Sunday, August 07, 2016

Now We Are 10! Celebrating 10 Years Of Trouble!!

Still a mess after all these years!
YES, believe it or not, the Teenage Dogs In Trouble music blog is celebrating it's 10th anniversary! The very first blog entry was posted on August 3, 2006. In the first post, I talked about my love for music, about how my life pretty music revolves around listening to, reading about and writing about music. I had grand plans to share "new, random and MUST have CD releases" and though I tried to stay on course I have altered (though only slightly) what I post on the blog. I'm now posting mainly live concert recording that I have recorded myself, or obtained in trades or downloaded elsewhere on the web. My emphasis is less on posting albums or officially released recording for download because in the past I have been warned and threatened with take-down notices from record companies and the DMCA. I have complied with their requests and ask if any artist (or record execs) have an issue with any downloads on this page, please contact me directly. I can be very accommodating. Lots and lots of music blogs (some really GREAT ones) have come and gone in the past ten years (many taken down) and I hope TDIT will be around for another ten years.

Overflowing shelves, time to digitize!
 Since August is such a busy time with me, TDIT will celebrate this milestone throughout this year. Grand plans (hopefully) for a new logo, maybe some buttons and t-shirts or any other merch/swag I can afford sounds like a fun way to share with the followers to this blog. Thanks so much for your support and comments! I promise (this time for real!). I'll post more often and I want to share more live recordings I made back in my early taping days, the 90's. Stay tuned!

To celebrate 10 years, I'm posting a disc I got when I was a Dead Milkmen fan club member to commemorate their first 10 years as a band. Since then they released, Now We Are Twenty and since the Milkmen are still active, they should be releasing something for their 30th or more soon?

Now We Are Ten (1993)

1     Beach Song    
2     Labor Day    
3     Don't Abort That Baby    
4     Girl Hunt    
5     Land Of The Shakers    
6     I Don't Wanna    
7     Milkmen Stomp    
8     Beach Song    
9     Dance With Me    
10     Labor Day    
11     Bitchin' Camaro    
12     Plum Dumb    
13     Swordfish    
14     VCW    
15     Spit Sink    
16     Introductions    
17     Laundromat Song    
18     Filet Of Sole    
19     I Hate Myself    
20     Junkie    
21     Right Wing Pigeons    
22     Dean's Dream    
23     Rastabilly    
24     Takin' Retards To The Zoo    
25     Violent School    
26     Stupid Mary Anne    
27     Surfin' Cow    
28     Shapes Of Things

Tracks 1-4 from "Funky Barn" recorded live at Stephanie Rowley's barn dance in Bedminster, PA October 22, 1983.
Tracks 5-7 from "Death Rides A Pale Cow".
Tracks 8-26 from Dead Milkmen Take The Airwaves live radio broadcast on WXPN-FM on May 6, 1984.
Track 27 from a live radio broadcast on WXPN-FM on February 27, 1987.
Track 28 recorded live at The Trocadero in Philadelphia on June 19, 1992.
Track 29 recorded in Joe's Cold Damp Basement Studio in March 1993.

DEAD MILKMEN- Now We Are Ten FLAC. rar


Eastvan said...

Congratulations TDIT!!! Hope for 10 more years of great blogging!!!

binky said...

Thanks, I appreciate it! I feel I'm getting a second wind. Keep on reading!

Sir Billy Himalaya said...

Belated congrats from UK

Anonymous said...

Happy first 10 years..Your Blog is in a rare class of blogs that have lasted over the years. A toast to the next ten..

Unknown said...

Congrats on 10 years and thanks for all the great shows! I only fairly recently discovered your blog, which I found bc of my love for Evan, Juliana, et al. I haven't heard the Dead Milkmen in years, but I was also a fan club member back in the late 80's. I can recall receiving a handwritten postcard or 2 among other things, so I am looking forward to this as well more binky greatness in the future! Thanks again and best wishes!

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