Saturday, July 28, 2012

Scruffy The Cat- WERS July 27, 1986

I apologize again, my nights have been busy this past week attending Fringe Festival plays, so I haven't had time to upload much music lately. I have a small window of time right now and by Monday my schedule loosens a little bit, at least for a week.

Here's a live recording I uploaded a while back and meant to post it earlier when I posted several other radio broadcasts from WERS at Emerson College. It's a prime Scruffy the Cat session from 1986 and if you downloaded the previous Scruffy The Cat, Spit And Paulish #9 (A live comp. of Scruffy radio and live songs), tracks 16-19 of that disc are from this broadcast. I'm posting the complete show and if you're a fan of the band this is a keeper because the sound quality is excellent. I was reading on the Scruffy The Cat Facebook fan page and there was discussion about the old Scruffy the Cat site, and how it's not up and running any longer. Apparently the person that operated the site passed away, but you can still access the archive posts for  at the "Wayback machine" at the site. There are still some active downloads on the music page (including this one in mp3 format), as well as a couple other live shows. I have more Scruffy live shows, please let me know if you want me to hear more.

WERS Studios
Emerson College, Boston, MA
July 27, 1986
FM Radio Broadcast
Live in studio

1. Big Fat Monkey's Hat/Momma Killed Hate
2. Shadow Boy
3. The Ghost Song
4. Lover's Day
5. Time Never Forgets
6. When My Ship Comes In
7. Upside Down
8. Hello Angel
9. Never Never
10. Life Is Fun
11. Happiness To Go

SCRUFFY THE CAT- WERS 1986-07-27 FLAC. rar 


Alan said...

Thank you for this! Scruffy was one of my favorite bands back in college days, and you don't see them pop up much on blogs. I have their 2 albums (or did they have more), so this is an extra treat. Cheers!
- Alan

Ike Iszany said...

I will take any and all Scruffy you want to put out there! For a band that only had 2 albums and 2 eps I still count them in my top ten favorite bands of all time.

bglobe313 said...

Gawd, I love that song "Time Never Forgets". Unfortunately despite reading about them constantly in the Boston press and hearing them regularly on the radio, I never got around to seeing them until it was all over. What an idiot!

Great site!


daniel said...

Do you have the Scruffy The Cat acoustic show?

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