Thursday, December 29, 2016

Baby Astronauts- Strawberry Enema

Almost daily I receive PR promotions and requests for review albums from bands and PR people from labels. The odd time I'll listen, sometimes, but rarely if I think it's of interest to anyone reading this blog, I'll post something about it. Once in a while I'll get requests to repost something where the links are dead or requests of a random album or show. To prove I actually read my emails and comments, I'll try to fill those requests eventually (FYI: better chance I'll read the emails)

I had a request to post the cassette only release of Strawberry Enema from the Baby Astronauts. I hadn't posted this previously, but I mentioned I downloaded it (I do not own the tape) on an old post from 2011 when I posted the Baby Astronauts album, All The Pancakes You Can Eat. I kid you not, I was browsing Discogs yesterday for a vinyl copy of the album. I honestly can't remember what site I downloaded Strawberry from or if it's still up online, but I'm sure it's way out of print. It's a gem, if you enjoyed Pancakes, you'll love this. It's raw and I wish music was this good more often. One note, the rip is a mp3, it's compressed, but probably doesn't affect the sound quality that much anyways.

Strawberry Enema (1985)
Cassette Tape

01. 7-11 Kevin
02. Who Raped Mother Nature
03. Neighborhood Boys
04. I Was A Teenage Space Station
05. Chainsaw Love
06. Devil Cat
07. Otto's Chemical Lounge
08. Someone Else Today
09. Don't Rain On My Charade
10. Summer Vacation (Big Pails Of Gas)
11. Gas Puppet Theme
12. Lumber Jack Sex
13. Ventriloquism

BABY ASTRONAUTS- Strawberry Enema mp3. rar

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sombrero said...

What a wonderful way to start a New Year in distant Helvetia !

Twin cities bands in the 80's are amongst my favorites all time : Baby Astronauts, Hüsker Dü, the Mats to name a few. All The Pancakes is a classic now.

Thank You very much for that nice K set !

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