Saturday, December 22, 2012

Green On Red- Spin Radio Concert 1985

Continuing on my stroll through the 80's, here's a rare radio promotional issue of Spin Radio's live concert series featuring, Green On Red. If you can your mitts on the original double vinyl, it's worth a pretty penny. Nice sounding radio broadcast quality with a live concert recording from the I-Beam in San Francisco along with interview segments with Dan Stuart from Green On Red. This is the band circa, Gas Food Lodging/No Free Lunch (my favourite G on R era!) when Chuck Prophet joined the band. Complete with commercials, this is pretty cool, get this!

"Spin Radio Concert Series"
San Francisco, CA
FM broadcast

01. show intro/
02. /show intro
03. Hair Of The Dog
04. Down To The Bone> interview
05. Apartment 6> interview
06. commercial
07. interview
08. The Drifter> Sympathy For The Devil
09. interview
10. Funny How Time Slips Away
11. commercial
12. interview
13. Thats What Dreams Were Made For
14. This I Know
15. Fading Away
16. commercial
17. interview
18. Snake Bit
19. interview> Easy Way Out
20. interview> Brave Generation
21. commercial
22. interview> No Free Lunch
23. interview
24. show outro

GREEN ON RED- 1985 Spin Magazine Concert Series FLAC. rar

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Del-Lords- Tower Theatre 1986

Been extremely busy during this holiday season, not really having time to reflect on any holidays, at least not yet and will be glad when this time of year is less stressful. Once Christmas comes and goes, I'm taking some time off from work between Christmas and New Years and I assure you the posts on this blog will be much more frequent.

Speaking of stressful, the people of the U.S. East coast are still rebuilding and trying to piece back their lives after Hurricane Sandy wrecked it's havoc a few months back. A benefit concert was held on 12-12-12 at Madison Square Gardens in New York City, appearing were some of the biggest British names in "classic rock", The Stones, The Who, Eric Clapton, Roger Waters and Sir Paul McCartney. Local representation included Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Alicia Keys and Billy Joel. I could have put together a further list of cool (not so old and "classic") bands from the New York/Jersey region that would rival the old rockers that I would have paid $$ to see, bands like Yo La Tengo, The Feelies, Fountains Of Wayne, They Might Be Giants, The Figgs, Candy Hearts, Sonic Youth (?) and maybe even an old-timer like, Lou Reed (p.s. all these artists have been featured at TDIT!).

One of my favourite NYC bands in the 80's were The Del-Lords that was founded by Scott Kempner formerly of the "near" legendary, Dictators. The Del-Lords released four studio albums and are set to release their first full length record in 22 years. Back in February 2010, they played their first live gigs in 20 years and the new record will complete the comeback. If you missed them the first time I have a great sounding FM broadcast from 1986 after the release of their second album, Johnny Comes Marching Home. Brings back a lot of great memories!

Tower Theater
Philadelphia PA
May 3, 1986

01. Heaven
02. True Love
03. St. Jake
04. Burning in the Flame of love
05. Soldier's Home
06. Love Lies Dying
07. Dream Come True
08. Johnny 99
09  How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times & Live
10. I Play the Drums

DEL LORDS- 1986-05-03, Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, PA FLAC. rar

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

True Believers- 2002 Reunion Show

photo by Jason Perry
After posting the Beat Farmers show last week, I had a request for some True Believers, a band Alejandro Escovedo formed in 1982, in Austin, Texas. Escovedo was previously in the Nuns and played in Rank and File before inviting his brother, Javier to form the True Believers. The band released their self-titled album in 1986 and recorded a follow-up in 1987 that was pulled by their label two weeks before it was to ship. The unreleased record along with the first album was included in a retrospective of the band in 1994, called Hard Road. This is a fine collection of a band that deserved a much better fate. If their label had released the second album in 1987, who knows, we might have been able to enjoy the True Believers more often than their occasional reunion shows, regardless, their influence is undeniable.

I'm sure how many times the True Believers have reunited, but I do know they did a perform a mini-4 song set during Alejandro Escovedo's concert at SXSW in 2010 and the show I'm posting today. The 2002 reunion is a full length set with many cool covers (Velvet Underground 3 times!) and highlights from their two albums. The performance is inspired and the quality of this soundboard recording is excellent! This is a must listen for any fans of this band and Alejandro Escovedo and if your curious of this near-legendary band, buy Hard Road, then have a listen to this show...amazing!

Continential Club
Austin, TX
April 3, 2002
Reunion gig!


01. She's Got
02. Rebel Kind
03. All Mixed Up Again
04. Please Don't Fade Away
05. Home
06. Just Like Tom Thumb Blues (Dylan)
07. Wild Eyed And Wound Up
08. Foggy Notion (V.U.)
09. Train Round The Bend (V.U.)
10. I Wanna Be Your Dog (Stooges)
11. Lucky Moon
12. One Moment To Another
13. 20th Century Boy (T.Rex)

01. Who Calls My Name
02. Nobody's Home
03. I Get Excited
04. So Blue About You
05. Rain Won't Help You When It's Over
06. Hard Road
07. Tell Her
08. Sweet Jane (V.U.)

Alejandro Escovedo- guitar
Javier Escovedo- guitar
Jon Dee Graham- pedal steel
Denny Degorio- bass
Hector Munoz- drums

TRUE BELIEVERS- 2002-04-03 FLAC. rar (disc 1)
TRUE BELIEVERS- 2002-04-03 FLAC. rar (disc 2)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Johnny Thunders- Sticks And Stones: The Lost Album

I've probably had more requests for Johnny Thunders (and the Heartbreakers) than anyone else and it prompted me to flip through boxes to find more and in doing so found this nice recording that I don't remember listening to much. It features some previously unheard studio recordings Thunders made around 1990, a year before his untimely death. The songs are interesting and worth a listen if only to hear that Johnny was interested in possibly putting out a future album around this time. The songs are heartfelt and show a depth that he hadn't shown in a while and it's a treat to hear what could have been. This collection was released as, Sticks and Stones with bonus material which includes an undated concert with some ex-Dolls, as well as four acoustic songs recorded in 1982. Unfortunately, the version I'm posting doesn't include the four songs from 82 and I'm not quite sure why. I downloaded this file from Dime years ago, so either the poster didn't include them because they were officially released (are they the same versions as on Hurt Me?) or this was compiled before this bootleg was released or their source just didn't include those tracks. Either way this is well worth a listen and it's release is one of the better posthumous Johnny Thunders collections. And yes, I did find more Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers shows in the boxes...stay tuned!

Sticks & Stones: The Lost Album (2009)

Tracks 1-8 Studio Demos
01. Help The Homeless
02. Disappointed
03. Children Are People
04. Night Lives
05. Glory, Glory
06. Familiarity Breeds Contempt
07. Some Hearts
08. Tell The Truth

Tracks 9-19 "The Night Of The Living Dead"
Live concert at Max's Kansas City (with David Johansen, Sylvain Sylvain and Peter Perrett)
09. Ask Me No Questions/Wizard
10. Pipline
11. (I'm Not) Your Stepping Stone
12. Great Big Kiss
13. The 10 Commandments Of Love
14. These Boots Are Made For Walking
15. Like A Rolling Stone
16. Endless Party
17. Pills
18. Hootchie Coochie Man
19. Personality Crisis

JOHNNY THUNDERS- Sticks And Stones. rar

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Beat Farmers- China Club 1986

Hey, it's Saturday night and if you need something to spice up your party, here's a great rockin' concert from 1986. This show was from around the time I first heard the Beat Farmers, first hearing the first album, Tales Of The New West and then buying, Van Go. What caught my attention was a couple of really good covers, There She Goes Again (Velvet Underground) and Powerfinger (Neil Young) from the first two albums. Both records received heavy rotation on my turntable at the time and their catchy country-rock sound led me to listen to other similar-named and sounding bands, Beat Rodeo, Blue Rodeo and later the Blue Shadows. They also turned me onto bands such as the Long Ryders, The Blasters, Jason and the Scorchers and E-I-E-I-O. Yes, the mid-eighties was a good time for country-esque college rock and even today listen to these bands quite often.

I never saw the Beat Farmers live, but from I've read and heard they were an amazing live band. The next best thing is this live recording which was a radio broadcast so it boasts outstanding sound as the band plows through this set of circa, Van Go and pre-Pursuit of Happiness songs. Loud and plowed excellent soundtrack for Saturday night!

China Club, NYC, NY
September 30, 1986

WNEW-FM Broadcast

01. Death Train
02. There She Goes Again
03. This Broken Heart Of Mine
04. Ridin
05. Deceiver
06. The Future Today
07. Lonesome Bunny Call
08. Happy Boy
09. Big Ugly Wheels
10. Bigger Stones
11. Powderfinger
12. Selfish Heart
13. Texas
14. Beat Generation
15. Be Here By Me
16. Reason To Believe
17. God Is Here Tonight
18. Riverside
19. California Kid
20. Revenuer Man

BEAT FARMERS- 1986-09-30 China Club, NYC FLAC. rar

Monday, November 12, 2012

Rock For Democracy 2004

photo by Mockstar
 I didn't quite time this properly, the U.S. election was last week and this concert actually took place back in 2004 when George W. Bush was running for re-election against John Kerry. Leading up to that election a series of Rock for Democracy benefit concerts were held to gather up supporters to get rid of Bush. One such show took place in Minneapolis with a who's who of Twin Cities bands lending their support for this worthy cause.

Bands that night were: The Flops, Iffy, Honeydogs, Jessy Greene, David Poe, Kraig Johnson & The Program, Dana Thompson, Sideways, Ike Reilly Assassination, Martin Devaney, The Jayhawks, Golden Smog and Dave Pirner and Dan Murphy from Soul Asylum. A review of the show can be found here and a song by song analysis of the Jayhawks and Golden Smog sets can be found here.

I'm not sure if the other bands were recorded, but fortunately someone did capture the Dave and Dan, Jayhawks and Golden Smog sets and posted it on Dime after the concert in 04. The sets are short, but sweet and one of the highlights has to be when a guy interrupted the Jayhawks during the start of their first song to loudly encourage voters to vote out Bush (click the second link above to read more) because his brother's being sent to Iraq. The Golden Smog set sounds fun with a bunch of covers and a couple of false starts. Even Dave Pirner joined the band for some songs. I didn't hear about as many similar concerts this election compared to 2004 and 2008, except for the usual Bruce Springsteen tour to boost Obama's profile. Unfortunately, the American people had to put up with Republican related concerts with the likes of Kid Rock, Meatloaf and pretty much every country singer/band in the States...yikes!
Yay, 4 more years!

First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
July 18, 2004

AUD recording

Dave Pirner and Dan Murphy of Soul Asylum
01. Intro
02. Black Gold
03. Crazy Mixed Up World
04. Lately
05. Outro

The Jayhawks (Gary Louris/Marc Perlman/Tim O'Reagan/Karen Grotberg)
06. Intro
07. One Man's Problem (aborted due to audience member climbing onstage)
08. One Man's Problem
09. Pray For Me
10. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother (Tim-lead vocal)
11. Tailspin
12. Outro

Golden Smog (Gary Louris/Marc Perlman/Dan Murphy/Kraig Johnson/Peter Anderson)
13. intro
14. Starman (Gary- lead vocal)
15. That's When I Reach For My Revolver (Dan-lead vocal)
16. Powderfinger (Kraig-lead vocal)
17. Do Anything You Wanna Do (Dan-lead vocal)
18. The Dream Is Never Over (false starts) (Gary and Dave-lead vocals)
19. The Dream Is Never Over (Gary and Dave Pirner-lead vocals)
20. I'm Eighteen (false starts) (Dave- lead vocal)
21. I'm Eighteen (Dave- lead vocal)
22. Shooting Star (Dave-lead vocal)
23. Outro

ROCK FOR DEMOCRACY 2004-07-18 First Avenue, Mpls, MN FLAC. rar

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Mary Lou Lord- CBC 1998

On this blog I try to post music that is hard to find, out of print or live recordings that I have recorded or in most cases shows I've downloaded or received in a trade. I have on occasion received copyright infringement take down warnings which I have abided by and respected and I have been careful not to post anything that could jeopardize this blog's existence. In the past year, many excellent blogs (many with large readership) have fallen by the waste side either from being banned and locked out of their online storage that links to the music or taken down by Blogger or whatever platform they use. Often they are reported by a band, a record label or music copyright owner. In the past year, I have removed links to albums from the Volcano Suns, the Crust Brothers and Best Kissers In the World (because it was finally being officially released, buy it here!) As I have stated in the past, please contact me if you would like a link removed or if I haven't given credit where credit is due, thanks!

I was recently informed by reader DW that the Mary Lou Lord EP that I posted a while back is still in print and suggested it wasn't appropriate to offer a download for it. This is the type of feedback I seek and in this case I assumed the CD wasn't still available and after a quick Internet search for the EP/CD I still couldn't find physical CD's for sale (please correct me if I'm wrong), but it is available as a digital download on iTunes and Amazon. In the future when I post an album I will double check that it isn't available for sale (except for eBay etc...), especially if the artist will be deprived of a sale. I do have some vinyl LP's I would like to post in the near future, so from now on I will be more careful with what I post. With this in mind, I will remove the links for the MLL EP and possibly the unreleased Neil Young album, Chrome Dreams (which has caused grief for some ex-blogs in the past) in the next 24 hours.

Here's a radio broadcast from the good ol' CBC on a show that aired on Saturday nights called, Radiosonic that featured live concerts and "in-studio" sessions and sometimes an interview. I sourced a lot of good recordings from this program that I captured on my tape deck or gretto-blaster-type cassette player/recorder. I am in the process of transferring other concerts from tape to digital. This might have been my first exposure to MLL and she instantly appealed to me not only because I loved the songs, but because she's such a sweet and unpretentious performer. I have to warn you I didn't get great reception on my radio and there is some static. My fault, as I was trying to fine tune to the station better, otherwise it's a great mini-set of fine tunes.

CBC Studio
Toronto, ON
May 20, 1998
FM Master
FM> cassette> wav> FLAC> rar

01. Intro
02. She Had You
03. Book
04. That Kind Of Girl
05. His N.D. World
06. I Figured You Out

MARY LOU LORD- 1998-05-20, CBC, Toronto FLAC. rar

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Fastbacks- San Francisco 2011

Here's a show that I thought would be appropriate to post this week. It took place in San Francisco just over a year ago, another rare reunion show for The Fastbacks since they disbanded in 2002 when they played their last show at (the same venue) The Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco. On Sunday (28th), the city of San Fran celebrated the Giants who won the World Series. As well, fellow blog(ger) (from my corner of the world), Music Ruined My Life has been posting some live and studio Fastbacks this past week (and earlier). A reader from this blog commented they had attended this show, so in case they or anyone hasn't heard it yet, here's the recording that someone upped to Dime last year.

photo by Yokokikuchi
It's a nice sounding show, the band still sounds pretty good and gives me hope that I might be able to see them live in the future. Kurt's been busy lately with some Fellows gigs as well as in Peter Buck's new band, Richard M. Nixon. Thanks to whoever recorded and originally posted this show (let me know so I can give due credit) on Dime.

October 29, 2011
Bottom of the Hill
San Francisco, CA

AK40 >> LC3 >> KM100 >> R-09 >> WAV @ 24bit/44.1KHz
Adobe Audition 3.0 >> Ozone 4 VST >> stereo image >> loudness maximizer >> dither to 16 bit (MBIT+ algorithm)

01 Kurt Bloch banter
02 Out Of The Charts > No Information (@1:08)
03 In The Summer
04 Apologies
05 Trouble Sleeping
06 On Your Hands > Went For A Swim (@2:38) > Old Address Of The Unknown (@4:29)
07 Like Today
08 Goodbye, Bird > It's Your Birthday (@2:44)
09 Stay At Home
10 Gone To The Moon
11 They Don't Care > K Street (@2:21)
12 I Was Stolen > 2:45 of banter/applause
13 Come On, Come On [Cheap Trick]
14 In America
15 One More Hour > Set Me Free [Sweet] (@2:39)

THE FASTBACKS- 2011-10-29 FLAC. rar

Friday, October 26, 2012

Propagandhi- Gilman St. 1995

Last Friday and Saturday night, Winnipeg's West End Cultural Centre celebrated it's 25th anniversary with a pair of shows featuring several prominent Manitoba performers. On Saturday, over a dozen performers took the stage to play covers by other Manitoba singers or bands. The sold out show on Friday night featured local punk icons, Propagandhi who kicked off the celebrations with their usual brand of intense hardcore punk/thrash/metal-core sound. The WECC has seen a wide array of acts over the years, everything from rock to country, folk and punk, practically every style of music and since it's not a bar often shows are all-ages, offering kids, adults and old people a place to watch and listen to music. The venue is a comfortable size (300-350-ish?), the sound is always good and the semi-recently renovated lobby makes for a clean and friendly venue to see a concert. It ranks up there as my favourite live music venue in the city.

Recently, I've been transferring some of my live shows on cassette to the computer, so I thought it would be good timing to share an early Propagandhi show from Gilman St. in Berkeley from 1995. I received this tape back in my tape trading days in the early-late 90's, but I noticed recently it might have been the same show as a bootleg that was released in 1999, titled, Curse of The MTV Punks. I'm almost positive I had this cassette a few years before the bootleg came out. The sound is great, probably a soundboard recording and the show is intense with the band at their confrontational best.

both photos by Chris Bellew

Here are the reasons this recording is essential to any Propagandhi or Winnipeg music fan:
  • John K. Samson (pre-Weakerthans) is in the band and plays bass. This is the earliest live recording I have of Samson who leaves the band in 1996 to form the Weakerthans. This recording is historic for this reason alone, but also gives us a listen to one of the songs he penned, Gifts with Samson on lead vocals. It's apparent that Samson's songs didn't really fit the sound and musical direction of Propagandhi and these musical differences are what prompted Samson to split from the band.
  • The crowd baiting and political rants by the band are met with much hostility with fans spitting and screaming at the band. They even allow members of the audience to participate in an "open mike" to vent their hate and anger towards the band. I must admit despite the threats and craziness, the members of Propagandhi (mainly Chris Hannah) hold it together, they push the envelope, but don't let it get out of hand. Man, these guys are brave, cocky as hell, and they get their message out to their audience (fans) without any compromise...gotta admire them. There's more talk, than rock, but it's entertaining and at times scary!
In the most recent issue of Exclaim magazine (a free giveaway paper in Canada), there's an excellent "timeline" article about Propagandhi. The story tracks the band year by year from their forming in 1986 to the present with the release of their new album, Failed States. A well written, detailed article with much information I didn't know. Read it here @

Gilman St.
Berkeley, CA
June 17, 1995

(tranferred from my cassette copy)

01. Apparently, I'm A P.C. Fascist
02. Nailing Descartes To The Wall (Liquid meat is murder)
03. ...And We Thought That Nation-States Were A Bad Idea
04. Less Talk, More Rock
05. Middle Finger Response
06. Resisting Tyrannical Government (It's dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it)
07. Gifts / open mike
08. America Rules
09. Stick The Fucking Flag Up Your Goddamn Ass, You Sonofabitch
10. Mutual Friend

PROPAGANDHI- 1995-06-17 Gilman St. FLAC. rar

Monday, October 22, 2012

Figgs- Maxwell's 2004

photo credit: Danny Clinch

Sorry for the dead-air on the blog, been busy recently with meetings and committees and all that other jazz. Another excuse (good one) is that I've brought my comic collection back home from my parent's basement where it's been stored since I was in my teens. I have safely stored the top valued books at my place for the past few years, but the task of hauling the rest of the collection wasn't high on my priorities. Last week I purchased new bags/backings and cardboard storage books to re-bag the books before cataloguing the titles and conditions. Yes, I was (and still am) a comic book collector and though I have periodically checked their value, I'm now fully realizing this is a good solid collection. I bought new issues in the mid-70's, but maybe a third of the collection is from pre-1970 including many Marvel, DC's, Gold Keys and EC's. Right now, I'm only halfway through the Marvels and if any comic book geeks care, I'll give an update in a couple of weeks. Fun fun!

Of course, this blog's focus is on music and I'm in the process of transferring some of my live concert cassettes to digital format for downloading. I'll start with shorter shows and concerts I've been meaning to transfer for years. I guess I could ask for requests, but you probably don't know what I have. I'll slowly start posting some later this week and let me know what you think.

Today's post, I randomly chose from the hard drive, though I meant to post it a few weeks back. It's a great sounding show from the Figgs home state at Maxwells, but I can't remember where I got the recording, it might have been Soulseek? I have always thought of the Figgs as the quintessential American rock 'n' roll band. They are known by many as the backing band for Graham Parker and Tommy Stinson, but they can definitely hold their own with their deep and prolific discography. Underappreciated and underrated perhaps?  I love the Figgs!

(One word of warning, it's in mp3 format (not FLAC), so it's suitable for playback on your computer or portable device, but please don't sell it or trade it as a uncompressed version.)

Hoboken, NJ
March 19, 2004


01. Start Credits
02. I Bought Kicks
03. No One Here But You
04. Simon Simone
05. Slow Charm
06. Sit & Shake
07. The Trench
08. Ginger
09. Shut
10. Stood Up!
11. Point A Finger
12. Longing For You
13. Attack TCA
14. Je T'Adore
15. Do The Bounce
16. Embrace The Train
17. Running In Place
18. Dance Lesson
19. Somethings Wrong
20. One Hit Wonder
21. Said Enough
22. Wait On Your Shoulder
23. Not Involved
24. If Thats What You Want
25. Fucks Off
26. Metal Detector
27. Static
28. Closing Night

Figgs- 2004-03-19 Maxwells. rar

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Young Fresh Fellows- Gag Fah

Do our fans wish to repeatedly examine our barf? Our forgotten secrecies, guilty pleasures, full-scale embarrassments? What many groups would bury deep in a closet, the Young Fresh Fellows for some questionable reason revel in revealing. The fact that there are those who will find this type of aural portrait at all interesting, or entertaining, or hilarious, or fascinating--and not actually be a member of the band--is still a thrilling mystery to us. Others will find our humble gathering of mishaps tedious, technically insulting, pathetic, and incredibly self-indulgent, not to mention over-priced. This is volume one.
Again we thank you--The Young Fresh Fellows.

Not exactly a sales pitch, but this is portion of the liner notes inside this "fans only" cassette-only release of Gag Fah. If you're a fan or familiar with the band this is a real treat. A fun, not to be taken "too seriously" tape woven together with live tracks, unreleased demos, covers and jokes. I bought my copy directly from the band back in the day (1991-ish?) and it remains one of my favourite Young Fresh Fellow rarities. One suggestion for the band, how about a volume two? Gag Fah draws from material from 1984-1990 and I'm sure there wouldn't be a shortage of material from the past 22 years. (Also someone left a message in the comments section inquiring about the Fabulous Sounds demos, "Big Pile Of Happiness". Anyone know about these or heard them...or have them?)

Sorry for the delay for posting Gag Fah. I have the cassette, but a while ago a friend gave me a ripped CD of the tape (and they might have been mp3's) and I hoped to use that (yes, I am lazy sometimes), but unfortunately there was annoying 3 second gaps between the tracks built into the end of each track. On the tape the tracks flow into each other or are cut off. I tried to correct it with a track splitter, but they didn't line up exactly and still sounded glitchy. I ended up doing a fresh rip of the tape and manually splitting the tracks so there are no gaps just like the tape. It sounds much better! (let me know if it doesn't!)

Gag Fah

(cassette only release)

    GAG (side A)
    1. This Is Gonna Be A Great Show (1:14)
    2. Gus Theme (1:58)
    3. Boy-Girl (1:41)
    4. Ted, Woody and Junior (2:35)
    5. I Lose Control (2:43)
    6. Time Flies (0:21)
    7. Calendar Girl (1:19)
    8. We Are the Salesmen (2:42)
    9. Watching Scotty Grow (2:43)
    10. Evil Ways (1:35)
    11. Earthbound (1:33)
    12. Leather Taxidermy (0:33)
    13. Sittin' 'Round Doin' Nothin' (2:08)
    14. She's So Far Out She's In (2:45)
    15. The Bittersweet Beluga (4:03)

    FAH (side B)
    16. Lookin' Good (2:52)
    17. Scott, Nobleman of Edenbrook Forest (1:18)
    18. Highway 94 (1:53)
    19. Lovely Is The Life (2:22)
    20. The Family Gun (2:31)
    21. The Interstellar Rebellion (3:44)
    22. Rock Around the Clock (3:07)
    23. "Juiced" (part one) (0:15)
    24. Movin' On (2:29)
    25. "Juiced" (part three) (0:48)
    26. Trek to Stupidity (3:19)
    27. Little Brown Jug Twist (5:41)


Thursday, October 04, 2012

Kathleen Edwards- Garrick Centre September 29, 2012

When Kathleen Edwards postponed her show back in April I was sadly disappointed. I saw her at the Winnipeg Folk Festival a couple years back, but sitting in a large field far back from the stage isn't the experience I want to remember Kathleen Edwards by. A few weeks ago, there was a report that she suffered Anaphylactic shock from a wasp sting following a show in Windsor, but fortunately she recovered and didn't have to cancel or postpone any shows. Phew!

An opportunity to see her in a medium/small (indoor) venue, not as an opener, but as a headliner up-close is much more preferred. I probably have more live recordings from her than anyone else, except maybe Wilco and though I sound obsessed I don't feel a urgent need to see her live multiple multiple times. This show filled the bill, I stood dead centre on the floor with a good view of the stage and in the sweet spot for sound, so I was happy. Though I like to complain about the Garrick Centre as being a crappy venue, I must admit it has it's good points. The Garrick is a former movie theatre and it's hall is divided into two sections. The floor (closest to the stage) has had it's seats removed and since it was a theatre the floor slopes up away from the stage. If you can stand the feeling of leaning forward with your feet pushed to front of your shoes, you are treated to a good view because you are elevated on a incline. Beneficial for short people, like myself who have a hard time seeing when tall guys push their way in front of me. The second half of the venue is the seated area (think, movie theatre seating) with one aisle up the middle, usually for the older folks that don't want to stand or care to be close. The sound was better than other shows I've been to there, but it might have been my positioning and there were still signs of that boomy, "big hall sound" because the acoustics in this building are not suited for concerts.

Here are some other thoughts and observations about the concert (I do love point-form!):
  • Interesting to see what type of crowd Kathleen Edwards draws. There seemed to be a lot of "white-hairs" in the crowd especially in the seated section. There wasn't any empty seats up there, while the floor was unusually sparse and not crowded. There was still a good number of college-age kids and middle-agers like me, but there were a lot of old people and the best way to describe it would be a "folk fest" type crowd...which is cool, of course!
  • Before performing Human Touch (Bruce Springsteen cover) together, Jen Grant (opener) walked down the stairs from the back of the hall to the stage giving away copies of a book Kathleen had read and enjoyed called, Above All Things by Tanis Rideout. She got multiple copies from the writer and she was going to give some away during her shows, complete with a trivia question. Cross promotion...?
  • Hockey Skates was performed with only Gord Tough and Jim Bryson on guitars. The trio is touring through the U.S. this month (including Fargo tonight).
  • 8 of the 17 songs performed were from her latest album, Voyageur. Only one song from Back To Me (Back To Me) and four from Failer.
  • During the first encore song, Sidecar, Kathleen and Jim Bryson performed unplugged with one mic for their vocals and 2 acoustic guitars. Though I wasn't standing too far from the stage, on the recording the sound is soft, so crank up the volume for that one song to hear it.
Overall the recording sounds fine and because I wasn't squeezed by people tightly around me, the crowd chatter isn't too bad. I took lots of photos, but as usual I took a lot of blurry ones so the clearest are the ones I'm posting. Generally Kathleen Edwards is cool with live taping so feel free to trade and share the show (NO selling!!). I'll probably post this on Dime soon, but I wanted to share it here first!

Garrick Centre
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
September 29, 2012

Audience master

01. Empty Threat
02. Chameleon/Comedian
03. Asking For Flowers
04. I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory
05. House Full Of Empty Rooms
06. Goodnight, California
07. Going To Hell
08. Hockey Skates
09. Human Touch (w/Jen Grant)
10. Six O'Clock News
11. Back To Me
12. A Soft Place To Land
13. Change The Sheets
14. For The Record

15. Sidecar (w/Jim Bryson) "unplugged"
16. Mercury
17. 12 Bellevue

KATHLEEN EDWARDS- 2012-09-29 FLAC. rar

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Paul Westerberg- My Road Now

Short, but sweet! Thanks to a reader of this blog for informing me that Paul Westerberg has released a new song. My Road Now is streaming all over the net, but whether this is the first of more songs to come or if a album is in the works is unknown. The song is a piano ballad, in the style of Self Defence from Suicaine Gratification. Nothing special, but I still get excited to hear new Westerberg. I realize I can't expect the second coming of the Replacements anytime soon, but I've come to set my expectations to a different level and some Westerberg is better than nothing at all.

He hasn't released a solo recording in two years and through my search to seek info about this single I discovered that he released a couple of songs under the moniker of Mr. F, that was available as a limited edition 7" multi-coloured vinyl (and a bonus digital download of a third song). These songs are sparse sounding and demo quality and in the case of Grandpaboy's Last Stand, a lot of unfocused goofing around.

Paul Westerberg-  My Road Now mp3 (download)

Mr. F 7" (2010)
01. This Machine
02. Foolish Hand Shake
Bonus track: Grandpaboy’s Last Stand

Paul Westerberg- Mr. F 7". rar

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sloan- Is That All I Get?...19 Years Later

 "It's very special night tonight because not only is it Patrick's birthday today, but 19 years ago on this very night, in this very room, I'm not even joking. We played and the show got made in a bootleg..." Chris Murphy announced before launching into the 4th song off Twice Removed, Coax Me. Yes, it was a special night especially if you're a Sloan fan that loved the album, Twice Removed because the band is touring across the country (and the U.S.) performing that album in it's entirety as well as a sampling from their other 9 albums. Since it seems to be trendy and in fashion to perform a whole record (more on that in future posts), the choice of Twice Removed is a clever and popular choice. Before the album was released in 1994, there was talk that their label, Geffen wanted the band to re-record the album citing creative differences in the sound of the record. As a result Geffen didn't promote the release and dropped the band, leaving Twice Removed unpromoted and unheard in many parts of the country. Similar to Wilco's, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot debacle, this album went on to become Sloan's most critically acclaimed record and after the commercial success of their next album, One Chord To Another, fans became aware of what a great record Twice Removed was.

Sloan played two sets, the first was the 12 songs from Twice Removed and the second set was the party set complete with smashing guitars, cake and a birthday singalong for Patrick Pentland's birthday. A couple days earlier on Facebook, the band sent out a request for used guitars (to smash) as a surprise for Patrick. Apparently during the show 19 years ago, Pentland smashed a guitar, so this time one by one band members smashed guitars (and a keytar) on the stage climaxing during their last song of the encore with Pentland destroying a green heavy metal-ish electric guitar (see the photos above and check the videos on the TDIT Facebook page).

Highlights include:
  • The whole first set- What a great album, the songs flow nicely together in sequence and it's nice to hear deeper tracks that they might not perform much live. It's amazing how a band with 4 songwriters/singers can survive all these years without anyone leaving to do a solo album.
  • Sound was somewhat decent considering the Pyramid always suffers from terrible sound. I stood close (just in front of the hanging PA speakers) and I had ringing in my ears days later. Towards the end of the show the sound seemed to get louder (and more painful) and during the last song the sound distorts even on my recording. I actually was surprised how good the recording came out considering.
  • Epic show! The first and second sets added up to over 2 hours. This was my first Sloan show and I'll be back especially if they play One Chord To Another.
Lowlights include:
  • "It's not the band I hate, it's their fans". Not all, but some are sure aggravating! The chatter around me was kept to a minimum and I didn't shoved around too much, but closer to the front some drunken idiots were tossed out for their efforts pushing and moving side to side, not up and down. Is anyone else annoyed with the amount of people that hold up their iPhones or Smartphones in the air to video and take photos? I don't mind when people put their arms in the air to take a couple of photos then go back to watching the show (I do this), but some fans had them waving in my face and the band's continually. At one point (during Unkind) Chris Murphy grabbed a girl's camera/phone or whatever that she kept shoving in his face and he finally batted it out of her hand to the ground. She was quickly escorted out. I've heard that at some shows people hold up their iPads to take photos and hi-def video...this is really getting out of hand!
  • Did I mention my ears were ringing days later? Actually this is my own fault, standing too close. I think I'm getting too old for this. The price you pay to get some decent photos and a clear recording, but it was worth it!
 As I said earlier, the recording turned out better than I expected. The sound is balanced and the vocals are clearer than I remember. The recording sounds a little muffled in parts and that's from turning from being pushed or when I held my arms in the air over the mic to take photos. This would make a nice bootleg sequel to Is That All I Get (19 years later) in case the Sloan crew is interested, (but I'm sure they must have made a better recording). Let me know!

Pyramid Cabaret
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
September 20, 2012

Audience Master

Set 1 (disc 1)- TWICE REMOVED
01. Penpals
02. I Hate My Generation
03. People Of The Sky
04. Coax Me
05. Bells On
06. Loosens
07. Worried Now
08. Shame Shame
09. Deeper Than Beauty
10. Snowsuit Sound
11. Before I Do
12. I Can Feel It

Set 2 (disc 2)
01. Everything You've Done Wrong
02. Who Taught You To Live Like That?
03. Rest Of My Life
04. Unkind
05. Beverly Terrace
06. Shadow Of Love
07. Emergency 911
08. She's Slowing Down Again
09. Something's Wrong
10. Traces
11. Fading Into Obscurity
12. Witch's Wand
13. Good In Everyone
14. The Other Man
15. Poor Boy
16. Money City Maniacs
18. "Happy Birthday Patrick"
19. The Rest Of My Life
20. The Lines You Amend
21. If It Feels Good Do It

SLOAN- 2012-09-20 Winnipeg FLAC. rar (Disc 1)
SLOAN- 2012-09-20 Winnipeg FLAC. rar (Disc 2)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Juliana Hatfield- Sam The Record Man 1993

I had more requests for early Juliana Hatfield and since I've been enjoying her new "covers" album so much, I'll try to post another band show and maybe some Blake Babies as well. Juliana is on tour with the Lemonheads (opening for the Psychedelic Furs) upcoming in October and then Juliana and Evan Dando will be touring Australia in December. Hopefully some fans will be bringing their tape recorders to capture these shows. If I hear of anything, I'll share the shows here or post the links.

I meant to post this show as a tribute to Record Store Day back in April (opting instead for Paul Westerberg) and it's a good "up close" performance inside the legendary Sam The Record Man store in downtown Toronto (close to Dundas Square) which has sadly been closed since 2007. A good sounding audience recording that captures Juliana solo acoustic, circa, the Become What You Are record. A loose and relaxed Juliana plays this in-store and later that evening at Lee's Palace. I'll try to track down that show too.

Juliana Hatfield
Sam the Record Man,
Sept. 27, 1993
Audience recording

01. Intro
02. I Got No Idols
03. Spin the Bottle
04. Here Comes the Pain
05. Big Gay Heart
06. Ugly
07. Nirvana
08. Shovel
09. My Sister

JULIANA HATFIELD- Sam's, Toronto, September 27, 1993 FLAC. rar

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Young Fresh Fellows- Beans and Tolerance

Aka, The Bootleg Album (or Wonderfully Simple, Simply Wonderful) is a self-released rarity the Young Fresh Fellows recorded following the departure of guitarist Chuck Carroll and before Kurt Bloch joined the band. As pictured above (from my vinyl copy), you can see the cover sleeve is plain white and the record has no label. If you look closely you can see the identifying markings on the LP are scratched and hand drawn in, it doesn't get more homemade than this! Along with the Fellows, Hits From The Break Up Album 7" box set, this is one of my prize YFF collectibles. I bought both records through mail order directly from the band in the early 90's and both remain exclusively on vinyl (though some tracks have appeared elsewhere) and very out of print. I believe, B & T was limited to less than 1500 copies. Instead of side A (or 1) and side B (or 2) the sides of the record are identified by "upson" and "downs", musically it's clear which side is more upbeat than the other.

Musically, the sound is raw and spontaneous. Trouser Press describes it as, "Recorded quickly with more enthusiasm than care, the twelve cavalier tunes — most in a gritty and/or psychedelic '60sish vein — add up to a joyous, rock'n'rolling studio party with massed backing vocals, one-take chaos, meandering guitar solos, bum notes and everything else that such great undertakings require. The Fellows even wrote a song in tribute to the Bootleg Album, Ballad Of The Bootleg on their 2009 release, I Think This Is.

I'm posting this by request. I have the original vinyl, but I'm posting a rip from a CD transfer I received in a trade years ago. Yes, I admit it I'm lazy, it's faster than ripping my vinyl. I also have a request for the Gag Fah cassette which I have an original copy. I need to transfer it to digital first as the CD copy I have has the 3 second gaps built into each track (very annoying!), so please be patient I'll get it up soon.

YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS (aka: 3 Young French Fellows 3)
Beans And Tolerance (aka: Wonderfully Simple, Simply Wonderful and the "Bootleg Album")
Released in 1989

01. Rock and Roll Guitars
02. Fruitbasket Blues
03. Vacation Rock
04. NF in Trouble
05. Stop Breathing, You’re Foggin’ Up My Mind
06. Gorilla
07. Shake Your Love
08. Silhouette
09. I Wanna Die in a Woman’s Prison
10. After Eggs
11. Tell It to the Raven
12. Whole Lotta Pappies

YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS- Beans And Tolerance FLAC. rar

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tiger Bell- Cheerleader Punk

Occasionally, I receive emails from bands, DJ's, labels and music PR people offering up samples of songs or notices of upcoming concerts and shows. I usually will read the email, follow the links and listen to the song samples and I may or may not respond to the request. Actually, I feel kind of bad for not replying, but I figure most of these emails are send out to dozens and dozens of blogs and websites hoping for a review or a mention on said blog/sites. If I do respond it means something special has caught my attention and I genuinely enjoy what is being brought to my attention.

A few weeks back I received a message from a band from Stockholm, Sweden called, Tiger Bell. For all you aspiring bands and for future reference, here are some of the reasons to like Tiger Bell:
  • pop-punk all-female bands- Not all, but I will give a listen to most bands in this category. I like fast, melodic, poppy punk, but the key is I have to like the voice. If it's too high pitched or screechy or too manly (I prefer more "girly"), I probably won't listen beyond one song. A little off-key (not too much though) is good and of course attitude is everything, though not too feminine butchy.
  • Bands from Sweden- Actually, I dislike many well-known Swedish bands, Abba, Roxette, Ace Of Base, and The Cardigans. But there are a lot of cool bands such as The Concretes, Shout Out Louds and the Hives, as well. I always appreciate foreign bands that make the effort to sing in English (their website is written partially in Swedish) and I haven't heard of any other all-girl bands from Sweden.
  • Cute- Cute helps a lot, but not essential. I like bands where you see them as individual members, all different with their own personalities, instead of boring lookalikes. That's why I prefer videos when a band is performing (or pretending to play) instead of some artsy off-topic storyline. Of course, seeing a band live is always the best way to know and appreciate a band.
  • Cheerleader-punk!- The band self-describes themselves as cheerleader-punk, how can I not like this band. From their site, "Tiger Bell stands with one foot in pop, one in punk and one in rock (which adds up to a lot of feet) and our music is characterized by the nagging and repeated girly choirs. With high energy, hard work and lots of fun we realized early on that we create music in the same way cheerleaders carry out their sport. Cheerleader-punk was born!" Yeah!
Tiger Bell has only released a 7" vinyl single, "Wanna Wanna/German Boy", you can purchase the single here. You can watch their video for Wanna Wanna here at Vimeo (watch it in HD!). You can also watch the video on the TDIT Facebook page.

And to hear both songs, go to Soundcloud. Watch for a future full-length, hopefully soon.

Sloan- (You Don't Need To) Coax Me

Photos by Corbin Smith/Torontoist

When I returned from vacation an envelope had arrived in the mail with my tickets (I purchased online before I left) to the Sloan show here in mid-September. I'm excited because the band is performing their Twice Removed record in it's entirety and since it's one of their classic albums (and one of my favs), it promises to be a good time. While on vacation to get in the mood, I listened to the album multiple times and it seems to get better every time I hear it. To coincide with the Twice Removed tour, Sloan is reissuing the album in early September in a grand deluxe edition which will feature 3 vinyl LP's (Twice Removed album, demos and outtakes), 7" vinyl single, 32 page booklet, as well as some others goodies and additional exclusive items for pre-orders. Sounds like a real treat for the hardcore fan, but for $90, might be too rich for the casual listener. To pre-order (before September 4th) the Twice Removed Deluxe Edition, visit the Sloan site.

Sloan isn't shy to perform the "album in it's entirety" thing as they performed the One Chord To Another record for a benefit (# see below) in Toronto in 2011. Another great Sloan album that works well live when played in sequence. I downloaded this show from Dime via, an amazing live music blog that features recordings from the Toronto, Canada area. Blogs like this really are a labour of love created and maintained by true music fans that want to share music we would otherwise not be able to enjoy. Please visit and appreciate their sites! Thank you  MFS, hope you don't mind if I re-post this show!

The Great Hall
Toronto, ON Canada

December 21, 2011
"One Chord To Another" Live

00. [introduction by Damian Abraham]
01. The Good In Everyone
02. Nothing Left To Make Me Want To Stay
03. Autobiography
04. Junior Panthers
05. G Turns To D
06. A Side Wins
07. Everything You've Done Wrong
08. Anyone Who's Anyone
09. The Lines You Amend
10. Take The Bench
11. Can't Face Up
12. [banter]
13. 400 Metres
14. [encore break]
15. Snowsuit Sound
16. 500 Up
17. [Damian takes the stage]
18. Nervous Breakdown (Black Flag cover)*
19. [Feist takes the stage]
20. She Says What She Means**

* feat. Damian Abraham (vocals)
** feat. Leslie Feist (guitar)

Recorded by Mechanical Forest Sound

# This show was a benefit for the Barriere Lake Legal Defense Fund (
and COUNTERfit Harm Reduction Services (

SLOAN- 2011-12-21 FLAC. rar

Monday, August 13, 2012

Juliana Hatfield- Live In NYC 1997

Speaking of new releases, I received my digital download for the new Juliana Hatfield album, the Covers Album. Actually, the cover of the album indicates it's self-titled, so officially I'm not sure what it's called, but throughout the Pledgemusic updates it's been referred to as The Covers Album. I haven't listened yet, but there's an interesting selection of cover songs she's chosen. I'm saving my first listen for my road trip and a quick reminder I won't be posting anything new until the last week of August (feel free to check out my past posts). The official release late of the album is August 28th, as one of the benefits of supporting the project on Pledgemusic is the advanced copy of the record. Look for it on iTunes and according to Juliana, it will be a very limited release.

Here's a vintage Juliana Hatfield show from 1997 with her performing solo acoustic. This show was between the releases of Only Everything and Bed and around this time the unreleased record, God's Foot was schedule to be you know it never has been released officially. This is a great sounding audience recording I received in a trade maybe a bit less than 10 years ago and as far as I know hasn't been shared on Dime (or anywhere?).

Knitting Factory
New York City, NY
February 14, 1997

(Audience recording)
solo acoustic

01. Charity
02. Waves
03. Universal Heartbeat
04. What Have I Done To You?
05. My Sister
06. My Darling
07. Nirvana
08. Make It Home
09. Spin The Bottle
10. Blue
11. Fleur De Lys
12. Where Would I Be Without You?
13. Feed Me
14. I Got No Idols
15. Outsider
16. Ugly
17. Take Your Head Off My Shoulder
18. Perfection

JULIANA HATFIELD- 1997-02-14 NYC. rar

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Young Fresh Fellows- Live At The Crocodile Cafe 1997

Mark August 21st on your calender because the Young Fresh Fellows, new album, Tiempo De Lujo hits the street on that date. If you're a fan like I am, there is reason to celebrate, it's only their third album of new material since 2001 and it's great to see them still making music together (when they have off-time from their other projects). It would be wishful thinking to expect a tour besides gigs in the Seattle and the Portland area and of course another jaunt to Spain, but any new material from the Fellows gets me in a good mood. I'll also be in an extra good mood starting next week when I start a 2 week vacation to relax and get the hell away from work and it will be a bonus to return home to a package from Yep Roc with the new LP and shirt I pre-ordered. To pre-order go to the Yep Roc store and take advantage of some presale bundles.

As a tribute to the Fellows, I have some live shows to share. I'll try to squeeze a few more in before I take a break, but if not I'll post more later in the month. This show is from 1997 and features the Fellows dipping back in their catalog with a set heavy in material from their early albums (Topsy Turvy/The Men Who Loved Music), along with a (then) new song, Barky's Spiritual Store which appeared on Tribute To Music, released in 1997 and re-recorded on the Because We Hate You album in 2001. In this set they opened for Robyn Hitchcock whom they later opened for on their 2001 tour with his band, the Soft Boys.

Crocodile Cafe
Seattle, WA
June 13, 1997

01. Ted, Woody And Junior
02. When The Girls Get Here
03. Hank, Karen And Elvis
04. Mr. Salamander's Review
05. The Sharing Patrol
06. "If A Picture Paints A Thousand Words" (excerpt)
07. Where Is Groovy Town?
08. Barky's Spiritual Store
09. How Much About Last Night Do You Remember?
10. Rollercoaster By The Sea
11. Teenage Dogs In Trouble
12. "Old Man Down The Lane"
13. Beer Money
14. "Take Me Down To the Rivers Edge"
15. My Friend Ringo
16. Backroom Of The Bar

YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS- 1997-06-13, Seattle FLAC. rar

Friday, August 03, 2012

Ben Kweller- Live At The Hi-Fi, March 2, 2012

Photo by Katie Dutton
 Here's a great recording I found on Dime semi-recently from Ben Kweller during his Australian tour this past spring. This one is especially worth a listen because it was a FM broadcast so the sound quality and performance is amazing and the setlist is outstanding with songs from throughout his solo career, especially his earlier albums. The only downside is that the set is incomplete and edited down for radio which means there are at least 5 or 6 songs missing from the recording. Don't let this stop you, it's a nice sampling of Ben Kweller live in concert! If you're a fan, check out site for many more Ben Kweller live concert recordings.

Ben Kweller
Hi Fi

Sydney, NSW, AUS
March 2, 2012

Source Info: FM>LPCM>WAV>FLAC [Sharp Tuner > Sony PCM-M10]
Mastering : Soundforge normalise > Audacity track split > Downsample to 16 bit.

Converter : Roman79

1. Mean to Me
2. I Need You Back,
3. The Rules,
4. My Apartment,
5. How Should it Be (Sha Sha),
6. Gossip,
7. Falling,
8. On My Way,
9. Sundress,
10. Jealous Girl,
11. Penny on the Train Track,
12. Commerce, TX,
13. Wasted and Ready.

BEN KWELLER- 2012-03-02, Sydney FM FLAC. rar

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Scruffy The Cat- WERS July 27, 1986

I apologize again, my nights have been busy this past week attending Fringe Festival plays, so I haven't had time to upload much music lately. I have a small window of time right now and by Monday my schedule loosens a little bit, at least for a week.

Here's a live recording I uploaded a while back and meant to post it earlier when I posted several other radio broadcasts from WERS at Emerson College. It's a prime Scruffy the Cat session from 1986 and if you downloaded the previous Scruffy The Cat, Spit And Paulish #9 (A live comp. of Scruffy radio and live songs), tracks 16-19 of that disc are from this broadcast. I'm posting the complete show and if you're a fan of the band this is a keeper because the sound quality is excellent. I was reading on the Scruffy The Cat Facebook fan page and there was discussion about the old Scruffy the Cat site, and how it's not up and running any longer. Apparently the person that operated the site passed away, but you can still access the archive posts for  at the "Wayback machine" at the site. There are still some active downloads on the music page (including this one in mp3 format), as well as a couple other live shows. I have more Scruffy live shows, please let me know if you want me to hear more.

WERS Studios
Emerson College, Boston, MA
July 27, 1986
FM Radio Broadcast
Live in studio

1. Big Fat Monkey's Hat/Momma Killed Hate
2. Shadow Boy
3. The Ghost Song
4. Lover's Day
5. Time Never Forgets
6. When My Ship Comes In
7. Upside Down
8. Hello Angel
9. Never Never
10. Life Is Fun
11. Happiness To Go

SCRUFFY THE CAT- WERS 1986-07-27 FLAC. rar 

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Rolling Stones Live At The Palais Royale 2002

Back in 2002, before the Rolling Stones headed out on their "Licks" tour, the band descended on Toronto for rehearsals at the Masonic Hall. They took a break from rehearsals to play a surprise warm-up gig at the Palais Royale Ballroom in front of a crowd of less than 1000 fans and invited guests. If you were lucky enough to score a $10 ticket to this club show, you were treated to an amazing set that resurrected some nice gems and rarely performed material. A loose, raw set filled with mistakes (that's why it's a warm-up gig, right?), but the band seemed to be enjoying themselves. I'm sure if the Stones had their way a tour of smaller venues and clubs would be a nice way for a comeback, but with money talking and the amount of people that would like to see the band at mass (in arenas and stadiums), that's probably not gonna happen anytime soon.

Here's a report and review about the show.

Palais Royale
Toronto, ON
August 16, 2002

01. It's Only Rock'n Roll
02. Sad Sad Sad
03. If You Can't Rock Me
04. Stray Cat Blues
05. Hot Stuff
06. Don't Stop
07. Honky Tonk Women
08. Torn and Frayed
09. Wild Horses
10. Happy
11. I Can't Turn You Loose
12. Heart of Stone
13. Can't You Hear Me Knocking
14. Jumping Jack Flash
15. Brown Sugar (encore)

THE ROLLING STONES- 2002-08-16 Palais Royale, Toronto FLAC. rar

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