Monday, March 13, 2017

TUNS- The Good Will, Winnipeg, November 26, 2016

Believe it or not, these are the clearest photos I took. You get the idea...

Funny how time flies...It's been almost 4 months since I recorded Tuns. It was before winter arrived and now we've passed day light savings time and spring is a possibility in the next month or so. Tuns was the third of my trilogy of concerts I attended last November and I apologize for the lack of posts and how slow I was to post this show. In fact, it was ready to post since a week after the show so be prepared to go back in time a little bit.

If you listened to alternative Canadian music during the 1990's, you will probably be familiar with the members of Tuns. They are Chris Murphy (Sloan), Matt Murphy (Superfriendz and Flashing Lights) and Mike O'Neill (Inbreds), a kind of Canadian indie-rock supergroup. They released their self-titled debut album, in August 2016 and this was their first visit as a band to Winnipeg. Playing at the Good Will Social Club, the band cruised through most (or all) of the songs from the album along with a couple new songs I don't have proper titles for. If you know the songs with the (?) in the setlist, please let me know. They closed their set with the classic, High School, from the Flashing Lights debut album. An amazing set from three very talents musicians with Chris Murphy on drums instead of his usual bass position in Sloan. The sound was top notch, thanks to the Good Will sound guy and the results of the recording are very good. I played this recording at loud volume recently in my living room and I swear to god it was just like being there, but without being squeezed, shoved and knocked about. Yes, I sat on the couch. Highly recommended!

The Good Will
Winnipeg, MB
November 26, 2016

AUD Master

Sony ECM-DS70P mic> Tascam DR-07> USB> 16 bit Wav>
Direct Wave MP3 splitter> FLAC> rar file

01. Back Among Friends
02. Mixed Messages
03. Throw It All Away
04. To Your Satisfaction
05. (new song) When your Ready (?)
06. Mind Your Manners
07. I Can't Wait Forever
08. Look Who's Back In Town Again
09. Lonely Life
10. Mind Over Matter
11. (new song) (?)
12. Lie Awake (?)
13. High School

TUNS- 2016-11-26 The Good Will, Winnipeg, MB FLAC Master. rar


imabeaname said...

I saw them at Femme Wave in Calgary the week before this. Fantastic set. It was great to see the passion they had for the project

imabeaname said...

You know what, it was BIG a month later, not FW

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