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Young Fresh Fellows- Lounge Ax, Chicago 1990

When I first began collecting live concert recordings my main focus was Replacements shows. I missed out seeing the band live before they broke up 1991, but my wishes finally came true when I saw them during their semi-reunion tour a couple years ago. A band I equally loved back then was the Young Fresh Fellows who not only inspired me to write this blog (and inspired the name of the blog), but they also topped my list of bands I wanted to get everything they recorded. I believe I have in one form or another most or all YFF studio recordings including 7"ers and rare hard to find tribute tracks. I've only seen the Fellows twice and if money and travel wasn't an issue I would have seen them a lot more live. Much like the Replacements, the Young Fresh Fellows live were unpredictable. but always entertaining, sometimes messy fun. More so than the Replacements, the Fellows were also outstanding musicians who could play any size venue, open for anybody and had the vigor and spirit of an extra talented garage band that will blow your mind.

Back in the days of exchanging traders lists, my top want was always the Fellows and at first they were hard to find, but after connecting with a bunch of generous taper/traders I traded for shows on cassette and my addiction to the Young Fresh Fellows was being satisfied. Thanks to traders I've traded with in the past; Mitch, Eric, Brett, Marc, Mike E, Mike P, Tim and more who sent me Fellows shows through trades.

One of my all time favourite Young Fresh Fellows live recordings is one I got from Mike P, an audience recording from Chicago's, Lounge Ax in 1990. To me this is the quintessential YFF show, a great performance with all the charisma and fun sometimes goofy antics I associate with the Fellows. A nice documentation of the concert and a fine article about the band was written in the Chicago Reader that really makes me wish I could have been there. At least we have this recording to help imagine how amazing this show must have been. I've been meaning to post this show for while, and as the first post of the next decade of TDIT I wanted something special,  it was the ideal choice. Thanks for reading!

(Note: Teenage Dogs In Trouble is on vacation for the next 2 weeks. Lots to post when I get back!)

Lounge Ax
Chicago, IL
September 15, 1990

01. Amy Grant
02. Taco Wagon
03. Picture Book
04. Don't Let The Little Things Get Me Down
05. No One Really Knows
06. Groovy Town
07. My Boyfriend's In Killdozer
08. Sesame Street
09. Middleman Of Time
10. Woman's Prison
11. Rock'n'Roll Pest Control
12. When Things Was Cheap
13. Little Softy
14. Celebration
15. My Friend Ringo
16. Hangout Right
17. 76 Trombones
18. I'll Never Fall In Love Again
19. Young Fresh Fellows Theme
20. Hang On Sloopy
21. She's A Mystery
22. Rotation
23. Whole Lotta Pappy
24. When the Girls Get Here
25. My Sweet Lord
26. Topsy Turvy Theme
27. encore talk---
28. Ain't It Alright
29. Rock Around The Clock
30. Burnin' Love
31. Equator Blues
32. Wipe-Out
33. There's A Kind Of Hush
34. These Boots Are Made For Walking

YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS- 1990-09-15 Lounge Ax, Chicago, IL FLAC. rar


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Is show the basis for "The Night Chicago Died (Again)"?

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