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Lemonheads- Wireless in Australia 1991

With tickets in hand for the Replacements concert in St. Paul in September, I can cross off yet another personal "bucket list" band off my imaginary must-see list. I have to admit there aren't many more other bands I haven't seen yet except for classic-rock long-shots like the Kinks or the Stones, but of course my aging mind can't think straight much nowadays.

The Lemonheads are a band I have followed fairly faithfully through their career from the mid-eighties to present day and if you've read this blog you're well aware I'm a fan despite they're uneven recorded output. They're definitely a band on my "would-like to see" list as they've never come to my hometown, except Evan did come a few years back, but I was out of town at the time. In reality, the Lemonheads since the early 90's have been more of a Evan Dando vehicle with a revolving door of band members and extended hiatuses. It's been a while since their heyday and the height of the career in the 90's with mainstream breakthrough albums, It's A Shame About Ray, Come On Feel The Lemonheads and Car Button Cloth. More interesting for me is their earlier albums on the Taang! record label (Hate Your Friends, Creator, Lick) that featured more of a ragged, kinda punk, indie rock sound, I guess in those days they called it alternative rock. If you're interested in those earlier releases, check out Fire Records who recently reissued the first three albums with lots of excellent bonus material of rare and live-in studio radio broadcast recordings.

Tonight, I'm going to see Evan Dando perform a solo concert at the West End Cultural Centre and though it's not officially a Lemonheads show, seeing Dando might be as close as I'll come. I'm looking forward to the show and though Dando doesn't attract the huge crowds and screaming girl popularity of the 90's, he still demands attention for his strong songwriting and catchy songs. He's kind of an uneven performer and I'm not sure if it's an acoustic or electric show, but whatever it is I'll do my best to post some documentation of the concert, hopefully a recording and some photos.

Here's a live-in studio performance on Triple J in Australia about a year before the It's A Shame About Ray album. A good clean sounding recording I received in a tape trade about 20 years ago that I recently transferred to digital. I can see this being used as bonus tracks for Lovey if it ever gets the reissue treatment. Get it while you can!

Live On The Wireless
July 22, 1991

FM Broadcast

Trade> Maxell XLII-90 Cassette> Aiwa tape deck> ADS Instant music>
usb> Nero SoundTrax> WAV> Direct WAV splitter> FLAC> rar

01. Clang Bang Clang
02. Came Back DA
03. Stove
04. A Song For You
05. Come Downstairs
06. Nighttime
07. Year Of The Cat
08. Ride With Me
09. Die Right Now
10. Outro

LEMONHEADS- 1991-07-22 Wireless, Sydney, AUST, FLAC. rar

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