Monday, May 18, 2015

Young Fresh Fellows- Seattle April 9, 2015

As promised, here's the opening set by Seattle legends, the Young Fresh Fellows. The Fellows opened for the Replacements for the first two shows in Seattle and Portland for their "Back By Unpopular Demand" tour. The Replacements tour concluded in Philadelphia just over a week ago, pending rescheduling for the postponed (cancelled?) dates in Pittsburgh and Columbus due to Westerburg's sickness.

Once again, this recording comes courtesy of Tapeboy who shared this show on Dime. YFF shows are hard to come by, so it's a pleasure to be able to share this with Fellows fans who aren't on Dime. If there's a demand, I'll post some other YFF shows I have.

Young Fresh Fellows
Paramount Theater

Seattle, WA
April 9, 2015

Nak 700 mics>Olympus LS-7 @9624---->44/16 Flac
Opening for The Replacements

01. Taco Wagon
02. Picture Book
03. How Much About Last Night Do You Remember
04. Hillbilly Drummer Girl
05. Why I Oughta
06. Lamp Industries
07. 99 Girls
08. Whole Lotta Pappys
09. Fan Club
10. Rock 'n' Roll Pest Control
11. Go Blue Angels Go
12. My Friend Ringo
13. Talking
14. Tobacco Road
15. No Particular Place to Go
16. The Guilty Ones
17. Strychnine
18. Topsy Turvy Theme

Note from the taper:
A great set by the Young Fresh Fellows, who opened the first three dates of The Replacements 'Back By Unpopular Demand' tour.   Highlights were The Kinks cover 'Picture Book' and The Sonics cover 'Strychnine' and 'Whole Lotta Pappys' which was dedicated to Chris Mars.

YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS- 2015-04-09 Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA FLAC. rar


Seth Hollander said...

There's a demand! I DEMAND YFF shows! After all, what is this blog's name?!

Oxy said...

Sweet! Been waiting for this. A big thanks for this and keep the YFF shows coming!

Mr. Fenderson said...

Yes please??

Been a fan since I inadvertently was introduced to them back in 1989 when they opened for Faith No More and the Red Hot Chili Peppers at a show I skipped my high school ring dance to see. They won my heart, and were my favorite act of the night. What can I say? I appreciate good pop and a sense of humor. It's been a lovely journey since.

From the picture posted, I'm glad to see that Tad still has that crazy swinging cymbal/gong thing attached to the front of his drumset. Wonder if he still uses the undersized football helmet. :D


Rik Tod Johnson said...

Loved them for over 25 years. Will never get enough of the Fellows! Thanks!

binky said...

Thanks for the response and comments. I LOVE the YFF and hopefully more shows surface, especially from the 80's. Trying to decide what shows to post. I'll randomly post whatever I can find sorting through the boxes.

Mark Burge said...

Yes! Post more YFF please!

Anonymous said...

More YFF? Yes, PLEASE!

Remy said...


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