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Hanson Brothers- Live At the Underground 2002

While watching NHL playoffs this past September, I was simultaneously reading the book, Lonely End Of The Rink by Grant Lawrence (his second book, I've read his most recent book, Dirty Windshields). It's a very interesting read because the subject matter of the book mirrored many of my interests and shared many of my passions. I grew up watching and playing hockey, I was a goalie, I played lots of ball hockey in my youth, I continued to play hockey as an adult, I was a singer in a band (my songwriting is heavily influenced by hockey in a self-described "hockey-rock" band) and I'm a writer (haha hardly, not really). Well, some of those things are similar, but in a different order. Grant had a love/hate relationship with hockey, when he was young, he often associated hockey with getting bullied by the jocks (hockey guys) at school, but it didn't stop him from organizing ball hockey games with friends. He grew up with a NHL team in his own backyard that was either really crappy, or oh so close to winning the cup, twice! He eventually played organized ice hockey as an adult (spoiler alert), as a goalie. His band, the Smugglers did a very cool hockey song, Our Stanley Cup that was included on the Johnny Hanson Presents...Puck Rock Volume One compilation. I highly recommend Grant's book, though it was hard to read at times (he was bullied hard!), it was inspiring and I will definitely seek out his first book (I'm reading them in reverse order) because I like his personal easy to read writing style.
Speaking of hockey rock, more specifically puck/punk-rock, Johnny Hanson's band, The Hanson Brothers (NO relation to the group, Hanson) has given us three marvelous full length studio albums all hockey themed. They have been entertaining audiences with their hard hitting, Ramones influenced punk rock since the members of Victoria, BC's, No Means No performed under the Hanson Brothers name in 1984. You can call it an alter ego, side project or spin off band, their music is much appreciated, world wide. 

I'm posting a live concert from the Hanson Brothers recorded in Germany in 2002. Special thanks to Mitch who sent me this show recorded at the club he worked at, with a high quality soundboard recording of this amazing show. I haven't seen the Hanson Bros live, but I imagine this is the next best thing to being there. Drop the puck and drop the gloves! Game on!
Essential Listen of the Week:  Johnny Hanson Presents...Puck Rock Vol. 1- A 21 track compilation of hockey songs from various artists (mainly Canadian) including, Hanson Bros, The Smugglers, S.N.F.U., D.O.A., Huevos Rancheros, The Sweaters and more! If you happen to find a used copy somewhere (which I did), buy it not only for the liner notes (lyrics and bios of the bands), but for the cool band "hockey team"-style logos on the back cover.

Please do NOT sell or profit from this recording!
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The Underground
Cologne, Germany
May 13, 2002
01 - Intro - Total Goombah! 
02 - Hockey - My Girlfriend's A Robot 
03 - My Game 
04 - A Night Without You 
05 - Third Man In 
06 - Stick Boy 
07 - Tranquil
08 - I've Been There
09 - Hockey Night in Cologne - Sabrina
10 - Comatose
11 - 100 + 10 % 
12 - Rink Rat
13 - Unsung Heroes
14 - Joey Had To Go
15 - Rockaway Beach
16 - Duke It Out - Road Pizza - Jack Off
17 - You Can't Hide The Heino
18 - Bad
19 - They Made Her Mine
20 - We're Brewin'
21 - No Emotion
22 - Let's Go Out Tonight
23 - Danielle (She Don't Care About Hockey)
24 - Blitzkrieg Hops
25 - Sudden Death 

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