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Bob Mould- Rock for Karl Benefit: Quest Club, Minneapolis 2004

Here's another set from the Rock for Karl benefit in 2004, with former Husker Du co-founder, Bob Mould, who performed a solo set. He played songs from his solo records as well as songs from his band's, Sugar and the aforementioned, Husker Du. One of the highlights of the show and definitely the most talked about surprise of the night was the appearance of Grant Hart (of Husker Du) during the final two songs of Mould's set. As far as I know, this was the first on-stage appearance for the two together since Husker Du's last show, December 11, 1987 and sadly it was the last. There was speculated "bad blood" since the split, so this reunion was most unexpected and exciting for Husker fans. It was a moment I would have liked to be there for since I'm a big fan (and still am) of the Minneapolis band, but at least someone captured this live audio recording. The recording sounds good, with the usual audience chatter, but it doesn't distract too much from the concert. It's also a treat to hear Mould in a small venue, as well as his playing in his hometown where he still has a huge fan base. A must-hear for Husker Du fans!

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Quest Club
Minneapolis, MN
October 21, 2004
Rock For Karl Benefit

solo electric set
audience recording

01. Intro <tuning>
02. Your Favorite Thing
03. Egoverride
04. If I Can't Change Your Mind
05. <thanks>
06. Circles
07. Paralyzed
08. Chartered Trips
09. Celebrated Summer
10. Celebrated Summer (cont'd)
11. <tuning>
12. Never Talking To You Again
13. Hardly Getting Over It

tracks 12 & 13 with Grant Hart- guitar, vocals

Saturday, December 03, 2022

Gear Daddies- Rock For Karl Benefit 2004

In May 2004, Karl Mueller, bass player with Minneapolis band, Soul Asylum was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. A benefit concert, Rock for Karl was held to help with the medical bills and it brought out an all-star line-up of Minnesota area bands and musicians that was held at the Quest Club in Minneapolis on October 21, 2004. Bands/musicians included the Gear Daddies, Golden Smog, Paul Westerberg, Bob Mould and of course, Soul Asylum. As a big fan of all of these bands/musicians, this would have been a dream concert for me to attend, but unfortunately I didn't make it to the Twin Cities, but the next best thing, someone recorded the show! I've been sitting on these performances from all these bands since it was posted on Dime in 2004 and I have yet to post any of the shows, until now. I was reminded I had these live recordings when I was searching through my boxes of live discs for something unrelated, but I pulled them out for a future post. This month, Golden Smog (an acoustic version) is opening for the Jayhawks in the Twin Cities, so it's an ideal time to post. Though Paul Westerberg has paused (or retired?) from performing, the other groups are still active in some capacity, so go out and support the Gear Daddies, Bob Mould, Soul Asylum and Golden Smog, if you have the chance! Sadly, Karl passed away June 17, 2005.

First up is the Gear Daddies set from the benefit concert. Though the Daddies hailed from Austin, MN, they've been an integral part of the Twin Cities music scene for almost 40 years and continue to reunite for live shows. They haven't released a new album since the 90's, but front guy, Martin Zellar has been consistently releasing new material with his band, The Hardways. The Gear Daddies perform an excellent set of some of their best known songs and it's a bonus to hear the band live. The sound quality is good, with limited crowd chatter. I'll post the other band's sets soon, stay tuned!

Please do NOT sell or profit from this recording!
Do NOT convert to lossy formats, except for personal use
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Quest Club
Minneapolis, MN
October 21, 2004
Rock For Karl Benefit

Audience recording

01. Intro
02. Cut Me Off
03. Blues Mary
04. Stupid Boy
05. Heavy Metal Boys
06. Drank So Much
07. She's Happy
08. Don't Look At Me
09. Strength
10. Color Of Her Eyes
11. Time Heals

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