Friday, March 08, 2013

Soul Asylum- Hang Time Demos

About a month ago, I downloaded a recording of a Soul Asylum show that took place near the end of 2012 at the First Avenue in Minneapolis. I looked at the lineup and as expected there was Dave Pirner and drummer Michael Bland, but what I didn't expect was the absence of guitarist, Dan Murphy and bass player, Tommy Stinson, as they have been replaced by Justin Sharbono and Winston Roye. Apparently, this lineup change took place in October with a statement from Dan on the band's (forum) website. Tommy had been filling in for Karl Mueller, so his departure isn't a surprise, but Dan Murphy is a co-founding member of Soul Asylum and he helped shape the sound and direction of the band with Pirner. Personally, I have been a solid fan of the band since I first heard Made To Be Broken and I stood by the band (though much less enthusiastically) when they broke into the mainstream and back again. They really haven't released anything that compares with MTBB, And The Horse They Rode In On and Hang Time on their latest albums and i can see why Murphy has lost some of his fire and passion. I saw them live when they toured Grave Dancers Union and around 2001 (?) (when they weren't touring any new album). They have always been known as a great live band and my only regret I didn't see them in the late 80's when their live shows were amazing (at least on the recordings I have). For me, Soul Asylum won't be the same without Murphy and it'll be more like Dave Pirner and his band, playing the songs of Soul Asylum. Imagine Paul Westerberg touring under the Mats name without Stinson or the Stones without Richards or the Feelies without Million or Husker Du without Hart...etc. Hopefully, Dan Murphy's departure from Soul Asylum won't mean he's quitting music completely because I'm still holding out hope for another Golden Smog album and more live shows.

Hang Time was Soul Asylum's major label debut released in 1988. Dan Murphy contributed the song, Cartoon to the record and it remains my favourite Murphy penned tunes. The demos don't differ too much from the versions released, but it's always interesting to hear the rawer, less produced versions of a major label record. The sessions also include 4 songs that would be released on the delightful, Clam Dip & Other Delights EP.

Hang Time Demos 
  1. Sometime To Return
  2. Ode
  3. Secret No More
  4. Twiddly Dee
  5. Standing In The Doorway
  6. Endless Farewell
  7. Down On Up To Me
  8. P9
  9. Artificial Heart
  10. My Saving Grace
  11. Forever In A Day
  12. Just Plain Evil
  13. Jack Of All Trades
SOUL ASYLUM- Hang Time Demos FLAC. rar


Anonymous said...

At one point I pretty much thought of music in terms of "there's Soul Asylum and then there's everyone else." Loved the Twin Tone stuff and actually thought they were at their best during the A&M years. Saw them a number of times back between '87 and '90. Amazing shows that live up to the hype.

I was legitimately disappointed in "Grave Dancers" - I never accused them of "selling out" - I honestly didn't like it. Actually, I was happy for them that they got a piece of the pie.

When they fired Grant Young (for being 'not good enough for their producer' - at least that's the rumor), well that pretty much did it for me. Can't think of anything they've done since that I liked - though I vaguely recall the track "I Will Be Laughing" wasn't all bad.

I can't wait to listen to this! Thank you for posting this and listening to an old man ramble...

Unknown said...

Love the site, love the post. I recently disted off a SA gem... .

é Mah! said...

Oh boy!
Thank you (forever) for posting this!

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