Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Estrus Half Rack

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, one a week is not acceptable! I personally can't stand when a blog I follow can't keep semi-updated, but of course most bloggers don't do this for a living (except for those so-called, "celebrity-bloggers" or the ones that give a day to day update on The Bieb or Lady what's her name), so it's excusable that life does get in the way. My excuse is the holiday season, when my real job gets busier and my mind is constantly trying to figuring out what to buy for gifts (for Christmas). A dear friend of mine delivered a baby two weeks ago, but her baby is very sick and they still haven't left the hospital, so that too is weighing heavily on my mind. Enough with the excuses, I promise to post plenty of entries between Christmas and New Years when I have a couple extra of days off from work. I'll also try to compile some kind of "end of year" list of my favourite albums as I've been listening to as many new releases as possible this year.

As a follow-up to the last post, Estrus Gearbox, I found a download for another box in the series. To get you in the mood for the holiday season here's a set of music about drinking, everyone's favourite holiday pastime. Estrus Half Rack: the 12 Drunkest Bands in Showbiz is a compilation of drinking songs and was originally a 7" vinyl box-set that contained 3 singles, matches and a set of beer coasters. The box set was limited to 1500 black vinyl and 500 colour. It was also issued in CD format and only 1500 CD's were made. A fine collection that featured some of the same bands as the Gearbox (Fastbacks, Mono Men, Marble Orchard,Untamed Youth) with many from the Seattle/West Coast area.

Estrus Half-Rack (1991)

  1. Derelicts: Lost Cause
  2. Fastbacks: Beaujolais The Beat
  3. Gorilla: Everybodys Glad
  4. Kings Of Rock: Little Girl Be Good
  5. Marble Orchard: Munsters Theme
  6. Mono Men: Pisswater
  7. Mudhoney: March To Fuzz
  8. Mummies: What A Way To Die (The Pleasure Seekers)
  9. The Phantom Surfers: 6 Pack
  10. Prisonshake: Beer Break
  11. Seaweed: Foggy Eyes (Beat Happening)
  12. Untamed Youth: She Cares
VARIOUS ARTISTS- Estrus Half Rack. rar

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