Thursday, December 29, 2016

Baby Astronauts- Strawberry Enema

Almost daily I receive PR promotions and requests for review albums from bands and PR people from labels. The odd time I'll listen, sometimes, but rarely if I think it's of interest to anyone reading this blog, I'll post something about it. Once in a while I'll get requests to repost something where the links are dead or requests of a random album or show. To prove I actually read my emails and comments, I'll try to fill those requests eventually (FYI: better chance I'll read the emails)

I had a request to post the cassette only release of Strawberry Enema from the Baby Astronauts. I hadn't posted this previously, but I mentioned I downloaded it (I do not own the tape) on an old post from 2011 when I posted the Baby Astronauts album, All The Pancakes You Can Eat. I kid you not, I was browsing Discogs yesterday for a vinyl copy of the album. I honestly can't remember what site I downloaded Strawberry from or if it's still up online, but I'm sure it's way out of print. It's a gem, if you enjoyed Pancakes, you'll love this. It's raw and I wish music was this good more often. One note, the rip is a mp3, it's compressed, but probably doesn't affect the sound quality that much anyways.

Strawberry Enema (1985)
Cassette Tape

01. 7-11 Kevin
02. Who Raped Mother Nature
03. Neighborhood Boys
04. I Was A Teenage Space Station
05. Chainsaw Love
06. Devil Cat
07. Otto's Chemical Lounge
08. Someone Else Today
09. Don't Rain On My Charade
10. Summer Vacation (Big Pails Of Gas)
11. Gas Puppet Theme
12. Lumber Jack Sex
13. Ventriloquism

BABY ASTRONAUTS- Strawberry Enema mp3. rar

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Fuse- PTSD Fundraising Concert, Winnipeg, MB November 19, 2016

 Merry Christmas or should I say happy post Boxing Day week! It's been busy times in December leading up to the end of the year with the chaos of the holiday season upon us. Where I live, we had a monster snow storm on Christmas day and I spent several hours on Boxing day shoveling so my neighbors don't think I'm inconsiderate or lazy. Other than that, my past few days have been spent eating turkey leftovers, sitting on the computer and watching crap TV. I'm taking the rest of the week off work, so I'll continue to waste my time eating more leftovers, sitting on the computer and watching lots of hockey. I have been feeling somewhat guilty with all this time on my hands, so it's about time I caught up on posts for this blog.

In my last post, I may or may not said (It's been a while since I read it), November was the first time in over a year since I had been to a real concert. Which means I haven't recorded much or posted any shows I didn't go to. The drought was over in November 2016 with three shows that I attended and recorded. The first was the John Samson concert (see last post) and the second was The Fuse, a local band I pretty much grew up watching as the members were most active in the 80's and 90's in various incarnations. The Hatcher Brothers (Jeff, Don, Paul) and David Briggs began as The Fuse in the late 70's, then became the Six and then, Jeffrey Hatcher And The Big Beat, where they gained much critical acclaim and modest commercial success with their album, Cross Our Hearts in 1987. Between 1993-1996, Jeff co-fronted The Blue Shadows with Billy Cowsill and released two excellent albums. After a long hiatus, the Hatchers and Briggs reformed and released a new album, Getting There From Here in 2010 under the name, Hatcher-Briggs. For their most recent album, Brilliant Sun, the band reverted back to their original name, The Fuse and have performed under that name since.

The Fuse concert on November 19th was the third annual PTSD fundraising concert in memory of Ken Barker. In 2014, Barker lost his battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as the concert honours his memory with a live concert involving family, friends and colleagues and the public as Ken was a lover of music and concerts. The first two fundraisers raised $30,000 for Heroes Are Humans (The Temar Conter Memorial Trust). The Trust provides training to first responders in occupations of high incidence of post-traumatic stress disorder (fire fighters, police, corrections, ambulance etc.). This year some of the proceeds will also be donated to Cvet's Pets, a 100% volunteer run, not for profit organization that helps local Winnipeg animal shelters. The Cvet's Pets Helping Vets Program connects highly trained medical-service dogs with military veterans and first responders diagnosed with PTSD.

Since The Fuse seem to limit their live shows to annual events, this show was a must see. I positioned a spot in the upper mezzanine in the same spot as the Samson show. It provided a nice view above the crowd on the floor, where there was much dancing and socializing, so I was happy I was up because the sound quality was great where I was. The band was tight, the spirit was fun loving and it had the atmosphere of a good old Winnipeg social. A highlight for me was when my friend Hugh (in the white shirt), who organized and put on this concert, got up on stage to introduce the band and "lead" them through The Six classic, Coming To Collect. Amazing job Hugh, your singing and for making this concert happen! The concert is a great listen, the band plays songs from all their eras and the sound is sweet. I'm listening to the live recording as I'm writing this and it brings back nice memories from the show. Please check out the fundraiser websites for more info about PTSD and how you can help.

Please share!
Do NOT sell!
Do NOT convert to mp3, except for personal use.

West End Cultural Centre
Winnipeg, MB
November 19, 2016

Sony ECM-DS70P mic> Tascam DR-07> USB> 16 bit Wav>
Direct Wave MP3 splitter> FLAC> rar file

01. It Rests With Me
02. Out Of Time
03. Satin Sheets
04. If Ever I Should Fall
05. Nowhere At All
06. Cry Wolf
07. She Read My Palm
08. Days Gone By
09. Deliver Me
10. Band Introductions/Coming To Collect
11. Getting There From Here
12. Down To The Earth
13. Never Heard Of Midnight
14. St. Enoch's Road
15. I Believe
16. The Last Ones
17. Man Who Would Be King

Encore 1
18. In My Hour Of Darkness
19. My Elizabeth

Encore 2
20. Promised Land
21. Western Wind

THE FUSE- 2016-11-19 WECC, Winnipeg, MB FLAC Master. rar
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