Saturday, November 04, 2023

Nick Lowe- Live At El Mocambo, 1978


 Yeah, it's been awhile since I posted last and since that time it feels like we've passed through two seasons. There's snow on the ground where I am and we're into November already, so I thought I better get back to posting and catch up! I listened to a whole bunch of shows that seem interesting, some that peaked my interest for whatever reason, including a couple of bands celebrating significant anniversaries of landmark albums that are worth exploring, but more on that in upcoming posts. 

Something that caught my attention was a post on Dime with a live recording of Nick Lowe from the same concert as Elvis Costello's, Live At The El Mocambo promo/bootleg (that was later officially released) from March 6, 1978. The Elvis portion of the concert was a radio broadcast live on CHUM-FM, so the recording was good and in theory the Lowe portion was probably from the same recording, but not broadcast. During the concert when Costello returned for the encore, he introduced Nick Lowe as the "special guest" and Lowe and the Attractions launched into the mini 4 (3) song set. This was followed by Costello performing the encore (that was included on Costello's LP). What I have below is from a rare 7" EP promo released by CBS (not my copy!), that was only available in Canada and wasn't sold in stores. If you can find a copy of this collectible, it's a keeper, as it's supposedly worth a few bucks. If you're a fan of Lowe (or Costello), this is worth a listen and a neat companion piece to Elvis Costello's, Live at the El Mocambo.

Please do NOT sell or profit from this recording!
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Live at the El Mocambo
March 6, 1978

Promo 7">cdr>eac

1.  Nutted By Reality (first verse)/ I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass
2.  Shake and Pop
3.  Heart of the City
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