Friday, April 03, 2020

Paul Westerberg- APC Studios, Live In Atlanta 1996

I've been listening to a lot of Paul Westerberg recently brought on because someone on Dime has been posting and asking for contributions for recordings from Westerberg's 2002 solo tour through the States (and Toronto). That tour was broken into two parts, the Spring featured performances at record stores, split with a three night run in his hometown of Minneapolis in late June/July, then the tour proceeded in August at concert halls and theatres. I attended and recorded one of the shows in Minneapolis at the Guthrie Theatre and I have several of the shows from both tours, so the Dime revisit/flood was a way to fill in shows I didn't have. I posted one of the record store shows back in 2012,  Happy Record Store Day- Paul Westerberg @ Amoeba Records 2002-04-25 (click HRSD for link to original blog post/ click PW @Amoeba Records...for direct link to show download).

 I will get around to posting another show from the 2002 later, but I remembered I uploaded another Westerberg show about 7 years ago that I have since forgot to post. It's a in-studio radio mini-concert at APC Studios in Atlanta, I believe he played a club show later that evening. Recently I had a listen and the sound quality and the performance is excellent. I know generally fans and critics weren't that enthusiastic for Paul's second album, Eventually, but I have to come to appreciate this record has some really good songs on it. Maybe it's because they were hidden behind the slicker production on the album, but live these songs shine much brighter. I actually think this is one of his better solo albums. It's an underrated era in his career where he had a fair bit of mainstream exposure including making several live TV appearances and maybe his last real attempt for mainstream success. Since then (well, maybe after Suicaine Gratification), he has made music more on his terms with less production values and even less commercial appeal and success. Which isn't a bad thing? Anyways, this show from 1996 features a tight band, songs from Eventually, one from 14 Songs as well as three Replacements songs. Well worth a listen!

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APC Studios
Atlanta, GA
June 28, 1996

FM Broadcast> trade cdr> FreeRip> FLAC> rar

01. These Are The Days
02. Once Around The weekend
03. Ain't Got Me
04. MamaDaddyDid
05. BlackEyed Susan
06. Swingin' Party
07. Love Untold
08. Alex Chilton
09. Nevermind

PAUL WESTERBERG- 1996-06-28 APC Studios, Atlanta, GA FLAC. rar


Jobe said...

Is Paul ever coming back? This sounds great. Thanks

The Music Dope said...

Pretty sure I'm the original taper on this recording, so glad to see it still out in the wild.

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