Friday, November 25, 2011

The First And Last Sonic Youth Shows?

According to reports, Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth have separated. Usually this blog doesn't really care about celebrity couple gossip, but this married couple make up the core of band I enjoy from time to time and could possibly affect the status of the band as we know it. Though there hasn't been any word whether the band will proceed beyond their tour of South America they completed in Brazil on November 14th, will their show in San Paulo, Brazil be their last? If it is, here's the video of the last show!!

To complete this "circle of life", I'm also posting a live audio recording of their first ever live performance from 1981 at Noise Fest in New York. Appropriately, the band makes music that resembles a avant-garde type of noise. This is similar to the band's early albums and their sound has progressed album to album to include more song structure and vocals that didn't resemble shouts and cries, if anything at all. I can't honestly say I've listened to every note, but all things considered the sound quality isn't too bad. Not for every one's taste, but this is sound art and you can make what you want from it...

Noise Fest
White Columns

New York City, NY

June 18, 1981

01 Unknown Song 1
02 Unknown Song 2
03 Unknown Song 3
04 Unknown Song 4
05 Unknown Song 5

The actual line-up was:
Thurston Moore on guitar and vocals,
Kim Gordon, bass and vocals
Ann DeMarinis, keyboards and vocals
Richard Edson on drums.

SONIC YOUTH- Noise Fest 1981. rar


Brun~ said...

I was there and they kicked ass!
I hope the band doesn't break up, neither go on without one of the two.

Pins said...

I've had a copy of this first performance for years, love it. They sounded great with Ann DeMarinis. Any other recording exist of this line up?

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