Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Modern Lovers- Unreleased Demos

It's hard to believe the Modern Lovers formed almost 44 years ago. Though they formed in 1970 and performed and recorded until they're breakup in 1974, the band's debut album wasn't released until 1976. In fact, the Modern Lovers album was a compilation of demo tracks recorded years earlier with the original band while Jonathan Richman formed a completely different version of the band and debuted the album, Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, also in 1976. It's kind of strange Richman abandoned the rock-art sound of the Lovers for a quieter mellower sound. The Modern Lovers album would go on to be one of the most influential and classic albums of the 70's. Richman's career would take on a more low-key approach with a still strong cult following (except for some commercial exposure with appearance and songs in variety of Farrelly Brothers films) right up until present.

Autographed ticket stub
It's been awhile since I've seen Jonathan Richman live, I last saw him in 1999 in Fargo (see photo) and at least three previous times in Winnipeg. I'm going to the show tomorrow, don't know quite what to expect, I haven't listened to any of his most recent recording at least for over 10 years, so hopefully he'll play some of his older "hits". More later, I hope to have something to post from the show. Stay tuned!

The unreleased demos I'm posting I downloaded from Dime years ago. Thanks to the original poster! I included the info file which details the recording session history of these tracks. I real find for a real fan of the Modern Lovers!

Unreleased Studio Demos 

1.  Ride Down on the Highway  --  Intermedia Demos
2.  Such Loneliness  --  John Cale demos
3.  Girlfriend  --  John Cale demos
4.  Hospital  --  Dinky Dawson demos
5.  Astral Plane (false start)  --  Dinky Dawson demos
6.  Modern World --  Kim Fowley LP sessions
7.  Fly into the Mystery --  Kim Fowley LP sessions
8.  Hospital  --  Kim Fowley LP sessions
9.  A Plea for Tenderness --  Kim Fowley LP sessions
10. Dignified and Old --  Probably Kim Fowley LP sessions
11. New England Summer Song (instrumental) -- unknown source

MODERN LOVERS- Unreleased Demos FLAC. rar

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