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Gord Downie At the Winnipeg Folk Festival 2010

This weekend saw the release of possibly the final Tragically Hip album, Man Machine Poem. To coincide with the new album, the people's network, the CBC announced they would broadcast and stream the Hip's final concert of their tour on August 20th in their hometown of Kingston, Ontario. This is a small consolation prize for the many fans that were shutout from getting tickets to any of their shows across Canada. The Hip's frontman, Gord Downie said he was diagnosed in December with an aggressive, incurable form of brain cancer, glioblastoma. When tickets went on sale (presale included), the venues sold out almost instantly sparking a wave of tickets being posted for resale on sites like Stubhub and eBay as well as premium seats sold at exorbitant prices on the Ticketmaster site. I too tried to get access through the presales and general public sales, but despite refreshing the purchasing page repeatedly right at 10am, I was denied the opportunity to purchase tickets. I fully understand that concert tickets and sporting events are subject to supply and demand especially big ticket items that everyone knows will sell out quickly. Scalpers will get the money they demand because if fans really really want the tickets, they will buy them. I guess the Hip could have priced the tickets higher, even double, but I still think in this case especially, top top dollar would have been had by scalpers anyways.

Yes, somewhere up there is Gord Downie (the bald guy).

If you want to hear some live Gord Downie without his main band, the Tragically Hip, I recorded an interesting show at the Winnipeg Folk Festival almost six years ago. This was a small stage daytime workshop featuring some pretty great Canadian musicians, Sarah Harmer, Gord Downie and Jim Bryson. Each took their turn performing songs with the Weakerthans acting as the house backing band. There were some great moments during this set with nice banter (Sarah and Gord are both from Kingston) and with Jim Bryson being his normal self deprecating self. Bryson had recently recorded an album with the Weakerthans (Falcon Lake Incident) and is in Kathleen Edwards band and recorded with Harmer on her album. It's always cool to hear a Replacements cover, as Sarah performed Skyway and the finale with everyone joining in was definitely a highlight. Gord Downie also performed on the main stage with a band that wasn't the Tragically Hip, but it was a thrill to hear him relaxed and informal on the small stage.

When I recorded this concert, I considered posting it, but heard the CBC had recorded the workshop for later broadcast on the radio. I know it must have been broadcast at some point, but I have not come across the recording (is it out there? Let me know if you have it or if it's posted online somewhere). The sound quality is typical for an outdoor stage, some chatter, wrappers being opened, but fortunately no wind. When I heard the news about Gord Downie and the impending tour, I dug into my hard-drive and tracked down this rare (maybe) unheard recording. Enjoy and if you have a chance to see the Hip live on their current tour, do it! If money's an issue, tune in on August 20th and witness a great band Canada is very proud of!

"Too Close For Comfort"
Musicians Workshop
Winnipeg Folk Festival (on small stage)
July 11, 2010

AUD Master
Sony ECM-DS70P mic> Tascam DR-07> USB> 16 bit Wav>
Direct Wave MP3 splitter> FLAC> rar file

01. Intro
02. HARMER- A Town This Size
03. DOWNIE- The Dance And It's Disappearance
04. BRYSON- ?
05. HARMER- Late Bloomer
06. DOWNIE- Gone (?)
07. BRYSON- Constellation
08. HARMER- One Match
09. DOWNIE- Retrace
10. BRYSON- Freeways In The Front Yard
11. HARMER- Silver Road
12. DOWNIE- Yer Possessed
13. BRYSON- The Wishes Pile Up
14. HARMER- Skyway
15. DOWNIE- Vancouver Divorce
16. BRYSON (all)- Love Vigilantes

BRYSON, HARMER, DOWNIE- 2010-07-11 FLAC. rar

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