Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bum- Wanna Smash Sensation!

They may not be a household name or you might not even know who Bum is, and that's really too bad. This record seemed to come out of nowhere when it was released in 1993 on the Popllama label and I might not have ever discovered this record if it wasn't for the catalog update newsletter from Popllama Records I received with an order. Without ever hearing the band (since there was no Internet "song samples" or myspace), I took a chance on this CD because I got a good deal pairing it with The Smugglers, In The Hall Of Fame (the only other Canadian band on the label) and the fact it was produced by Kurt Bloch from the Young Fresh Fellows and the Fastbacks. Note to power punk/pop fans: any album that is produced by Kurt Bloch will be great!...I'm just saying.

It might be an overstatement, but in some way this record changed my life. At around this time I was pretty much into a lot of pop/punk rock, particularly the Bay-area, Lookout Records or bands that played at Gilman St. Bands such as the Mr. T Experience, J Church, Wynona Riders, Jawbreaker and early Green Day all performed more of a melodic pop-punk style that I thought was too good not to heard by the mass, and really only Green Day cashed in when it did catch on and became mainstream. I also listened to a lot of Seattle bands, mainly the ones that weren't really grunge, but the ones that were more catchy and power-poppy (YFF, Fastbacks, Flop, Hazel, Posies, Stumpy Joe, Dharma Bums (Portland), Pure Joy, Sicko etc.). My point is, I'm so amazed Wanna Smash Sensation didn't receive the attention or half the success all these other bands enjoyed. I think this album came out before Green Day's, Dookie and that record definitely broke things open. Bum was so under appreciated and obscure, when I saw the band when they came through town back in 1993/94 (?), I was maybe one of a half a dozen people in the bar and when they came through again a month or so later (coming back across the country on tour) there was more people, but it was cheap draft night. A great live band and I was lucky enough to have the privilege to see them in a small empty bar...a wonderful memory! The best part was chatting with the band after and getting them to sign some 7" ers, very down to earth guys and it's a shame they never gained the success they deserved. I heard they were bigger in Spain and a good document of their live show is their "live in Spain" CD,
Shake Time! (which I posted a while back and the download link is still active!)

Wanna Smash Sensation (1993)

1. Debbiespeak
2. Your Disciple
3. When She Walked
4. Eternal Ideal
5. Wedding Day
6. Bent on Being Bent
7. I Hardly Breathe
8. Mallory
9. Instant Kool Ayd
10. At the Well
11. Promise Is a Promise
12. I'm Not One
13. No Idea

BUM- Wanna Smash Sensation. rar


Lucas Gelati said...

Bum is awesome, thanks for the link. I'll download later

Eastvan said...

Bum were awesome. I went out of my way to see them any time they played Vancouver. Another good, and even less successful, Pop Punk Victoria band, The Timber Kings, wrote an excellent song about Bum's success in Spain called "Pop Punk Band in Spain". said...

My fav. pop-punk album ever ty!

binky said...

Yes, me too!! Anyone have any live recordings besides the live "Shake Town!"CD?

Tomjlff said...

My fav. pop-punk album ever ty!

Scraps said...

I love Popllama (and Kurt Bloch, of course). Popllama released one of my very favorite compilation CDs, a wonderful band called Red Dress. I saw them several times in Seattle in the early eighties, and why they didn't get attention, not even a little bit (outside Seattle), I never knew. I was astonished when I saw, in a 99cent bin, a 2-CD Red Dress collection.


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