Thursday, February 14, 2013

Camper Van Beethoven- KCRW 1987

Sometimes second chances can be a good thing and in the case of Camper Van Beethoven, the second time around has led to a longer than originally expected career. When Camper Van Beethoven broke up in the Spring of 1990, they had recorded five full length albums and were together for seven years. The band reformed in 1999 (and played they're first live shows again in 2002) and have been together ever since. They have now been together longer the second time than the first time they were together. Last month, CVB released the followup to New Roman Times, La Costa Perdida, their third album since their reformation and their eighth full length total.

I was heavily into CVB in the mid/late 80's and bought all their vinyl and owned a cool  band t-shirt that has since been thrown out (?)  because I wore it until is was riddled with holes. I have yet to see the band live and I guess the closest I came was when they were scheduled to play the WFF in July 1990, but they broke up in April. They have since played the fest in the mid-2000's, but for whatever insane reason, I didn't attend that year. With a new album to tour behind I'm hoping they'll come slightly close to home and this time "I promise" I might even take a (day's) drive to see them live...crossing my fingers!

The live in-studio radio broadcast I'm posting is a show I received in a trade many years ago. I was preparing to transfer my cassette copy to my hd when I decided to check to see if they had this show. If you've never checked out, I highly recommend it! They have literally thousands of shows by known and unknown artists that are cool with allowing fans to post their shows and most of these musicians are also taper friendly who allow their fans to record their shows. CVB presently has 289 shows to listen to and download and for fans of Cracker there are over 380 shows. Anyways, I found this show at the archive, and to save time I decided not to transfer my tape, but to post that version. A short set of "traditional" Camper Van Beethoven songs performed acoustically, a nice contrast to the studio album versions. I really like this recording! Stay tuned, the next post will be their session on KCRW from 1989.

Camper Van Beethoven
August 10, 1987
KCRW Snap Session
Santa Monica, CA

FM Broadcast

1. Ambiguity Song
2. Six More Miles To The Graveyard
3. Medley: Payed Vacation: Greece - Processional
4. Sad Lover's Waltz
5. One Of These Days
6. Crossing Over
7. Take The Skinheads Bowling 

Performing artists: David Lowery, Jonathan Segel, Victor Krummenacher, Chris Molla
- Acoustic performance



Anonymous said...

These assholes have really become quite fine musicians in the past ten years. Worth checking out live!
(Asshole is a term of endearment)

Mason said...

Take the Skinheads Bowling blew my mind so hard in 1994. I had a dubbed cassette that a friend gave me in jr high. Thanks for this!

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