Monday, December 18, 2006

The Pretenders '79 BBC Sessions

I was so excited about the Pretenders re-issue of their first two albums (see last post), that I had to fill my fix by listening to some live Pretenders. I know for a fact I had several live shows with the original line-up burned to disc in one of my many many storage boxes in one of the rooms of my house. I love Christmas..well kind of..I DO love those Christmas oranges, you know the ones, the mandarines from China and Japan that are easy to peel and sweet to eat. Anyways, they come packed in 5 or 9 lb orange coloured boxes that fit CD's quite nicely, so at Christmas time we go through about half a dozen boxes and word got out at work I need more boxes, so my house is now overcrowded with CD filled orange boxes. Right now I have a few more boxes worth of CD's that need storage (to keep from falling on the floor), so I have to go and fill my vitamin C quota for the day.

I eventually found a few of the discs I was looking for and one of the better sounding ones is a disc with BBC sessions recorded in 1979, the year before their first album was released. I have 4 songs from an in-studio session for February of that year, as well as 4 songs from an in-studio in July. I have posted for your listening pleasure a portion (all I have) of the BBC "In Concert" '79 radio broadcast, I don't have the exact date nor the location of this live concert, but it is a pretty good sounding show. In fact it's so good I have to share this!

The Pretenders BBC "In Concert" 1979
The Wait
Stop Your Sobbing
Cuban Slide
Brass In Pocket
Tattooed Love Boys
Mystery Achievement

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