Sunday, September 11, 2022

Kathleen Edwards- Haddon Heights, NJ, August 24, 2022

For many performers, the pandemic proved to be difficult to stage live concerts with many artists turning to technology, such as live streaming to perform for their fans...and to make a living. A lot of musicians took the time to write new music and record albums giving us plenty of new music to enjoy this past year. This year, saw a return to more "proper" concerts, live in clubs, concert halls and outdoor music festivals bringing fans back and in some cases, more than ever. Personally, besides an afternoon at an outdoor show in August (Harvest Sun Festival in Kelwood, MB), I haven't been to any concerts at an indoor venue. It's not that I'm avoiding going to shows, it's just that I'm being more selective of what I see and if I want to bothered to record a show or not. We'll see, hopefully something that interests me comes to town soon.
One such artist who recorded a new album during the pandemic was Ottawa's, Kathleen Edwards. She released her latest album, Total Freedom in August of 2020 during the lock-down (in some places). The title of the album was unfortunately named, as many people's "freedoms" were compromised at the time, which, of course leads to a whole different conversation. (she jokes in the recording that she has lots of shirts still available) The record release launch was held at her cafe, Quitters Coffee (she no longer owns it) and her performance with her band was live-streamed. She slowly returned to live shows in 2021, mainly outdoor festival-type venues and this year (2022) she has returning to touring and has spent most of the summer and this month playing shows mainly in the States and Ontario. Here's hoping she can make her way across western Canada in the near future!
Fortunately, some live recordings of Kathleen's shows have surfaced and it's good to hear her live again. Thanks to everyone that takes the time to record and post live recordings! I've posted an amazing sounding show recorded at a show in New Jersey that was recorded/posted on Dime by edtyre. He also posted an excellent, professional looking video of the same performance (the photos are screenshots from the video). The newer songs sound great, as she has a relatively different band than in the past and the guy on steel-pedal is outstanding. Well worth the listen (or watch) and I look forward to hearing more recordings from this tour.

Please do Not sell or profit from this recording!
Do NOT convert to lossy formats, except for personal use
Please share!

Norcross-McLaughlin Memorial Dell
Haddon Heights, NJ, USA
August 24, 2022

Simple Math
Options Open
Change the Sheets
Hockey Skates
Who Rescued Who
One More Song The Radio Won't Like
Empty Threat
Money Talks
A Soft Place to Land
Hard On Everyone
Six O'Clock News
Asking for Flowers


kevbre said...

Good to hear Kathleen Edwards out and about again. Thanks for sharing!

Jason said...

That's Aaron Goldstein on the pedal steel! He's played with Kathleen Edwards a bunch (and just about every other band north of the border!). :)

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