Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Jonathan Richman- The "Lost" Album

Here's a series of unreleased studio recordings Jonathan Richman recorded likely in 1981, when he was transitioning from his band, the Modern Lovers to a solo career. Some of these songs turned up on later releases while others never officially saw the light of day. The instrumentation and production is sparse which indicates these were demos or rehearsals and the songs that appeared on later albums were re-recorded. The album would have filled the gap between 1979's, Back In Your Life and 1983's, Jonathan Sings!, so it was a good productive time for Jonathan and the beginning of a fertile period (80's) when he pretty much released an album every year.

The Lost Album (1981)

1. I'm A Little Airplane
2. The Morning Of Our Lives
3. In The Checkout Line
4. Try This Brand New Dance
5. Theme From Moulin Rouge (instrumental)
6. And That's Rock 'n' Roll
7. Ancient And Long Ago
8. The Fenway
9. Not Yet Three
10. Stop This Car
11. Shirin And Fahrad
12. Walter Johnson
13. Five Year Old Feeling

Tracks 1 & 2- live version on 1977's Modern Lovers Live
Tracks 9 & 10- different version on 1983's Jonathan Sings
Tracks 8 & 12- different version on 1985's Rockin' And Romance
Tracks 7 & 11- different version on 1986's It's Time For...

Download: Jonathan Richman- The Lost Album .rar


Anonymous said...

Very cool stuff. Thank you for making this available!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I've been trying to replace a lot of my old Jonathan Richman songs, and this is a wonderful collection.

Certifiablockhead said...

wonderful...thank you...

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