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Juliana Hatfield- Live At Q Division Studios, March 2021: How To Walk Away Album


 For the fourth concert in her live album series, Juliana Hatfield chose to perform the album, How To Walk Away in it's entirety. It was her eighth solo album that was released in 2008 and is an interesting choice taken from her mid-solo career when she moved away from releasing records on major record labels, but chose to release it on her own independent label, Ye Old Records. This is her second solo studio album on Ye Old and the record is lusher and more full sounding than I originally remember it. It was a solid follow-up to her fantastic, Made In China album 3 years earlier. I didn't realize it until she mentioned it during the stream, that the album was recorded at (the late) Adam Schlesinger's studio, Stratosphere Sound. Makes sense, since Jody Porter (from Fountains of Wayne) plays guitar on the album.
  • Juliana begins The Fact Remains (track 1), stops during the song, but eventually finishes it. She is unhappy with the performance and redoes the song.
  • She plays both acoustic and electric guitar during the show. I've noted what tracks she plays electric on (e).
  • During the "encore" section, she performs two songs from her upcoming album, Blood. Some tasty, upbeat songs, Torture and Mouthful of Blood, sounds like a concept album perhaps?
  • Other highlights include a cover of Led Zeppelin's, Rock and Roll (from her covers album, Juliana Hatfield), On Your Mind from an album with Frank Smith, Sittin' In A Tree and a Some Girls song, The Prettiest Girl.

 The live recording, as usual, sounds perfect! I had a problem recording live because halfway through my internet started to lag and freeze constantly, so I had to stop recording. Fortunately, the video is up for two weeks after the live performance, so I had to record from that. I don't know if it affects the quality of the sound or if it's still considered lossless, but to my ears, it sounds the same. Looking forward to the next album live stream!
I have a signed poster (still hung on my wall!) and CD for this album.

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The video performance is still up on YouTube (only for another week, April 3)!
Q Division Studios
 Somerville, MA
Live Stream
March 20, 2021
How To Walk Away album (solo acoustic/electric)

01. The Fact Remains
02. The Fact Remains (re-do)
03. Shining On
04. This Lonely Love (e)
05. My Baby (e)
06. Just Lust (e)
07. Now I'm Gone (e)
08. Remember November
09. So Alone
10. Such A Beautiful Girl
11. Law Of Nature
12. Torture
13. Mouthful Of Blood
14. Away Again (June 6)?
15. Rock and Roll
16. The Prettiest Girl
17. On Your Mind
18. <talk>
Tracks 1-11: How To Walk Away Album
Juliana plays acoustic guitar except: (e)= electric guitar

Monday, March 15, 2021

Kathleen Edwards- UK interview 2003

Back at the beginning of the year (January 1, to be exact), someone on the Kathleen Edwards Fans page on Facebook posted a link to an eBay auction selling an interview cassette of Kathleen Edwards recorded in 2003. The poster suggested there must be a die-hard fan that would want this unique item and hinted maybe Kathleen herself would want it. Long story short, I bought the item and with shipping it cost the equivalent of about $20 cdn, so it wasn't a huge gamble. Just over a month later the cassette arrived (it shipped from the UK) and it took me another couple weeks to have a listen. I directly transferred the recording to my digital recorder as I listened and despite the typical cassette hum it sounded good. One problem was that almost all the sound was to one channel, which I fixed after the transfer to produce a listenable mono recording (see below). 
The interview is fascinating, it is a raw interview with just the interviewer and Kathleen and is clearly intended for a written publication, as opposed to a radio interview. The sounds from the street (cars, sirens etc.) are audible, (probably the window was open) and it's a candid interview discussing her new album, Failer and other interesting subjects. This interview cassette was from the collection of a journalist for "The Face" and "Arena" magazines UK based style, culture and music magazines. Later, he was a correspondent for the "Sunday Times". Unfortunately, I do not know the name of the journalist or where this interview ended up appearing, if at all. If anyone has a clue or any further information, please let me know. Shortly after listening to this tape about a month ago, I attempted to reach out to Kathleen (through Instagram) regarding this recording. I was hoping she might provide more insight, more details surrounding the circumstances and the exact date of the interview. (I'm still waiting for a response) I'm guessing the date is sometime around May 7th (?) since she was touring the UK around this time and playing London on the 7th and in the interview she mentions playing on the Late Night With David Letterman TV show earlier in the year (January 17), so we know it's the right year. 
On the cassette tape, the audio was all to one channel (L). I used Audacity to convert the poor "stereo" to mono so the sound was equal on both channels and amplified the volume to compensate. A much more pleasant listening experience! I don't usually post audio interviews, but Kathleen Edwards is a favourite of mine and I find this piece of nostalgia offers added insight into her early career and it is worth sharing with her fans and the readers of the blog.

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UK Interview
May 2003 (?)

Cassette tape> Aiwa tape deck> Tascam DR-07> wav>
Audacity> Wave track splitter> FLAC> rar

01. Lucinda Williams comparisons
02. Springsteen
03. Dedicated to Grandma
04. Tea
05. Writing Songs
06. Serving Tables
07. Cowboy Junkies/Blue Rodeo
08. Big Break
09. Band
10. TV Appearances
11. Relationships
12. Radio Play
13. Drinking
14. Publishing Company
15. Traveling Childhood
16. Violin
17. Violin 2 (after tape flip)
18. Listening To Music
19. Irish
20. Canadian Artists

The recording is divided up into subject segments for easy access. This is an interview, there is no music.

KATHLEEN EDWARDS- 2003 Interview UK FLAC. rar

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Wilco- The "Last" Concert Revisited- 2020

As you're probably aware, this week marks the one year anniversary when the world changed. You can interpret this whatever way you want (I don't want to get political), but there is no doubt things changed. Today marks the one year anniversary of WHO's official declaration of COVID-19 pandemic. It also marks the day the NBA put a hold on their regular season and the NHL's Jets played their last game (in Edmonton). This evening a year ago I was attended what would be the last music concert I've attended live. Wilco was playing at the Centennial Concert Hall and this would be the band's last show, the next day the rest of their tour was postponed, then later cancelled. Even at the concert, things felt different, a little uneasy with the news swirling about the pandemic throughout the days leading up to the show, we were lucky the show went on. There was casual joking references to "social distancing" during the show and never could imagine it was so serious. In today's Winnipeg Free Press (*) some of the writers share their stories of the last show they attended before the lock-down, Many were at this same show I was at. They also shared some of their most memorable concerts they had attended (good idea for another post!), so the reminiscing of the lack of live music continues and really highlights how important live music is in people's lives. 
(*) You may need to be signed in to the Winnipeg Free Press website to read these articles. I took photos of the newspaper articles and posted them on the TDIT Facebook page. Interesting read.
I posted a write up and the live recording of the show, (Wilco- Live In Winnipeg March 11, 2020) so I'll spare you a repeat of the details of the evening, but as an encore I am re-posting the link so you can relive the show and fantasize of when we can do this again, at least in this scale of a full-blown concert experience. We can only hope!

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Centennial Concert Hall
Winnipeg, MB
March 11, 2020
AUD Master

Row 7 middle
Sony ECM-DS70P mic> Tascam DR-07> SD card > 16 bit Wav>
Direct Wave MP3 splitter> FLAC> rar file

01. Bright Leaves
02. Before Us
03. Company In My Back
04. Can't Stand It
05. One and a Half Stars
06. Handshake Drugs
07. War On War
08. Hummingbird
09. Via Chicago
10. How to Fight Loneliness
11. Laminated Cat (aka Not For The Season)
12. Random Name Generator
13. Reservations
14. Impossible Germany
15. Love Is Everywhere (Beware)
16. Box Full of Letters
17. Passenger Side
18. Everyone Hides
19. Theologians
20. I'm the Man Who Loves You
21. Hold Me Anyway
22. The Late Greats

23. California Stars
24. Red Eyed and Blue
25. I Got You (At the End of the Century)
26. Outtasite (Outta Mind)


Saturday, March 06, 2021

Juliana Hatfield- Live At Q Division Studios, February 2021: Only Everything Album


In the her third online concert, Juliana Hatfield changed it up slightly by plugging in and playing solo electric for her performance of the album, Only Everything. Since the album was known for it's louder electric sound, it seemed appropriate that Juliana wanted to replicate the sound complete with searing guitar solos with the help of a loop pedal. For the most part it worked, after she coordinated the loop function and had to re-start an early song (Universal Heart-Beat), otherwise it was great to hear her rocking out for most of the set. The performance of the full album set was followed by some bonus tracks of a Police cover (in French), a teaser of Dinosaur Jr's, Raisans, Yardsailing from the Universal Heart-Beat ep single and Everybody Loves Me But You from her first solo album, Hey Babe.
Juliana with a copy of her soon to be released album, Blood. Release date, May 14, 2021
The recording from this live stream as usual sounds great. There is a benefit playing in a recording studio with professional sound staff instead of a home setup like so many live stream concerts, because the sound quality is flawless. I assume Juliana will continue this concert setup at least in the near future and if she's comfortable with it, why not? The plan sounds like more album shows and during the "talk" segment after the music she solicited more album suggestions. I threw in a couple suggestions, a Blake Babies set and an all-covers (not limited to the Police of ONJ). It doesn't really matter what album she plays next, I'm happy either way and just fortunate this has become a regular event. Looking forward to the next concert, I'll keep you posted when.
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Q Division Studios
Somerville, MA
Live Stream
February 21, 2021
Only Everything album (solo electric)

01. What A Life
02. Fleur De Lys
03. Universal Heart-Beat
04. Dumb Fun
05. Live On Tomorrow
06. Dying Proof
07. Bottles And Flowers
08. Outsider
09. Ok Ok
10. Congratulations
11. Hang Down From Heaven
12. My Darling
13. Simplicity Is Beautiful
14. You Blues

15. Hungry For You (Police cover)
16. Raisans (portion- Dinosaur Jr. cover)
17. Yardsailing (UHB b-side)
18. Everybody Loves Me But You
19. talk

Only Everything album: tracks 1-14

Saturday, February 27, 2021

New York Dolls- Montreal 1974: R.I.P. Sylvain Sylvain

There are few bands that have been as influential and important in the early punk scene in the early 70's. The first New York Dolls album debuted in 1973 to mixed reviews, in a Creem Magazine poll, they were elected the best and worst new band. Their look and musical style were all over the place, some called them proto-punk, they were basically a hard rock band with heavy metal, punk, glam and girl group influences mixed together for an original sound. Their glam look with spandex and platform boots set them apart, at the time, but their sound (to me) was like a sleazier (if that's possible), Rolling Stones. David Johansen definitely had a "Jagger"-thing happening and Johnny Thunders as the Keith Richards, with a sound not dissimilar to the Stones. Unfortunately, some good things don't last as the band only released two original albums during their original 1971-76 run, but the music from the members of the band continued with solo projects. Thunders left to form The Heartbreakers with drummer, Jerry Nolan, Johansen formed the David Johansen group and released many solo albums including reinventing himself with his Buster Poindexter alter-ego and Sylvain Sylvain had a solo career, and performing with others including the reunited New York Dolls in the 2000's.

On January 13th of this year, sadly Sylvain Sylvain passed away after a battle with cancer, he was 69. With his death, David Johansen remains the only living member of the original New York Dolls and though another New York Dolls incarnation may not be in the near future, the Dolls music is still prominently significant today.

I don't have many NY Dolls live recordings, so when I saw this one posted on Dime in tribute to Sylvain Sylvain, I jumped at the chance. It's an excellent sounding recording taken from a radio broadcast in Montreal and the post includes a newspaper review about the concert (included in the download folder), a photo and the ad for the show. This recording is too good not to share and it's proof the New York Dolls were a great live band. Too bad (according to the article) the turnout was so small, if they knew then what they know now, it should have been packed! Thank you to the person that recorded this concert off the radio, thanks to the original poster on Dime and to Borzage who re-seeded the post after Sylvain's death. A must-hear for any New York Dolls fans!

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Palais du Commerce 
Montréal, QC
September 27, 1974
FM Broadcast

01 Lookin for a kiss
02 Mystery Girls
03 Something else
04 Pills
05 A Great Big Kiss
06 Subway Train
07 It's too late
08 Trash
09 Bad Girl
10 Chatterbox
11 Puss n Boots
12 Stranded In The Jungle(cut)

Broadcast by CKVL 96.9 FM radio on 28-Sep-74
(With Peter Jordan on bass, instead of Arthur and Buddy Bowser on saxophone)

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The Jayhawks- All "Covers" Show- Minneapolis 2021

In this weird topsy turvy world we're living in, I haven't been to a live concert in almost a year. I've had other dry spells in recent years, but I've had the choice to attend or not. Now, at least here in Canada, gathering of people is still a non-starter and my guess is that it will still be a while before I can see a band or any type of live performer in the foreseeable future. Musicians have had to be creative to continue to make a living playing music and finding a venue for their performances have moved for the most part online. The last concert I personally recorded was the Wilco show last March a day or so before they cancelled the rest of their tour. It's funny because in the days and weeks leading up to the concert, I was considering cutting back on recording and taking the time to actually listen and enjoy shows without the worry of capturing a good recording. I haven't taken this approach in decades now because I was always worried I would "miss" some great moment I would regret missing. Now that there are no concerts to attend, I do miss the adrenaline of the live show and the reward of a great sounding souvenir. Enter the concept of live streaming concerts where bands can perform remotely from their home, recording studio or a stage in a cafe or club without a live crowd present, performing to an online audience. The quality of these performances have greatly varied, but they are rapidly improving and it's been worth checking out. Some are free, some you can donate what you want, while others you need to purchase tickets to view these live events. I have watched some shows from each category and while the performances have been generally good, the sterile atmosphere without an audience takes away that interaction, connection and excitement a live concert generates. This is similar to watching live sports (hockey comes to mind) without the crowds, it definitely loses something even with the fake crowd noise and flashing lights, it has become a made-for-TV event.

There are many pros to the online live streaming concerts to consider. You don't even have to leave your house (or apartment), you can eat and drink what you want during the show, you can wear what you want without considering the weather outside (hot or cold) and the comfort of sitting on your couch or desk chair is surely an upgrade from sitting or standing some distance from the stage. You don't have to feel crowded and squished while attending and as a taper, the worry of talkers, slammers or general ass-holes at the show sometimes makes attending a show an unpleasant experience. I stress a lot taping shows, on the lookout for bouncers and security, adjusting sound levels and pressing the right buttons in the dark and timing bathroom breaks (the balance of drinking vs not drinking during a concert). Location of the the seats or on the floor are also an important factors for getting a decent recording and since I'm height restricted (short), I often can barely see the stage, so it's much easier in the comfort of
home. While watching these live streams I've decided to put my recorder to good use and I'm inputting the audio directly into the recorder. Though the sound quality has been great, it hasn't been without flaws and glitches on my end with internet lag issues and me clicking the wrong buttons. The previously posted Juliana Hatfield streams sound fantastic, not without some issues that don't take away too much from the recording. The Jayhawks and front-man, Gary Louris have been streaming live shows throughout the pandemic and the latest group show was in January with an all-covers concert. The band performed many covers I've never heard them play and clearly many songs in the set they were still learning (sheet music), as well as a couple that have been known to be in a Jayhawks set (Driving Wheel, Revolution Blues). A very interesting, loose fun show (some false starts) with everyone in the band taking lead vocals, a refreshing take on these covers and I'm sure many of these songs will appear in future Jayhawks shows.

  • As mentioned earlier, there are glitches in this recording most obviously during the first track (Different Drum) where there are a couple of gaps of silence. Apparently, I clicked the screen when I was increasing the volume and it either paused or muted the audio for 10-15 seconds (twice!). I would have rerecorded the song if video was still up, but because of licensing issues it is no longer available. If anyone has a clean copy of the song, please DM me.
  • A pleasant reoccurring appearance from sometimes Hawk/Smogger, Kraig Johnson on several songs and lead vocals on Revolution Blues, a Neil Young cover he sings with Golden Smog.
  • Jim from the Facebook The Jayhawks Fan Page posted the setlist with the original artist and in bold, who sang lead vocals.  (The setlist posted at the bottom of the page will be in the text file in the download.)
    1. “Different drum” – Mike Nesmith 1964, also covered by Linda Ronstadt/Stone Poneys [GARY]
    2. “The End of the World” – Arthur Kent and Sylvia Dee song, first made popular by Herman Hermits, also covered by: Skeeter Davis, Brenda Lee, Carpenters [KAREN]
    3. “Couldn’t I Just Tell You” – Todd Rundgren 1972 [GARY]
    4. “She Sold Blackpool Rock,” Honeybus (1960s pop group) [TIM]
    5. “This Will be our year” - Zombies [GARY]
    6. “King of Hearts” – Lucinda Williams (from Happy Woman Blues) [KAREN]
    7. “Someone Who Cares” - The Only Ones [MARC]
    8. “What the Hell I Got” - Michel Pagliaro [TIM]
    9. “You Tore Me Down” - Flamin’ Groovies [GARY]
    10. “To Sir with love” – LuLu 1967 [KAREN]
    11. “I Don’t Want” - Sir Douglas Quintet [GARY]
    12. "Driving Wheel" a song written by British-born Canadian folk singer David Wiffen, popularized by Roger McGuinn, Tom Rush, The Cowboy Junkies, David Bromberg (appears on the Jayhawks “Live at the Women’s Club 1 CD) [TIM]
    13. “A Salty Dog” - Procol Harum 1969 [GARY]
    14. "We Have All The Time In The World" – Louis Armstrong [KAREN]
    15. “Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)” - Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel (glam rock, later covered by Duran Duran and Suzi Quatro) 1974 [GARY]
    16. “Satellite of Love” - Lou Reed, (from “Transformer,” produced by David Bowie, Mick Ronson, later covered and made a hit by U2) 1972 [MARC]
    17. “Got To Get Out of Here” - Badfinger (from “Wish You Were Here”) 1974 [TIM]
    18. “Here Comes Your Man” - The Pixies [GARY]
    19. “Revolution Blues” - Neil Young [KRAIG]
  • Since the video is no longer available, I don't know about the logistics of posting the audio of the show. This whole live stream concert etiquette is still somewhat new, so if there is any objection to posting this show, either the band or management label people, please let me know. 


Please do NOT sell or profit from this recording! 
Do NOT convert to lossy formats, except for personal use.
Please share!

Slamhammer Production Facility
Minneapolis, MN.
January 10, 2021
Live Stream
All covers show!

01. Different Drum (G)
02. End Of The World (K)
03. Couldn't I Just Tell You (G)
04. She Sold Blackpool Rock (T)
05. This Will Be Our Year (G)
06. King Of Hearts (K)
07. Someone Who Cares (M)
08. What The Hell I Got (T)
09. You Tore Me Down (G)
10. To Sir With Love (K)
11. I Don't Want (G)
12. Driving Wheel (T)
13. A Salty Dog (G)
14. We Have All The Time In The World (K)
15. Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) (G)
16. Satellite Of Love (M)
17. Got to Get Out Of Here (T)
18. Here Comes Your Man (G)
19. Revolution Blues (KJ)

Gary Louris- guitar, vocals (G- lead vocal)
Marc Perlman- bass, guitar, vocals (M- lead vocal)
Karen Grotberg- piano, vocals (K- lead vocal)
Tim O'Reagon- drums, guitar, vocals (T- lead vocal)
Kraig Johnson- guitar, bass, vocals (KJ- lead vocal)

Friday, January 29, 2021

Juliana Hatfield- Live At Q Division Studios, January 2021: Bed Album

Juliana Hatfield continued her series of solo acoustic concerts live streamed online with a performance last Saturday of her album, Bed. The album was originally released in 1998, after the fiasco of God's Foot, a still unreleased album Juliana recorded in 1996 and intended for release in 1997. Bed was a stripped down record that didn't incorporate digital effects and according to Juliana, "It sounds as raw as I felt. It has no pretty sheen. The mistakes and unattractive parts were left in, not erased. Just like my career. Just like life." I bought Bed on CD years ago and after re-listening to it last week, it really is one of her better albums and probably her most under-appreciated album. It is a solidly raw rocking record, so I wondering how it would translate to an all acoustic performance. It turned out just fine, Juliana's performance was far more confident than her previous "album" show (Become What You Are) and her guitar work was excellent, pounding out power chords and energetically transformed these songs to a different level, plus she only played the album once (see last show). I love the album and the acoustic version is a very fine compliment to the songs. I highly recommend you listen to both back-to back to compare. Juliana rounded out the set with some bonus tracks, including Waves (from a compilation. Volume 13:The Lucky Issue), As If Your Life Depended On It (from the Please Do Not Disturb EP) and Staying In (from Weird).

  • Juliana said she would like to perform an album a month. Next month, she plans to play the Only Everything album in it's entirety, from 1995. I am especially interested in this show because this was the album that introduced me to her music. The only time I have had the pleasure of seeing her live was when she came to town touring this album (1995). This just might be her most "successful" record and possibly her best-seller (?) and I still love this album, arguably my favourite Juliana album.
  • Her next album is called, Blood followed by another all-covers record. She continued to receive suggestions of who she should cover next during the Q and A session at the end of the set, like she did last time. American Laundromat Records is taking presale orders, as well as for signed copies, test pressings, special vinyl colours and VIP bundles for the new album. Release date is May 14th.
  • Listen to the first single off Blood, Mouthful Of Blood. Song sounds great! Hopefully she'll perform it next live stream?
  • The sound quality of the stream is excellent, the vocals and guitar are balanced perfectly. I recorded this "live on the fly" with a direct output to a digital recorder. Not sure if the re-broadcast audio would be as lossless as the original livestream. Unfortunately, there are a couple issues probably due to laggy internet as there a few audio glitches in the sound. Particularly, tracks 1 and 5, but it doesn't affect the enjoyment of the music too much. I will upgrade my internet speed before next month! 
  • As of this writing, the video of the performance is still posted on YouTube. Watch it while you can! You can still donate here.
  • Juliana showed off the needlepoint guitar case her mother made for her. Very sweet and amazing detail. Nice!!

Please do NOT sell or profit from this recording!
Do NOT convert to lossy formats (except for personal use)
Please share! 

Q Division Studios
Somerville, MA
Live Stream
January 23, 2021
Bed album (acoustic)

01. Down On Me
02. I Want To Want You
03. Swan Song
04. Sneaking Around
05. Backseat
06. Live It Up
07. You Are The Camera
08. Running Out
09. Bad Day
10. Let's Blow it All

11. Waves
12. As If Your Life Depended On It
13. Staying In
14. talk (Q & A)
15. more talk

Tracks 1-10: BED album in it's entirety
Tracks 1-14: will fit on one CD (I split the Q & A talking so you can exclude track 15 so it will fit perfectly on a 80 minute disc, if you are burning)

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