Monday, June 25, 2012

Two Uncle Tupelo Radio Shows From 1990

Thanks to everyone that sent me suggestions for my trip to Chicago. Had a great time! I went to some museums (Art Institute, Field Museum), took a boat tour, did a lot of walking/shopping around the north side (Bucktown/Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, Old Town), admired the amazing architecture, figured out the El-trains, ate some deep dish and took advantage of some open bar events related to my wife's work conference. I definitely will be back to Chicago, it's my kind of town! Next time I take a vacation, I'll be sure to consult with you readers sooner about ideas and suggestions.

I noticed according to Clustrmaps (that little map-thingy at the bottom of the page), which tracks the number of visitors to the site, that this blog, Teenage Dogs In Trouble has reached and surpassed 100,000 visitors. This blog was started in August of 2006, so it has taken quite a while to reach this amount, but in the past year and a half 75,000 of those visits have occurred. Thanks so much for reading and visiting and I hope you continue to find something of interest to download and share.

I'm mentioning all this because recently I started a TDIT Facebook page for this blog and thought it might be a good way to attract more readers. Though I'm not too keen about Facebook, I did this for two reasons; First, I thought it would be a good safe-guard in case this site gets closed or shut down and if you are having problems accessing it, you can visit the Facebook page for updates or how to re-connect. I've seen a lot of music blogs get shutdown in the past couple of months and I am always wondering if they have set up under another name or address. If you "like" the TDIT Facebook page, you will stay in touch. The other reason for visiting the Facebook page is because I'm posting bonus material on it such as videos or links to other music-related stuff not on the blog, as well as the links to the individual posts on the blog. I may also use FB to post my wise-ass comments (and my hatred of those "idol" shows etc...) and observations of all things music. This will be my "poor man's Twitter".

Today's post is a pair of radio broadcasts with Uncle Tupelo from 1990 and both feature the band acoustic live in-studio. The WFMU show is a straightforward live "mini-concert" with a solid performance and outstanding sound. The KCOU show is a fun set with the band performing requests from phone-in listeners. The performance is a little rougher, but fun nonetheless. This radio appearance was proceeded by a concert at the Blue Note later that night, a show that was one of the first Uncle Tupelo live recordings I ever got. I'll take another listen to it and if it still sounds alright, I may post it in the near future.

E. Orange, NJ
July 29, 1990

acoustic radio broadcast

01. Screen Door
02. There Was A Time
03. True To Life
04. Watch Me Fall
05. Life Worth Living
06. Flatness
07. Whiskey Bottle
08. No Depression
09. Factory Belt
10. Sin City
11. Atomic Power

UNCLE TUPELO- 1990-07-29, WFMU-FM acoustic FLAC. rar

Columbia, MO
November 29, 1990

acoustic radio broadcast

Request's played live on air...
01. Intro
02. I've Been Working On The Railroad (instrumental)
03. Interview
04. John Hardy
05. Long Black Veil
06. Dead Flowers
07. So You Wanna Be A Rock'N'Roll Star
08. Ripple
09. Looking For Love
10. Take It Easy
11. Screen Door
12. Sugar Mountain (vocals Mike Heidorn)

UNCLE TUPELO- 1990-11-29, KCOU-FM Columbia, MO FLAC. rar

p.s. I had a request to fix the links for The Dream Syndicate Live at Raji's disc I posted a year ago, as they were down. I re-uploaded the files and they now WORK! Get this while you can, an outstanding live set from Steve Wynn and company.

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Jason said...

These files only open as FLAC on VLC app. and can't take them into iTunes, any idea how I do this?

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