Saturday, December 22, 2012

Green On Red- Spin Radio Concert 1985

Continuing on my stroll through the 80's, here's a rare radio promotional issue of Spin Radio's live concert series featuring, Green On Red. If you can your mitts on the original double vinyl, it's worth a pretty penny. Nice sounding radio broadcast quality with a live concert recording from the I-Beam in San Francisco along with interview segments with Dan Stuart from Green On Red. This is the band circa, Gas Food Lodging/No Free Lunch (my favourite G on R era!) when Chuck Prophet joined the band. Complete with commercials, this is pretty cool, get this!

"Spin Radio Concert Series"
San Francisco, CA
FM broadcast

01. show intro/
02. /show intro
03. Hair Of The Dog
04. Down To The Bone> interview
05. Apartment 6> interview
06. commercial
07. interview
08. The Drifter> Sympathy For The Devil
09. interview
10. Funny How Time Slips Away
11. commercial
12. interview
13. Thats What Dreams Were Made For
14. This I Know
15. Fading Away
16. commercial
17. interview
18. Snake Bit
19. interview> Easy Way Out
20. interview> Brave Generation
21. commercial
22. interview> No Free Lunch
23. interview
24. show outro

GREEN ON RED- 1985 Spin Magazine Concert Series FLAC. rar

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Del-Lords- Tower Theatre 1986

Been extremely busy during this holiday season, not really having time to reflect on any holidays, at least not yet and will be glad when this time of year is less stressful. Once Christmas comes and goes, I'm taking some time off from work between Christmas and New Years and I assure you the posts on this blog will be much more frequent.

Speaking of stressful, the people of the U.S. East coast are still rebuilding and trying to piece back their lives after Hurricane Sandy wrecked it's havoc a few months back. A benefit concert was held on 12-12-12 at Madison Square Gardens in New York City, appearing were some of the biggest British names in "classic rock", The Stones, The Who, Eric Clapton, Roger Waters and Sir Paul McCartney. Local representation included Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Alicia Keys and Billy Joel. I could have put together a further list of cool (not so old and "classic") bands from the New York/Jersey region that would rival the old rockers that I would have paid $$ to see, bands like Yo La Tengo, The Feelies, Fountains Of Wayne, They Might Be Giants, The Figgs, Candy Hearts, Sonic Youth (?) and maybe even an old-timer like, Lou Reed (p.s. all these artists have been featured at TDIT!).

One of my favourite NYC bands in the 80's were The Del-Lords that was founded by Scott Kempner formerly of the "near" legendary, Dictators. The Del-Lords released four studio albums and are set to release their first full length record in 22 years. Back in February 2010, they played their first live gigs in 20 years and the new record will complete the comeback. If you missed them the first time I have a great sounding FM broadcast from 1986 after the release of their second album, Johnny Comes Marching Home. Brings back a lot of great memories!

Tower Theater
Philadelphia PA
May 3, 1986

01. Heaven
02. True Love
03. St. Jake
04. Burning in the Flame of love
05. Soldier's Home
06. Love Lies Dying
07. Dream Come True
08. Johnny 99
09  How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times & Live
10. I Play the Drums

DEL LORDS- 1986-05-03, Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, PA FLAC. rar

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