Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Replacements- The Shit Hits The Fans Again...and Again!

Even though I have posted the Replacements tape, The Shit Hits The Fans twice already (second time was a re-post of a dead file), I received an email with a upgraded, cleaner sounding fresh rip (thanks Delbert!). It's still in mp3 format, but the bitrate is higher and it does sound a better (CD sourced instead of cassette?). So if you don't have this show/cassette this nicely complements the last post from the drunken cover show in NYC and if you have my previous download, this is a nice upgrade. This show in fact took place a month earlier than the December CBGB's show and if you want to hear butchered versions of Sabbath, Zeppelin and BTO songs it's here. Actually it's pretty cool they hardly repeat songs from the CBGB's gig, digging deep into their bad 70's cover catalog.

For a unflattering review of TSHTF, read this.
For the story behind The Shit Hits The Fans.

The Shit Hits The Fans (1985)
The Bowery
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
November 11, 1984
  1. Lawdy Miss Clawdy (LLoyd Price)
  2. Ye Sleeping Knights of Jesus (Robyn Hitchcock)
  3. Lovelines (Westerberg/Stinson/Stinson/Mars)
  4. I'll Be There (Berry Gordy, Jr./Bob West/Hal Davis/Willie Hutch)
  5. Sixteen Blue (Westerberg)
  6. Can't Hardly Wait (Westerberg)
  7. I Will Dare (Westerberg)
  8. Hear You Been to College (Westerberg/Stinson/Stinson/Mars)
  9. Saturday Night Special (Ed King/Ronnie Van Zant)
  10. Iron Man (Butler/Iommi/Osbourne/Ward)
  11. Misty Mountain Hop (Page/Plant/Jones)
  12. Heartbreaker (Bonham/Jones/Page/Plant)
  13. Can't Get Enough (Mick Ralphs)
  14. Jailbreak (Phil Lynott)
  15. Breakdown (Tom Petty)
  16. No More the Moon Shines on Lorena (Alvin Pleasant Carter)
  17. Merry Go Round (Nikki Sixx)
  18. Left in the Dark (Ken Draznik)
  19. Takin' Care of Business (Randy Bachman)
  20. I Will Follow (Hewson/Evans/Clayton/Mullen)
  21. Jumpin' Jack Flash (Jagger/Richards)
  22. Radio Free Europe (Berry/Buck/Mills/Stipe)
  23. The New World (Cervenka/Nommensen Duchac)
  24. Let It Be (Lennon–McCartney)
    With corrected song titles and songwriter listings.

THE REPLACEMENTS- The Shit Hits The Fans (upgrade). rar


Mason said...

I just googled "the bowery oklahoma city". I'm from OKC and it turns out from this article that I know the guy who taped that show. Insane.

bob said...

thanks for the mats.

Quebin said...

thank you so much for this!

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