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Plumtree- Winter Formal 2000

When bands break up usually it's for good, bad, stupid and financial reasons. Personality clashes, musical differences, martial breakup, going broke and just plain, "run the course" are just some of the reasons. Sometimes members of a band want to explore something else either on their own or with other people. That's why lead singers/songwriters of bands seem to control the destiny of the band and will go solo if they think the rest of the band is dragging him/her down or they want to explore other musical directions or sooth their ego with more attention and accolades to themselves.

None of the above reasons are why Halifax's, Plumtree called it quits in June 2000. Their split was amicable, after a lengthy spring tour across Canada and the U.S. they decided to go their separate ways with Amanda Braden moving to Toronto, Catriona Sturton to Japan, Lynette Gillis to New York, leaving singer/songwriter Carla Gillis in Halifax to embark on a solo career. No rock star tantrums or nasty breakup stories, it was them moving forward with their lives and academic aspirations (while in school the band toured during their school breaks), Carla and Lynette have continued collaborating on many music projects and Catriona is doing the solo thing.

When they broke up: Plumtree's last show was June 30, 2000 at the Marquee Club in Halifax, NS.

Why They Split: (See above) Basically they wanted to discover a world outside of Halifax. Touring with a band is a good way to see the world, but you always seem to end up at home.

Post Breakup: Lynette and Carla have relocated and played in bands in Vancouver (Bontempi) and Toronto (Sister). Amanda lives in Vancouver, while Catriona is in Ottawa pursuing a solo career.

Odds of a reunion: I think pretty good! I wouldn't be surprised if they get together musically for a one-off, but a tour is a long shot, but definitely not out of the question. They are still young and three quarters of them are still active recording and performing. Those three (Carla, Lynette and Cat) did play one song together during a Sister set for the Scott Pilgrim Vol. 6 launch party (the graphic novel, not the movie) in July 2010. The whole band did reunite at the movie premiere in August (see photo), but they didn't perform. Hey, if the Replacements can play three shows, anything is possible! watch a movie only.
In 2000, I had the opportunity to see Plumtree four times. I really wish I saw them on their earlier tours because three of the shows they toured their new record (at the time), This Day Won't Last At All (kind of appropriate now!) the setlists didn't vary too much. The show I'm posting is the first of the four and was before the release of the new record so many of these songs hadn't been heard by many yet. A decent sounding recording on my trusty cassette recorder with the usual crowd chatter, captures the band as an opener for local band, B'ehl's CD release party. It was billed as a Winter Formal because of the large ballroom setting and most people dressed formal (not me, who knew?) and as a bonus the girls in Plumtree wore skirts. I think Carla mentions it's really a rare occasion they dress up, Amanda says it's only the second time they've done it. Plumtree were and remain one of my favourite bands...Very cool show!

Ramada Marborough Skyview Ballroom
Winnipeg, MB
January 27, 2000

Audience Master
Sony mic> Sony Cassette recorder> Maxell XLII cassette>
audio CDR> FreeRip> WAV> FLAC> rar

01.  One-Stop
02.  Scott Pilgrim
03.  Racing Gloves
04.  My My
05.  Thrilled To Be Here
06.  Hello Again
07.  Latitude
08.  Regret
09.  I'm Not Moving
10.  Was That All
11.  You Just Don't Exist

PLUMTREE- 2000-01-27 Ramada Ballroom, Winnipeg, MB, FLAC. rar

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