Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How Far Would You Go?

A few weeks ago I received an interesting message on Dimeadozen (where I have an account), someone saw I posted the New Pornographers show from Calgary and he was wondering if I can help him out. He was looking for someone to record the Billy Joel concert in Calgary and Edmonton on November 3rd and 5th because he was would be away during those dates, he was willing to buy tickets for me to attend the shows. First of all, I don't live in Alberta and I live 1,000 miles way and if he wanted me to tape it he would have to fly me out there, plus the Edmonton show was the day after I received the message. I replyed back with those concerns and he responded by saying if the price of the flight wasn't too bad, he would be willing to cover my expenses. I kind of hemmed and hawed mainly in disbelief, would someone seriously fly me to another city to tape a band? I quickly searched for flights and hotels to Calgary, as the Edmonton show was less than 24 hours away (didn't think they would let me take off Saturday from work on a couple hours notice) and forwarded the prices of my anticipated expenses. In the end I didn't get a followup reply as he may have been too freaked out by the price, though it probably still would cost more for a floor ticket to Bon Jovi or Celine Dion.

The point of this story is how far are people willing to go or pay to see and hear their favourite performers? I have gone to Minneapolis (8 hour drive) to see bands on many occasions, but I have never flown anywhere just for a concert. I now don't go anywhere without my mini-disc recorder and mics. With that in mind I would have loved to have gone to Seattle last weekend to see a reunion show from the Young Fresh Fellows or to Pittsburgh for the Break-Up Society's CD release with special guests..a reunited Frampton Brothers. (note: YFF's and FB's are my two favourite bands) I would have paid big time to see either one of those concerts and I'm hoping some audio recordings surface. I did find video of the YFF's show on a site called Synchronicity (you'll have to register) which has complete live concerts by mainly obscure bands. The Tripwires set from the same night is also up.

In the upcoming months there are of couple of concerts I have tickets for, I plan to tape those shows, but I'm also considering some other shows if I have the time. If anyone has any suggestions or requests I might be convinced to attend certain shows with appropriate incentives such as complimentary tickets etc.

November 24, 2007- Burton Cummings Theatre (going!)

November 30, Dec. 1, 2007- Royal Albert Arms (?)

December 7, 2007- West End Cultural Centre (?)

December 22, 2007- Burton Cummings Theatre (going)

January 26, 2008- MTS Centre ($)

(?)= might go?
($)= would consider attending w/ticket?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... You should consider carefully before you accept money/tickets/airfare for taping these shows. I tmay well tip you from being a rabid fan (that you are) into being considered a bootlegger in the eyes of the music industry (and legally). One of the easiest ways of getting cheap publicity for stopping illegal taping of shows is to set up a few patsies then knock them down. People who are making a living doing this will likely never get caught, and if they are will likely try to vanish into the woodwork, but eager fans are fairly vulnerable.

Tape for your own pleasure but be wary of unsolicited offers from people you do not know in real life.

binky said...

Good point Maruad, the shows I tape are never sold for cash and i mainly tape bands that have liberal taping policies.

I'll be suspicious if it sounds too good to be true (or people i don't know!).

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