at least watched a second or two) and the TV broadcast alone averaged 4 million viewers. A pretty damn big tribute from a nation that appreciates it's hockey, beer and rock 'n' roll, not necessarily in that order. The band played everything a Hip fan would want including 3 encores. It must have incredible to watch and beyond amazing to be there! A review of the show is found at the CBC website.

Photo credit (CBC)
I was on vacation 8 hours north of where I live and internet and a clear radio station are not dependable. I check emails and internet stuff in town, but at the cabin we can't even get one TV station. I missed out on the live broadcast and if I was home I would have taped the concert on the radio, like the good old days of live concert broadcasts on CBC FM. Fortunately, a listener on Dime captured the FM broadcast of the show (with edited DJ) and posted the concert to share. As I write this I am listening to the recording and it sounds amazing! I'm pretty sure the band may release the audio and video of the final show so get this while you can.

This is not my recording so I'll give credit where credit is due. First thanks to the CBC for making this recording possible and thanks so much stevemtl for the recording and allowing this to be shared in lossless format only! (reserve mp3 and other degrades for your own use only.) And DO NOT sell or profit from this recording! (I've left all the music and text files in their original format.) 

The original post on Dimeadozen (download torrent) members only.

Rogers K-Rock Centre
Kingston, ON, Canada
August 20, 2016   

01.  -applause-
02.  Fifty-Mission Cap
03.  Courage (For Hugh Maclennan)
04.  Wheat Kings
05.  At the Hundredth Meridian
06.  In a World Possessed by the Human Mind
07.  What Blue
08.  Tired As Fuck
09.  -talk-
10.  Machine
11.  -applause-
12.  My Music at Work
13.  Lake Fever
14.  Toronto #4
15.  Putting Down
16.  Twist My Arm
17.  Three Pistols
18.  -talk-
19.  Fiddler's Green
20.  Little Bones  
21.  The Last of the Unplucked Gems
22.  Something On
23.  Poets
24.  Bobcaygeon 
25.  Fireworks
26.  -applause, talk-
27.  New Orleans Is Sinking
28.  Boots or Hearts
29.  Blow at High Dough
30.  -talk, applause-
31.  Nautical Disaster
32.  Scared
33.  Grace, Too
34.  -applause, talk-
35.  Locked in the Trunk of a Car
36.  Gift Shop
37.  Ahead by a Century
38.  -applause-

t11: costume change; thunderstorm sounds and images
t26, 30, 34: encore

Gord Downie - vocals
Paul Langlois - guitar
Rob Baker - guitar
Gord Sinclair - bass
Johnny Fay- drums

Due to the length of the show and large file, I split the file into 2 parts.
TRAGICALLY HIP- 2016-08-20 Kingston, ON FM FLAC. rar (part 1)
TRAGICALLY HIP- 2016-08-20 Kingston, ON FM FLAC. rar (part 2)

Monday, August 08, 2016

Young Fresh Fellows- Lounge Ax, Chicago 1990

When I first began collecting live concert recordings my main focus was Replacements shows. I missed out seeing the band live before they broke up 1991, but my wishes finally came true when I saw them during their semi-reunion tour a couple years ago. A band I equally loved back then was the Young Fresh Fellows who not only inspired me to write this blog (and inspired the name of the blog), but they also topped my list of bands I wanted to get everything they recorded. I believe I have in one form or another most or all YFF studio recordings including 7"ers and rare hard to find tribute tracks. I've only seen the Fellows twice and if money and travel wasn't an issue I would have seen them a lot more live. Much like the Replacements, the Young Fresh Fellows live were unpredictable. but always entertaining, sometimes messy fun. More so than the Replacements, the Fellows were also outstanding musicians who could play any size venue, open for anybody and had the vigor and spirit of an extra talented garage band that will blow your mind.

Back in the days of exchanging traders lists, my top want was always the Fellows and at first they were hard to find, but after connecting with a bunch of generous taper/traders I traded for shows on cassette and my addiction to the Young Fresh Fellows was being satisfied. Thanks to traders I've traded with in the past; Mitch, Eric, Brett, Marc, Mike E, Mike P, Tim and more who sent me Fellows shows through trades.

One of my all time favourite Young Fresh Fellows live recordings is one I got from Mike P, an audience recording from Chicago's, Lounge Ax in 1990. To me this is the quintessential YFF show, a great performance with all the charisma and fun sometimes goofy antics I associate with the Fellows. A nice documentation of the concert and a fine article about the band was written in the Chicago Reader that really makes me wish I could have been there. At least we have this recording to help imagine how amazing this show must have been. I've been meaning to post this show for while, and as the first post of the next decade of TDIT I wanted something special,  it was the ideal choice. Thanks for reading!

(Note: Teenage Dogs In Trouble is on vacation for the next 2 weeks. Lots to post when I get back!)

Lounge Ax
Chicago, IL
September 15, 1990

01. Amy Grant
02. Taco Wagon
03. Picture Book
04. Don't Let The Little Things Get Me Down
05. No One Really Knows
06. Groovy Town
07. My Boyfriend's In Killdozer
08. Sesame Street
09. Middleman Of Time
10. Woman's Prison
11. Rock'n'Roll Pest Control
12. When Things Was Cheap
13. Little Softy
14. Celebration
15. My Friend Ringo
16. Hangout Right
17. 76 Trombones
18. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
19. Young Fresh Fellows Theme
20. Hang On Sloopy
21. She's A Mystery
22. Rotation
23. Whole Lotta Pappy
24. When the Girls Get Here
25. My Sweet Lord
26. Topsy Turvy Theme
27. encore talk---
28. Ain't It Alright
29. Rock Around The Clock
30. Burnin' Love
31. Equator Blues
32. Wipe-Out
33. There's A Kind Of Hush
34. These Boots Are Made For Walking

YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS- 1990-09-15 Lounge Ax, Chicago, IL FLAC. rar

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Now We Are 10! Celebrating 10 Years Of Trouble!!

Still a mess after all these years!
YES, believe it or not, the Teenage Dogs In Trouble music blog is celebrating it's 10th anniversary! The very first blog entry was posted on August 3, 2006. In the first post, I talked about my love for music, about how my life pretty music revolves around listening to, reading about and writing about music. I had grand plans to share "new, random and MUST have CD releases" and though I tried to stay on course I have altered (though only slightly) what I post on the blog. I'm now posting mainly live concert recording that I have recorded myself, or obtained in trades or downloaded elsewhere on the web. My emphasis is less on posting albums or officially released recording for download because in the past I have been warned and threatened with take-down notices from record companies and the DMCA. I have complied with their requests and ask if any artist (or record execs) have an issue with any downloads on this page, please contact me directly. I can be very accommodating. Lots and lots of music blogs (some really GREAT ones) have come and gone in the past ten years (many taken down) and I hope TDIT will be around for another ten years.

Overflowing shelves, time to digitize!
 Since August is such a busy time with me, TDIT will celebrate this milestone throughout this year. Grand plans (hopefully) for a new logo, maybe some buttons and t-shirts or any other merch/swag I can afford sounds like a fun way to share with the followers to this blog. Thanks so much for your support and comments! I promise (this time for real!). I'll post more often and I want to share more live recordings I made back in my early taping days, the 90's. Stay tuned!

To celebrate 10 years, I'm posting a disc I got when I was a Dead Milkmen fan club member to commemorate their first 10 years as a band. Since then they released, Now We Are Twenty and since the Milkmen are still active, they should be releasing something for their 30th or more soon?

Now We Are Ten (1993)

1     Beach Song    
2     Labor Day    
3     Don't Abort That Baby    
4     Girl Hunt    
5     Land Of The Shakers    
6     I Don't Wanna    
7     Milkmen Stomp    
8     Beach Song    
9     Dance With Me    
10     Labor Day    
11     Bitchin' Camaro    
12     Plum Dumb    
13     Swordfish    
14     VCW    
15     Spit Sink    
16     Introductions    
17     Laundromat Song    
18     Filet Of Sole    
19     I Hate Myself    
20     Junkie    
21     Right Wing Pigeons    
22     Dean's Dream    
23     Rastabilly    
24     Takin' Retards To The Zoo    
25     Violent School    
26     Stupid Mary Anne    
27     Surfin' Cow    
28     Shapes Of Things

Tracks 1-4 from "Funky Barn" recorded live at Stephanie Rowley's barn dance in Bedminster, PA October 22, 1983.
Tracks 5-7 from "Death Rides A Pale Cow".
Tracks 8-26 from Dead Milkmen Take The Airwaves live radio broadcast on WXPN-FM on May 6, 1984.
Track 27 from a live radio broadcast on WXPN-FM on February 27, 1987.
Track 28 recorded live at The Trocadero in Philadelphia on June 19, 1992.
Track 29 recorded in Joe's Cold Damp Basement Studio in March 1993.

DEAD MILKMEN- Now We Are Ten FLAC. rar
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