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Uncle Tupelo- Blue Note, November 29, 1990

This is the concert from the same day as the KCOU radio broadcast earlier in the day and it's worth a listen because it's a nice sounding soundboard recording when Uncle Tupelo was still a trio. Jay Farrar, Jeff Tweedy and Mike Heidorn played a smokin' set and personally I preferred this lineup to the 5-piece band for the Anodyne period of their career. The set is loose and fun and you can tell Farrar and Tweedy still enjoyed playing together as compared to later when onstage tension and their tumultuous relationship led to the breakup of the band in 1994.

This recording is from a disc I received in a trade over 10 years ago and I have a note (on my live CD inventory list) that it's flawed. I ripped the disc to the computer and had some trouble with a couple of files, but managed to rip those songs with a different software. I converted the files to FLAC, then to test it I burned a disc for another listen. It sounds fine, no real problems, for some reason there are a couple of 2 second gaps before a couple of songs, but after that it's fine. The tracking is a little weird as some of the tracks contain two songs (as marked below), no big deal. Unfortunately, this recording is missing the last song (Cortez the Killer), but according to factorybelt.net it's missing from the original source.

Blue Note

Columbia, MO
November 29, 1990


01. Life Worth Livin'
02. Punch Drunk
03. Watch Me Fall
04. Postcard
05. Gun
06. Discarded
07. Flatness
08. Outdone
09. Sauget Wind
10. Train
11. Wasn't Born To Follow/ Atomic Power
12. Nothing
13. Before I Break
14. True To Life
15. D.Boon
16. I've Been Working On The Railroad/ Factory Belt
17. Do Re Mi
18. Freak Scene
19. Whiskey Bottle
20. No Depression
21. No Matter What
22. I Got Drunk/ Graveyard Shift

UNCLE TUPELO- 1990-11-29 Blue Note (SBD) FLAC. rar

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Unknown said...

So, I got this recording from someone that was in a band during the Missouri No Depression era circuit (he claims that he has a few more of these soundboard recordings somewhere that have been lost over the years. He says that his band, Dream House, did a string of shows with Uncle Tupelo in the Mid-West). His version is on two discs and all tracks are separated.

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