Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wilco...They're Coming Back!!....I Hope.

Unless another member of Wilco gets a case of the chicken pox or any other sickness, Chicago band Wilco will return to the Burton Cummings Theatre, Friday May 2, 2008. If you recall last August, guitarist Nels Cline caught the Pox and the band was forced to postpone the Winnipeg and Duluth dates of the tour. Duluth had their make-up later in the Fall, while Winnipeg fans have been waiting in anticipation to be included on their North American leg of their World tour. (they are presently in Australia and New Zealand). I noticed we are the only Canadian date, so this gig will be the make-up show since Canada west already hosted the band in August.

I know I want to get good seats for this show, as I had row 4 seats for the cancelled concert, so hopefully my boss will be feeling generous and let me escape from work and go home so I can buy online. To improve your chances of decent seats, I would advise fans to buy from the pre-sale on Wednesday.
  • Ticketmaster/Winnipeg Folk Festival- pw: skyblue
  • Live Nation/House Of Blues- pw: ROCK
Good luck!!

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Kronestar Runner said...

Just as for the previous show, they seemed to have put the back of the first balcony and the second balcony up for sale during the pre-sale. So I waited and was able to get pretty good floor seats this morning when the regular sale went up. Whoever is doing the pre-sale for Wilco seems to like to give the pre-sale ticket folk the not-as-good seating...

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