Monday, September 23, 2019

R.I.P. Ric Ocasek- Day 3: The Cars Live In 1978

I'm sure you've heard or read about this already, but Ric Ocasek, frontman for the band, The Cars passed away on September 15th of "natural causes" while recuperating from surgery. The official cause of his death was hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, in other words heart disease caused by high blood pressure. Days before Ocasek death we had already lost classic rocker, Eddie Money and indie-eccentric, Daniel Johnston so it was a tough week for music fans. Money's music is still played often on the classic rock stations I listen to at work and I even saw him live during an outdoor concert at Assiniboia Downs 40 years ago (with Max Webster and Burton Cummings). I've only listened to a limited amount of Johnston's work, but the Cars have always been on my radar for reliable go-to music, especially on road trips. I remember buying the first Cars album after listening to a friend's copy. It was instantly catchy and infectious and being the unsophisticated music fan at the time, it was unlike anything I had heard before. I grew up listening to a lot of AM radio in the mid-seventies, along with Elton John, the Beatles, Stones and later FM radio crap like Boston, Foreigner, Cheap Trick, VH etc. So to hear cool keyboards and that "new wave" sound it opened my ears to the sounds of Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello, Squeeze and Nick Lowe-related bands. When I think of albums that changed my life (both musically and socially), that first Cars album was an important record that widened my musical tastes and tolerances.

As a tribute to Ric Ocasek and the Cars, I'm presenting a FM broadcast of a Cars show from 1978, featuring their debut album. According to the notes about the show, this is probably one of the more widely circulated live recordings of the Cars, but this version is sourced from the master tape so the sound is much improved, in fact the sound is flawless. Also according to the notes, this is a rare show where they perform a cover and Elliot Easton sings lead. The Cars released some great albums (and some not-so great), but if you're like me and want to hear the complete first album and more live, this is not to be missed.

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The Agora
Cleveland, OH
July 18, 1978
FM Broadcast

01. Good Times Roll
02. Bye Bye Love
03. Nightspots
04. I'm In Touch With Your World
05. My Best Friend's Girl
06. Moving In Stereo
07. All Mixed Up
08. Take What You Want
09. Don't Cha Stop
10. You're All I've Got Tonight
11. Just What I Needed
12. Hotel Queenie
13. Something Else (Looky Here)

THE CARS- 1978-07-18 The Agora, Cleveland, OH FLAC. rar

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