Monday, November 04, 2019

More Muffs! The Muffs- Live 2015: Day 6

 After I posted an older Muffs show last week I thought I should follow it up with a more recent concert as a tribute for the untimely death of Kim Shattuck from the Muffs. The night I made my last post, I listened a show from 2015 from Davis, Ca that I downloaded on Dime a few weeks earlier, it brought a smile to my face and I knew this had to be shared further. This concert is a couple years after Kim's short-lived stint with the Pixies in 2013 and only a couple weeks after participating in the Pandoras reunion (July 2, 2015) in Oakland. I chose this particular show mainly because the sound quality is really good (an audience/soundboard matrix mix), but also the performance is fabulous. Kim's trademark wailing screams are incredible and if you have the time, you can witness this for yourself (almost like being there) with a great multi-camera video of the complete show up on YouTube. You'll be glad you did!

Please do NOT sell!
Do NOT trade this in lossy format.
Convert to lossy for personal use only.

The Muffs
Oddfellows Hall
Davis, CA
July 17, 2015

MK4 pair >> Nbob active cables >> Tinybox (w/OT) >> M-10 @ 24/48
-plus-SBD >> memory stick >> MP3 @ 16/44

TLH to convert SBD file to WAV format, then upconverted SBD file to 48khz with R8brain >> Reaper 5.01 >> time align >> SBD/AUD mix >> Ozone 5 VST >> exciter, stereo image, compression >> dither to 16 bit (MBIT+ algorithm) >> WAV >> tracked in CD Wave >> FLAC conversion with TLH

01 (intro and Happy Birthday for Kim)
02 Big Mouth
03 Saying Goodbye
04 Take A Take A Me
05 Ethyl My Love
06 (talk)
07 Weird Boy Next Door
08 My Crazy Afternoon
09 Honeymoon
10 Another Day
11 (talk)
12 Every Single Thing
13 Where Did I Go Wrong?
14 On And On
15 Oh Nina
16 (talk)
17 I Get It
18 Sad Tomorrow
19 Lucky Guy
20 Agony
21 (crowd)

22 Kids In America (Kim Wilde cover)
23 I Need You

THE MUFFS- 2015-07-17 Davis, CA. mtx. FLAC. rar

thanks to dmonkey @ Dimeadozen for posting/taping the concert and the photo from the show.
Support the artists! Buy their records, tickets and merchandise. Share this recording freely and never for profit.


marc 83 said...

Hi Thank for your work, your blog is very interesting, do you have something about the Go-Betweens?
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Anonymous said...

Muffs shows are awesome! Thanks for posting them!

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