Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Green On Red- No Free Lunch

For no apparent reason other than one of my co-workers played, Gas Food Lodging (which I gave him!) on his iPod today at work, I thought I would post some Green On Red. My first exposure to Green On Red was back in the day (circa 1985-ish) on a mix tape of music and I vaguely remember hearing, Time Ain't Nothing and the song, No Free Lunch. I bought the vinyl mini-album a short time later, it was followed by the purchase of Gas Food Lodging and taping a copy Gravity Talks, their first full length.

No Free Lunch was Green On Red's major label debut and I doubt it sold huge numbers, but it showcased the strong contributions of newcomer, Chuck Prophet and singer/songwriter, Dan Stuart's ragged and jaded view of Americana. This record still has a place on my turntable and on my iPod and it brings to mind fond memories of my younger, more carefree days of living at home and cruising in my mom's Honda...yay, it's finally summer!

No Free Lunch (1985)

1. Time Ain't Nothing
2. Honest Man
3. Ballad of Guy Fawkes
4. No Free Lunch
5. (Gee Ain't It Funny How) How Time Slips Away
6. Jimmy Boy
7. Keep on Moving

GREEN ON RED- No Free Lunch. rar

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Jeff Robson said...

Cool stuff. I can't get the download link to work, but I'll try again once I escape from the oppressive control of my employers.

Folks should know, of course, that the amazing Chuck Prophet is playing the Folk Fest this year, and that some local joker is even putting on an intimate house concert.

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