Friday, June 21, 2024

Nick Lowe- Live At The Burton Cummings Theatre, Winnipeg, MB. June 15, 2024

Better late than never!
Nick Lowe is a performer I had on my "must-see live" before I die list for a long while and had almost gave up hope thinking my only opportunity to see him might include a long car ride or flight to another city. Imagine my surprise when it was announced he would partake on a short tour of Canada with fellow song-smith, Ron Sexsmith. It's funny because I over-heard a guy seated a row behind me telling someone he drove in for the concert from Minneapolis and he had see Lowe many time previously, ha imagine that, Winnipeg has something worth visiting for! 
Anyways, both sets were solo acoustic, which meant it wasn't going to be a rowdy earplugs show or standing throughout. Ron Sexsmith played a solid set with songs from his long (though not nearly as long as Nick!) and respectable career and it's interesting how many songs he's had covered by other artists, Emmylou Harris, Feist, and Nick Lowe to just name a few he played. I've seen Sexsmith before and though he isn't the most exciting performer, he is sincere and he writes some pretty nice songs. Nick was his usual charming self, an interesting and funny storyteller and a pure joy to listen to. I have joined the ranks of the "easy listening" crowd with their polite applause, cushy seats and opportunity for a night out, I felt right at home with an audience where I'm not the oldest in the room. Lowe's set was fairly quiet (you can hear a pin drop during songs), but things started to get more upbeat when Nick brought Ron onto the stage to join him for the latter section of the show for the last five songs. The highlights for me, were the older "hits", Cruel To Be Kind, I Knew The Bride and the show closer, What's So Funny 'Bout (Peace, Love and Understanding) with Ron playing some surprisingly tasty leads on guitar. A thoroughly low-key concert, I'm glad I bought a ticket for. Since I'm been trying to live on a low budget (except my stupidly expensive Jets tickets!), I'm more selective on concerts I can afford or want to pay for. I feel kind bad I missed the Violent Femmes last month, but my rationale for buying Nick Lowe over VFs is because I haven't seen him (I saw the VFs once) and tickets were reasonably priced. Interesting to note, I actually bought a first row in the middle (balcony) seat the day after tickets went on sale. There were lots of empty seats in the first balcony, only the first three rows were filled and some scattered in the lower-priced upper section. Clearly, this wasn't a top draw as there was a 25% off sale in the weeks leading up to the show.

The opportunity to tape (record) the show was too good to pass up. Getting through security was a breeze, as there was no airport style-metal detectors, bag checks, wanding or pat-downs, as it was anticipated to be tame crowd. My seats were perfect, unobstructed view and no one in front of me to block the sound. Extra bonus was that the couple to the left of me didn't return after the intermission, so I was able to get some extra armrest action and no worries about them talking. Talking was to the minimum, so it was ideal. I always worry that security would get excited with audio recorders, but seriously, so many people pull out their phones constantly taking photos and recording videos. In fact three seats over from me someone recorded almost the whole show on their phone. There was a ledge in front of us, but they still had to lean it and hold it sturdy for over an hour. That's more work than I'd be committed to. Good for them, hope the video turned out good. The sound quality is pretty decent, my only regret was I should have set the volume levels higher, as it was a quiet show, so of course the audience applause is so much louder than the music. I considered boosting the volume with Audacity, but I didn't want the crowd to clip too loudly or use compression which might have altered the sound. The first song is too quiet, but I increased the levels for the rest of the recording and sounds nice. I didn't record Ron's opening set because of a post from one of his earlier shows that got removed by the request of someone from his camp (if you want to hear that show, PM me), so I don't need the potential hassle. Anyways, enough technical jargon...listen to the concert!
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Burton Cummings Theatre
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
June 15, 2024
AUD Master

Sony ECM-DS70P mic> Tascam DR-07> SD card > 16 bit Wav>
Direct Wave MP3 splitter> FLAC

01. Stoplight Roses
02. 12 Step Program
03. Long Limbed Girl
04. Lately I've Let Things Slide
05. I Live On A Battlefield
06. Rome Wasn't Built In A Day
07. Lay It On Me Baby
08. Heartbreaker (Bee Gees cover)
09. Somebody Cares For Me
10. Love Starvation
11. The Beast In Me
12. Trombone
13. Indian Queens
14. Without Love
15. Where's My Everything? *
16. Cruel To Be Kind *
17. I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock 'n' Roll) *

18. My Baby's Gone (Louvin Brothers cover) *
19. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding *

* With Ron Sexsmith

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Rockpile- The Park West, Chicago 1978


Tonight, for the first time I'm seeing Nick Lowe live! It's hard to believe he hasn't played Winnipeg, though he came close several years ago at the Winnipeg Folk Festival (which technically is outside of Winnipeg), but I prefer the confines of an indoor concert venue to properly see and hear a performer. I've spent the past week "concert cramming", meaning I've listened to everything Lowe has recorded in his long illustrious career that spanned from the late 60's when he joined, Kippington Lodge (which later became Brinsley Schwarz), through his Rockpile days, right up to his current solo albums, which include his collaboration with Los Straitjackets. I have pretty much all his releases up to 1988's. Pinker And Prouder Than Previous, so I was somewhat surprised how many more albums he released since 1990. Admittingly, they're all good and worth a listen, with a mature, older Lowe switching gears slightly, but still has the energy and spark to keep touring and making new music. The show I'm seeing will be Nick and his guitar solo, i would have preferred to see his with Los Straitjackets, but I should just be happy he's playing. He's joined by Canadian singer-songwriter, Ron Sexsmith, who I've seen a couple of times, so it should be a good solid concert, though I'm expecting a mellow, seated show, which I'm fine with. I have a prime seat, first row balcony which will not only be perfect sight-lines, but also it should produce a excellent sounding recording (fingers crossed security looks the other way!). If it all works out, I'll be posting a review/live recording of the show soon!
To get in the mood, I'm posting a vintage Rockpile live show from 1978. It's a great sounding broadcast and the lads are smoking hot! This would be circa, Jesus Of Cool (Pure Pop For Now People)/Tracks On Wax 4).
Please do NOT sell or profit from this recording!
Do NOT convert to lossy formats, except for personal use.
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(billed as: Dave Edmunds Rockpile featuring Nick Lowe)
The Park West
Chicago IL.
November 12th, 1978

Late Show
WXRT Unconcert FM Broadcast
R.J.P. Reel to Reel Master
Transferred and Presented By Krw_co


1 Bobby Skafish WXRT intro
2 Down Down Down
3 So It Goes
4 I Knew The Bride
5 Deborah
6 Trouble Boys
7 I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass
8 You'll Never Get Me Up In One Of Those
9 Bye Bye Johnny
10 Love So Fine
11 Here Comes The Weekend
12 The Promised Land
13 I Hear You Knocking
14 They Call It Rock
15 JuJu Man
16 Heart Of The City
17 Let's Talk
18 WXRT outro
Dave Edmunds guitar vocals piano organ
Nick Lowe bass vocals
Billy Bremner guitar vocals
Terry Williams drums

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

The Replacements- Lake Compounce, Bristol, CT 1989

It's not often I hear a live Replacements soundboard recording I haven't heard before and in this case, I have heard it before. Recently, someone posted on Dime the soundboard recording from a Mats show when they opened up for Tom Petty back in 1989. The sound is excellent and the set is complete (they were the opening set, so short), and if the date and setlist sounds familiar, it's because the show appears on the live compilation (unofficial aka: boot), Shit, Shower and Shave. Actually, the recording below is NOT sourced from Shit, Shower..., but it does sound similar, though the version below includes a few extra seconds at the beginning with Paul and Tommy talking to the crowd before Talent Show. Anyways, this is a must-hear show, not only is the sound quality amazing, the performance is fantastic, especially rare during the Petty tour and the band plays it pretty straight throughout. Which means no drunkenness, sloppy playing and a good solid later era setlist. Very enjoyable!

Please do NOT sell or profit from this recording!
Do NOT convert to lossy formats, except for personal use.
Please share!
The Replacements
Lake Compounce, 
Bristol, Ct.
August 31, 1989
(Opening act for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

The Recording:
Low generation soundboard recording from sound engineer's archive

The Set List:
01 Talent Show
02 Around and Around
03 The Ledge
04 Can't Hardly Wait
05 September Gurls
06 Another Girl, Another Planet
07 Within Your Reach
08 Left of the Dial
09 Alex Chilton
10 Nightclub Jitters
11 I'll Be You
12 Bastards of Young
The Performers:
Paul Westerberg        guitar, lead vocals
Tommy Stinson        bass, vocals
Chris Mars        drums, vocals
Slim Dunlop        guitar, vocals

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