Monday, August 17, 2020

Kathleen Edwards Album Release Concert- Live At Quitters Coffee 2020

Welcome back Kathleen Edwards!

It's been eight long years since Edwards released her last album, Voyageur and though she took a break from music, both performing and recording, things have seem to come full circle. Quitting music to open her own coffee shop called (fittingly), Quitters, Kathleen presented her new album, Total Freedom in it's entirety (almost) at Quitters on the date of it's official release. How appropriate! The new album is excellent, I received the limited gold vinyl version earlier in the week and like I did with her last record I opted for a signed copy. 

The album release show was performed inside Quitters Coffee without an audience (a crowd watched on screens in the parking lot of the cafe), but was live streamed through a variety of platforms including Facebook, Amazon, Twitch and YouTube. It pays off sometimes being a "stay at home" artist-type so I can take in live events that are broadcast during the day, similarly to NHL playoff games. I made the mistake of trusting YouTube to watch from and was horrified to find there was no sound when the show started. I quickly switched to the World Cafe's stream on FB and missed half the first song. When the show ended I re-watched the whole thing again to record the audio. The concert is a great watch, the audio and video is perfect and seeing the band perform up close and personal makes it feel like you're there in person. YouTube finally got their shit together and the video of the show was back online. Edit: it was, now it's not. hmmm...? (I will update this if the video becomes available again!)

The album release setlist is pretty straightforward, perform side 1 in order, then an interview with the World Cafe's, Raina Douris, then side 2 (except for the last song on the album). As a bonus Kathleen and her band round out the set with Goodnight California (from Asking For Flowers), Six O'clock News (from Failer) and a Neil Young cover, Comes A Time. Kathleen performs solo for the closer, Sweet Little Duck (Failer). It's always a treat to have a Kathleen Edwards concert to help celebrate anniversary month on TDIT. Last year, if you're keeping track, I posted an Edward's small venue show from 2010 originally posted on the hater-high live music blog. Good news, Jason is back online with new posts and is in the process of getting some of his archives back up and re-posted for download. Welcome back!

Get this while you can, in case it disappears! And buy the album!
Please do NOT sell or profit from this recording!
Do NOT convert to lossy formats (except for personal use)
Please share! 

Quitters Coffee
Stittsville, ON
August 14, 2020

Live Stream Master

Acer laptop> Tascam DR-07> 16 bit wav> tracksplitter> FLAC> rar

Hosted by World Cafe's Raina Douris

01. Intro
02. Glenfern
03. Hard On Everyone
04. Birds On A Feeder
05. Simple Math
06. Options Open
07. Interview
08. Feelings Fade
09. Fools Ride
10. Ashes to Ashes
11. Who Rescued Who
12. Goodnight California
13. Six O'Clock News
14. Comes A Time
15. Sweet Little Duck

KATHLEEN EDWARDS- 2020-08-14 Quitters Coffee, Stittsville, ON FLAC Master. rar

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blureu said...

Thanks for the audio. The video is back on YT.

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