Thursday, August 18, 2022

Brinsley Schwarz- Live Archive Vol. 3

Speaking of Nick Lowe, I came upon a great sounding Brinsley Schwarz live recording from the (unofficial) Live Archives series from Vogon in the UK. The two previous Live Archive volumes were from Tilburg, Netherlands and Sheffield from 1974, while Volume 3 is from Groningen in 1975. I haven't heard the first two volumes, so I can't comment about the sound quality, but Volume 3 sounds amazing! If the date of this recording is correct (March 1975), the band would dis-band later in the month, so this is amongst their last shows together. The performance is top notch and features an early working of, Cruel to Be Kind which would become a monster hit for Nick in 1979 from his Labour Of Lust album. I'll keep a look out for the first two volumes! A must-hear for Brinsley Schwarz and Nick Lowe fans!

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Live Archive Vol. 3 (2020)
The Vera Club
Groningen, Holland
March, 1975

1. You've Been Cheating    2:46
2. Small Town Big City    4:31
3. Play That Fast Thing (One More Time)    4:01
4. Down In Mexico    3:41
5. You Ain't Living Until You're Loving    3:10
6. We Can Mess Around    2:43
7. Happy Doing What We're Doing    4:11
8. Surrender To The Rhythm    3:39
9. Country Girl    2:49
10. Hooked On Love    2:24
11. Trying To Live My Life Without You    3:01
12. Cruel To Be Kind    3:15
13. Private Number    3:33
14. I've Cried My Last Tear    2:19
15. Walking The Dog    2:27
16. I Can't Help Myself    2:39

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