Thursday, November 18, 2021

Juliana Hatfield & Band- Live At The Bridge Sound And Stage, October 2021


The last time Juliana Hatfield performed a livestream concert was back in June when she was gearing up for an upcoming tour with her band beginning in August on a bill with Soul Asylum and Local H. The tour went ahead, but without Juliana and her band, who dropped out only days before the first show of the tour. Apparently, there was an illness within the band (the drummer) leading up to the tour and they decided they didn't want to risk the possibility of further safety and health issues if they went ahead. The concerts would have still be great and I considered seeing a show because of her, but it wasn't to be. Besides, the US/Canada border was still closed at the time of the tour, so I saved a lot more disappointment if I had bought tickets.

The good news for fans is that the latest livestream concert (the video is still up on YouTube as of this writing) features Juliana and the band she was suppose to tour with. Her trio sounds tight and upbeat and their presence really adds a fresh energetic boost to her music. The setlist touches on different eras of her career, but it isn't a "greatest hits" set, as it includes material from her most recent album, Blood and a song each from her Olivia Newton-John and Police cover albums. An excellent sounding set and the performance is well worth the time! Stay tuned for the next livestream and/or more live dates.

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The Bridge Sound And Stage
Cambridge, MA
October 20, 2021
Livestream Soundboard

01. Bottles And Flowers
02. Necessito
03. Nightmary
04. Lost Ship
05. My Sister
06. Had A Dream
07. God Bless America
08. Daniel
09. A Little More Love
10. Touch You Again
11. Hospital
12. Mouthful Of Blood
13. Hole In My Life
14. Wonder Why
15. Chunks
16. Or So They Say
17. Dead Weight
18. All Right, Yeah
19. Everything's For Sale
20. talk
21. talk (more)

note: If you're burning to cdr, tracks 1-20 are under 80 minutes, omit track 21.

Juliana Hatfield- guitar/vocals
Mike Oram- bass
Chris Anzalone- drums


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